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Block Party 2011 - DVD & Fundraising 's video poster

Block Party 2011 is the 4th festival that Community Records has hosted. We are raising money to fund the DVD & general logistics. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2011.

Block Party 2011 is the 4th festival that Community Records has hosted. We are raising money to fund the DVD & general logistics.

About this project

Block Party 2011 will be incredibly fun. It is a representation of the general ethos and the positive-minded perspective of the people and bands who are involved with Community Records. This will be the 4th year in a row that Community hosts this event. Each year we look for ways to improve & expand. One of those ways is filming and producing a well done DVD. This DVD and the logistics behind making & packaging it will cost us about $3,000. We are looking to raise $3,500 to have an extra $500 to put towards general festival logistics.

Community Records is a 100% D.I.Y. label. We love what we do and in every way possible, we translate that into our projects. The line up for this year's festival is down right explosive in our opinion. We have booked California's Rx Bandits as our headliner. The line up features 21 total bands. 11 touring and 10 local to New Orleans.

Touring: Rx Bandits 
- CA We Are The Union - MI 
Forthrights - NY 
Stuck Lucky - TN 
A Billion Ernies - CA Murphy’s Kids
 - VA Matt Wixson - MI 
 - TX Pericles
 - Dom. Rep. The Best Of The Worst
 - NJ

Caddywhompus Mad Conductor 
Marathon Samurai Deli Chatty Cathies 
The Rooks Big, Fat and Delicious Joystick
 The Lollies 
 Sun Hotel 

Sponsors: WTUL Radio, Whole Foods, Hey! Cafe, Gulf Restoration Network, New Orleans Food Co-op, Antigravity, Defend New Orleans, River Parish Disposal, Humidity Skateshop, MotherShip Entertainment

Green House Collective: The group facilitating the DVD is Green House Collective. They are a team of young, intelligent, and talented filmmakers in the city of New Orleans. Green House & Community share many ideas on how art should be made and creating an environment where people can express themselves and participate.

Youth Culture & Locally Made: The festival is all ages. We do everything we can to produce an event that promotes youth culture and positive-minded ideas. We involve local recycling groups, vegetarian & vegan food sources, local record shops, local radical literature, Humidity (the local skate shop), our buddies who do awesome screen printing as well as the local college radio station. One of our main sponsors is WTUL 91.5 FM (Tulane University's radio station).

Packaging: The DVD packaging will be handmade, well-crafted and beautiful. We have not planned out exactly how this will be executed, but as with many of our vinyl & compact disc releases, the artwork will be one of a kind and ascetically pleasing.

Rewards for Donations: Everyone who donates $5 or more will have their name placed in: the credits of the DVD, on the insert that goes with the DVD, and on our web-site. All of the tickets will be mailed out on March 16th (one month before event) if and when we reach our goal. All 11x17 Posters will be signed with a THANK YOU from Greg, D-Ray, & Dominique. The Posters & Shirts can be picked up at the festival, or they will be mailed out with the DVDs once they are finished in July of 2011.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME! Please help us to make this DVD to adequately document Block Party 2011. & We hope to see you Sat. April 16th for the festival! Peace. -Greg & D-Ray


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    Your name will go into the credits of the DVD, on the insert, and on our web-site.

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    1 Signed Festival Poster (11x17) w/ a THANK U from Greg, D-Ray, & Dominique

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    Pledge $15 or more

    29 backers

    1 DVD + 1 Signed Festival Poser (11x17)

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    1 DVD + 1 Block Party 2011 Ticket + 1 Signed Festival Poser (11x17)

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    2 DVDs + 2 Block Party 2011 Tickets + 2 Signed Festival Poser (11x17) + 1 Block Party Tee Shirt

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    4 DVDs + 4 Block Party 2011 Ticket + 4 Signed Festival Poser (11x17) + 2 Block Party Tee Shirts

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    Pledge $250 or more

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    6 DVDs + 6 Block Party 2011 Ticket + 6 Signed Festival Poser (11x17) + 3 Block Party Tee Shirts + 3 (18x24) Limited Edition Screen Printed Block Party Posters, one of these posters will be signed by at least one member of all 21 bands playing

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    Same rewards as $250 level + YOU get to be in the DVD. Interview, a clip of your band, a home movie, it's up to YOU. We're down for any and all ideas, as long as they are morally sound :) E-mail us at communityrecords (at) if you wanna bounce some ideas off of us.

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