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Podbudy keeps your earbuds securely in place while you run, train, dance, or take over the world! Keeps in-ear headphones, airpods in!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
590 backers pledged $14,627 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      I went to Facebook and sent a message to Podbudy via messenger. I simply asked about the status of the campaign about a month ago.

      Today I got a surprise response...they have ended the campaign. Seems we will never get a Podbody. I have some ideas about this concept could be improved and perhaps overcome the difficult manufacturing issues.

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      I wonder how we might help? We need to hear from the @creator so we know what obstacles to work on solving.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      I reported the project to Kickstarter. There is a category for this situation when the creator consistently lies in setting blatantly false expectations and then does not communicate project status for an extended period of time.

      FWIW I saw that there was a trademark application with the USPTO for Podbuddy with a logo. But it was with 2 d’s not one which is curious, and it was abandoned due to lack of response by the filer back in March. It could be irrelevant, but in hindsight that could have been a signal that the creator was going to stop investing in the project.

    4. Missing avatar


      JMag, I did that on another project and Kickstarter deleted my comment and banned me for 14 days

      Kickstarter only care about protecting the creators. They do not give a toss about backers as by the time the money is sent, KS have had their fees paid.

    5. Missing avatar


      I think we should publish the contact information including addresses and phone numbers to see if someone in the local area can go knock on the door and get an answer for us.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      If you click on "Read more about this campaign" and then scroll to the very bottom you can report this project to kickstarter.

      I had such high hopes for this project as it was one I felt very confident the creators would follow through and complete. I feel incredibly disappointed and duped.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jim Bathie on

      Still nothing? Seriously?

      Is anyone in the project willing to be accountable and talk to us? Clearly there are unhappy people, and none of you can step up?

      My advice is to never list this project on a resume if this is what you're going to tell the world.

    8. Álvaro Couto on

      @Loki I was hoping there would be a way to report the project/creator, in case they decide they wanna start a new project and keep money from more people...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Bathie on

      Due to a cervical spine injury I'm no longer in the workforce. When I was it was a total of close to 30 years in outside commercial sales of IT products. My clients were vertical markets in Credit Unions, Federal Government accounts and a handful of pet accounts people in sales just like keeping.

      If you asked any of my clients notable characteristics of mine almost all of them would tell you one thing. My reaction time when you call with a problem.

      I had many clients that would literally just send me purchase orders for 10's of thousands of dollars. They knew the products would arrive in a reasonable time period and if the price had changed since our last contact I'd reflect that in their billing. But of course they knew I'd take action on their order immediately.

      But when the proverbial sh*it hits the fan my reaction time was even faster. I'd be made aware of a problem and immediately call my client and advise them that I'd investigate and report by "..............". I never missed a call. I always kept people informed of exactly what was happening and what I was doing to fix it.

      That's what I'm seeing missing here. It's no longer about the money. It's about commitment, and the people's integrity that are making those commitments.

      Under promise and over deliver, two keys to business success. So far you're leaning toward failure in both.

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Manley on

      Well, not looking good for us. I tried to keep up hope, but it is fleating at this point. Your word has become worthless.

    11. Thinus on

      There should be some form of protection for the pledges on this not just some random story to say sorry our project failed. Tbh it has not even been marked as failed. Just no communication. Very poor and dishonest business practice.

    12. Sue Heim on

      Dear @creator. I understand when there are issues with delivery. I understand when your magnificently lovely idea that you think will save the world actually becomes somewhat of a mess, and reality comes crashing down on your head. I understand the risk(s) I take when I back a Kickstarter campaign (believe me, I'm not a novice at this stuff).

      What I do not understand, and really, will not tolerate, is being lied to. On June 7th, almost seven (yes 7!!!) weeks ago, you posted a big "mea culpa" with a long, rambling, difficult to understand post. I'm still unclear as to whether you had a personal midlife crisis, there were issues with the design or production, or you were just too embarrassed to admit to abject failure. At any rate, at that time, seven weeks ago, you promised, in writing, that you would "...follow up soon with more information soon (and I promise regular weekly updates)".

      At this point, there should be seven updates. Honestly, I'd be happy with half that number. Maybe even two or three. Therefore, would you care to enlighten us as to the progress of this KS campaign, or let us know that the campaign is dead, we have lost our money, and we can just move along.

      Please just let us know the status, and then you can go back into hiding. Thank you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      @Dan S, well said!

    14. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      As a vocal ranter on this forum, I want to be clear I don't expect a refund. We backed an idea, an inventor, and a project. We did not buy a product. I accept that.

      What I don't accept is the lack of communication. Time to announce this project has failed. Which is unfortunate, especially given our last update. As a result, none of us should back another project by this inventor again, no matter how enticing. Because there is no credibility at this point.

      If things are still in motion and this is not a completely dead initiative. the project owners should speak up now. We know they are watching these comments. That's what is professional and appropriate.

