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Podbudy keeps your earbuds securely in place while you run, train, dance, or take over the world! Keeps in-ear headphones, airpods in!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
Thank you all dear backers for your support! Missed our Kickstarter? Sign up below to catch us on Indiegogo inDemand soon. Thank you!
590 backers pledged $14,627 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Comfortech 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Hi Lea, thanks for your support. Yes you will certainly be able to select multiple colors on the final survey through Backerkit :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Lea Serron 3 days ago

      For those of us that will be receiving multiple Podbudies, it would be awesome if we could select multiple colours so that each person I gift them to will have their own unique colour.

    3. Comfortech 2-time creator on March 9

      Thanks so much! :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Sensable Technologies on March 9

      Just wanted to say I love your guys' product. Super simple and easy to use. Best of luck for the future!
      -Sensable Technologies Team

    5. Comfortech 2-time creator on March 7

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to participate! The unofficial mid-campaign survey accepting responses now is only to indicate the color you plan to choose, to help us gauge the overall numbers for each color. Also to see what color might get designated as the "Classic" by backers.

      Your color choice submitted there is NOT final, as stated on the survey page. You can always change your color choice on the OFFICIAL fulfillment survey, where you will also submit your shipping information. I hope that clarifies.

      Once again, thanks for taking the time to participate and update your preference. Thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Manley on March 7

      So I got these for my girlfriend and took the survey for colors. I selected a color that she did not like. I have since gone and submitted the survey for the correct color. She would like to have the Ruby color. Will the Ruby color ship or the previous selection?

    7. Comfortech 2-time creator on March 7

      Hi Katia, excellent question. No prob at all using Podbudy with glasses! Infact I use them everyday with mine. Here's me wearing Podbudy with glasses :)

      As you can see from the snap, Podbudy clings very close to your ears, so the glasses tend to go over them, and there's hardly any inconvenience or obstruction, and you wouldn't notice any difference in wearing your glasses with your Podbudy on. Neither does wearing glasses impact the grip on Podbudy.

    8. Katia Johansen on March 7

      How well do these sit when I'm wearing glasses? Under, over the earpieces?

    9. Comfortech 2-time creator on March 5

      Hi Douglas,

      Thanks for the question, and for your immediate response to the informal survey we sent out. For the purposes of this survey, please feel free to submit multiple votes on your name to match with your pledge tier (we have not limited the survey to one response).

      This unofficial survey mid-campaign is only to give us an indication of the colors liked by backers.

      Please note that you will be able to choose multiple colors for your pledge on the final official survey post-campaign during fulfillment.

      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Douglas Gillespie
      on March 5

      How do I put my color choices on your survey if I am to revive multiple podbudy’s

    11. Comfortech 2-time creator on March 1

      Hi Robert, thanks for your question. I see that you pledged during our early bird deals, where all the pledge tiers had color choices, so yours will too. We have late bird deals running now for those who missed the early bird deals, at the same price, on the Classic, while the KS Special slabs all have color choices. The next tier now on these will be the next immediate one: a KS Special on the same on a Late Bird pledge, or next tier Late Bird on a KS Special pledge. Thanks for your support.

    12. Missing avatar

      on March 1

      I have a BackerClub/BackersHub question. If one selects an option with a choice of color, is the next tier another Podbudy also with a choice of color, or an additional Podbudy all in the Classic color?

    13. Comfortech 2-time creator on February 23

      Hi Jerry, thanks for your support! Great question. As mentioned in the pledge description, we will designate the color that most backers vote for as their preferred one, as the "classic". We plan to do this via survey at the close of the campaign so that all backers have the opportunity to participate.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jerry on February 23

      Hi. What color is considered classic?

    15. Comfortech 2-time creator on February 16

      Thanks for the kind words, Sophie! The support and enthusiasm Podbudy has received from backers like yourself has meant the world to us. Appreciate your support.

    16. Sophie on February 16

      My earphones always fall out when I go on my run..I needed this all so long!! Can’t wait to get my set!

    17. Comfortech 2-time creator on January 24

      Hi Robert, thanks for supporting Podbudy!

      Zanco is a very cool product! Podbudy works with most earphones, and indeed, any phone ;) I don't believe Zanco comes with earphones, so it would really be down to what you use.

    18. Comfortech 2-time creator on January 19

      Hi Brehan, glad Podbudy caught your attention. Excellent question! Podbudy has 3 earphone docks (slots) of differing sizes to accommodate most earphones. The thinnest one measures 2.3mm, while the widest one measures 6.2mm in its unopen closed position, so Podbudy works best with earphones that fall within this range. We have tested Podbudy with earphones ranging from 2.2mm to 6.6mm on its stem for a firm grip. Hope this helps!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brehan on January 18

      I have many different types of headphones and buds. By looking at these they appear the would work with harder buds or headphones pieces. Would they work on less rigid wired headphone like Beats [which come both in round and flat no tangle wire], thinner wireless necklace style like LG [generally having a bud on a thin thread] or the fatter total in ear buds [the majority of earbuds, i.e. Liberty+]. I do have Apple headphones and they appear like they would work on great, but just trying to determine how.many I would need.

    20. Comfortech 2-time creator on January 18

      Jennifer, we're delighted to have you here, and thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm for Podbudy! :) We really appreciate it.

    21. Jennifer Stephens on January 18

      Backerclub member here. Can't wait!!