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Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
590 backers pledged $14,627 to help bring this project to life.

We made it happen!

Posted by Comfortech (Creator)

"We made it happen and watched it grow. And put it together from just hello. We made a wish and made it come true. We made it happen for me and for you." (We Made It Happen by Engelbert Humperdinck)


We are successfully funded! Thank you so much everyone of you who made it happen! 

We couldn't have done it without you, and Podbudy will become a reality thanks to you. We are aware of our responsibility in delivering them to you, and we are focused on doing just that.  

# Design Updates

We have been making a number of minute design updates to adapt Podbudy and the Podbudy case to aluminium tooling (as we found not all of what we could do in hand molded soft tooling would be achievable on automation. The design of Podbudy ear pieces especially presents challenges and requires pick-outs, mold inserts or stripper plates). But these small design changes won't be decipherable visually from what you have seen and doesn't compromise in anyway the functionality (and is some instances, like the extra "rib" around the corner, for better "closing action", improve the functionality and durability). You won't really be able to spot these changes on a casual look. Nevertheless we will present you an overview of the changes and updates soon as we work through this process. 

# Podbudy Classic

We have "Graphite" continuing to lead the popular choice with 34% of the vote. We have 250 votes cast, we are still waiting on the rest of you to let us know your color of choice here. We request everyone who have chosen to pledge on the "Late Bird" tiers to definitely not miss voting for your favorite color you want to see designated as the Podbudy Classic.

We will be closing this survey for responses with this Friday, 23rd. And we will let you know the final votes breakdown and see if "Graphite" manages to keep it's place! For now though, "Graphite" is winning this!

Please note: You can always change your color on the final survey (for the "KS Special" pledges, and those on the "Late Bird" who want another color, will be able to upgrade as well if you like).

# Podbudy on Indiegogo InDemand:

We are working on getting Podbudy on Indiegogo InDemand before the end of the week. We have received close to 1000 units pre-orders for Podbudy from the nearly 600 backers like you! And that's been a swell! But the economies of scale dictate that the minimum order we need to place with the manufacturer is for 2500 units, and ideally 5000 units, to bring down the cost enough. So we hope to get more towards that number by continuing to take more pre-orders through Indiegogo InDemand. 

We also received messages from many interested backers here who missed the campaign here before it closed asking if they can still back Podbudy. We hope they will join us there!

But irrespective of how our campaign there turns out, we want to affirm that, you have given us the funds we need to get Podbudy made, with your overwhelming support. And rest assured we are continually working behind the scenes on giving you guys a great product, and we are making progress every day.Thank you!

Until next time!


Team Podbudy


 Cya next time!

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