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Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
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"She comes in colors..." - Survey Time!

Posted by Comfortech (Creator)

 "She's like a rainbow. Coming, colors in the air. Oh, everywhere. She comes in colors... Oeh la la Oeh la la la.."                                ("She's A Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones)

Illustrations credit:
Illustrations credit:

Hey Backers!

Spring is almost here (ah another two weeks of winter and cold!), and as colors start bursting everywhere, we will be looking to send Podbudy colors everywhere - to all of you lovely backers around the globe!  With tooling underway, we are planning to place factory orders for production ahead to keep to our schedule, and we need your input!

What color do you want your Podbudy to be?! Let us know!


Please fill out our UNOFFICIAL survey here to let us know what color you plan on selecting once the campaign is over. It's two multiple choice questions - and will take all of 2 seconds - but help us tremendously. Thank you!

Until next time!  


Team Podbudy




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Just keep swimming! 

Credit: Finding Nemo
Credit: Finding Nemo

Cya next time!

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