    15. Missing avatar


      Alvaro, what can you do? You won’t get a refund

    16. Álvaro Couto on

      Almost a month since the last update... I'm starting to lose all hope, tbh. If this continues, I'll probably be seeking a refund, or even going further than that if we don't get any news, which is something I was hoping not to do, but it's starting to seem like the only way to go.

    17. Missing avatar

      Robert S on

      @creator can you give us an update...anything so we can believe?

    18. Missing avatar


      How do you request a refund? You can’t as far s im aware?

    19. Missing avatar

      Maya on

      It appears as though I have the exact same questions as Kenny before me,
      Is this project going to make it fruition or is it time to request a refund?

    20. Kenny McMillan on


      Looks like this project has had some difficulties and there has been a communication breakdown.

      Can you advise on the following?:

      - Is there a new plan in place to deliver the project?
      - What are realistic dates for getting the product shipped?
      - If the project has failed and cannot be shipped then please let me know so I can start looking at alternatives.

      Kind Regards

    21. Missing avatar

      Davide Brunello on

      So, is the project still alive or not?

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      Actually the problem is they are NOT commenting weekly. That would be. As enough, but it’s worse when we got a mea culpa and a renewed commitment to update weekly. Nothing.

      We are giving them a break. We know things happen. We know no KS projects are on time. But we do hold people accountable for their commitments to communicate. I don’t care how much worse project X Y or Z is it is still indefensible.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      I think it's safe to say that we all really want this product to succeed. Where I think people, including myself, get concerned/sceptical is when the creator doesn't follow through with promises made.

      Life happens, production delays happen - I totally get that. All I ask for from anyone in life is that they live up to the promises they've made and be upfront when they can't follow through on promises made.

    24. Álvaro Couto on

      Hi, would it be possible to get an actual update on how the manufacturing is going? For now, I'm willing to wait some more time to see the product arrive before voicing any deeper concerns, but it'd be a nice gesture towards us backers to actually tell us where things are right now towards getting us the items, not just apologising and telling us what plans are regarding internal company and staff structuring...

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Manley on

      May 14th, May 23rd, June 7th, June 16th, June 25th etc. Seems like almost weekly comments/updates to me.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Manley on

      @ Diego I agree completely. Many kickstarters are dealing with their problems in a much worse manner. Forbidden Fortress Kickstarter is months between updates, over 6 months delayed and I have already been waiting almost 2 years for it. This group of creators at least gets on and comments on almost a weekly basis as they said they would. Just relax and remember you funded a product that has not been fully created yet. There must be patience knowing this.

    27. Diego Gerbaudo on

      Give these guys a break! You want to know what a real scam is? Check out LVL hydration monitor! 1Million funding. No updates in the last 4 months.

    28. Kees van Ginkel on

      Can we get another (weekly) update?
      Jus a short one?
      Thank you

    29. Robert on

      Secondly, I supported a KS project. Twice a scam! I want a refund!

    30. Missing avatar

      Davide Brunello on

      I'm starting to think that i made a big mistake baking this project: not for the difficulties faced in production but for the attitude of the project manager. Have I lost my money (not much fortunately)?

    31. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      All we ask is that you checkin weekly. You don't need a structured update every time. Just follow through on what you described. Let us know what is going on, rather than disappearing for 3 weeks and providing total silence and creating a vacuum powered by confusion and dismay.

    32. Comfortech 2-time creator on

      Hi @Lea, @Dan, @Jim, @Davide, @Sabrina I completely understand and identify with all the sentiments expressed. At this point, I ask for your patience as we still have to tie up lose ends (for instance internal re-arrangement of partners exit and buybacks, sourcing of additional funds, external re-sourcing in manufacturers and so forth) to provide you with a structured update, one that is as thorough as possible, including offering you a legal contract that is being drawn up (for which for instance partners interests buy-back had to be first completed, and to be executed before I seek and onboard new partners), so that it becomes a contractual obligation (for anyone coming in), going beyond assurances and a personal commitment expressed on a project update, entitling backers to a refund (with interest) if the product is not shipped to you within a certain cut off date (which is to be worked out as it comes with a financial penalty for us in refund and paying interest for the duration). The delay is out of the complexity of the situation at the back end with a lot of variables at play, apart from the external circumstances previously discussed. If I was able to handle this simpler, I would have come forward to refund you first up and then clean up, but that's not immediately achievable and so has to be penciled in and worked on within the new structure and setup. However, apart from completely agreeing with you, I also take @Jim's suggestion and will staff up and get one of our earlier team members Martha or Brianna back, tasked with the sole responsibility of managing the updates. We'll also have a Whatsapp Group created to offer more immediate informal updates now and then for those who don't mind joining. I'm also keen on inviting any of you who can spare a little of your time to come onboard and be a colloborator on the project (with no liability or execution responsibility), but as a representative of backers within the internal team, making it's workings transparent to you. Please bear with me a little longer. Many thanks.- S.P.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      @Dan S, I couldn't have said it better. I am beyond disappointed.

      This is a product idea that I truly believed in - so much so that I was looking forward to giving it to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Yes, I believed in the product so much that I ordered multiple sets.

      I don't want empty promises. Honesty and integrity do not cost a lot but their value is immeasurable.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      Well, it's now been 18 days since the last update when we were promised a weekly update. And it's been 9 days since you said update "coming tonight". I gave you benefit of the doubt, given your heartfelt message of 18 days ago. I gave more benefit of the doubt thinking maybe you just needed to get to the weekend in order to have 5 minutes to tell us all something because you were too busy during the week. Unfortunately, now our trust level is even lower than it was before. It's not just zero, it's negative, because after your mea culpa 18 days ago and the lack of followup, we really aren't inclined to trust what you tell us next. That's quite unfortunate.

      My purpose here is not to slam you, but to tell you how I (and probably many of us) feel, as your backers. 5 minutes. That's all we're asking for. We feel betrayed.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jim Bathie on

      Shiva, I've spent decades in corporate sales. A front-man for a product or service only has his or her honesty to live on. It's something you provide to people so they know they can depend on your responses to delays or quality issues. Up to this point it very much appears like your responses are just posted in an attempt to not have to answer real questions.

      You admit your failure to communicate, provide what appears to be reasonable information to explain the multiple delays, then fall back into the same pattern.

      Personally I think you should pass on the reigns of communication to someone who will take that responsibility and own it. Clearly, it's not a high priority for you, or you aren't able to just admit the delays are longer than you're telling us.

      Someone else might take the job seriously and proactively send out updates.

      This is respectful and considerate as I can be.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      It is now a full 15 days, more than 2 weeks, since your commitment to a weekly update. It is a full 6 days since you even said "tonight". Our collective benefit of the doubt that you regained with your good faith update 15 days ago is now depleted. If you will not be updating us today, please explain why and give a firm commitment to which you are accountable for when we should expect to receive the next update. Otherwise, we can only assume there will be no more updates, and I think all of us would hate for that to be the case. We'll work with you - but we expect you to work with us in return.

    37. Missing avatar

      Davide Brunello on

      Back to unprofessional attitudes i see... Well: one error is to understand, two errors are to improve, three errors are just too much. We are in the sector two, just before the sector three. Waiting for answer.

    38. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      On June 7th you promised weekly updates. For the record, we are not expecting epic novels, just a line or two to let us know what's the latest.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      Beating the almost dead horse, quietly but persistently. It's now been 13 days since your commitment for a weekly update, and 4 full days since you said "tonight". If it's bad news, tell us the bad news.

    40. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      Thanks, Shiva. Except that it's now been 11 days since your commitment for a weekly update, and 2 full days since you said "tonight". Patient, but keeping it real.

    41. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Nemerow on

      Hello! I wanted to tell you guys that I have moved. How do I change the address for delivery?

    42. Comfortech 2-time creator on

      Hi Dan and Davide, thanks for your messages. Yes coming up later tonight. Thanks.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      It’s been 9 days since the commitment to a weekly update. I am assuming this week’s update is coming very soon. Looking forward to it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Davide Brunello on

      Hi thanks for the update! There are in any way some news about the project?

    45. Comfortech 2-time creator on

      @Jim @Dan @Lea @Robert Thanks to each of you for your kind responses and understanding. You guys are awesome! @Yogendra haha yes true, we aren't building a space ship, will rectify the situation. Thanks again everyone for the support.

    46. Missing avatar

      Robert de Schepper

      I appreciate the honest assessment of your project. I wish you well in correcting all your issues. Excellent comment Dan S.

    47. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron on

      @Dan S, I couldn't have said it any better.

    48. Missing avatar

      Dan S on

      Shiva, thank you for your honest and personal update. I appreciate it and I am sure most, if not all of your backers do as well. I wish you well in dealing with your non-Podbudy personal issues that you have to face, and we'll stay tuned for your upcoming regular updates. Your continued commitment and passion for the project gives me hope that your fortitude and creativity will find solutions to your manufacturing and partner issues. We will stay tuned, anxiously, for your next update.

    49. Missing avatar

      Jim Bathie on

      Finally, an honest update.

      30 years in Corporate sales among other things, taught me that honesty is the most dangerous and most rewarding conversation to have with your client.

      You either lose them, because you really never had them, or you own them when the conversation is over.

      I'm going to wait for your mfg. Issues to get solved.

      Thanks for the update.

      Jim Bathie

    50. Yogendra Patel

      I am surprised that a simple little plastic device like this is taking so long to produce. We are notlding a pace ship

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