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A doc exploring the surprising personal connection between podcasters and fans.  Connecting people like no other media has ever done.
A doc exploring the surprising personal connection between podcasters and fans. Connecting people like no other media has ever done.
1,606 backers pledged $139,893 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Comedy Film Nerds 2-time creator on

      Hi Jose. We just emailed you and your DVD is on its way.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jose Zaragoza on

      So, I saw that back in May the last of the DVDs were shipped out. I never got mine, is there a way to check if it got lost or if maybe it was missed?

    3. Comedy Film Nerds 2-time creator on

      If you missed your digital reward email info[at] with your kickstarter info and we'll set you up.

    4. John Muller on

      Wait, there was a Vimeo download?
      I was not aware of this nor do I recall any contact.
      Any chance of still fulfilling my pledge?

    5. Duncan Robertson on

      I screwed up. Missed the Vimeo download time frame. Is there a chance to still get my download?

    6. tpolacek on

      Wanted to check on shipping of DVDS/stuff. Could you please provide status?

    7. Missing avatar

      Heath Molloy on

      Got my Vimeo download thanks guys. What an amazing doco! A fantastic summation of what podcasting is and what it's all about � An honour to be a part of it!

    8. John Hershberger on

      Hey everybody, the vimeo option worked perfectly. Thanks for that option, guys.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kurt Eh on

      Who is a f&$king idiot who didn't get the joke in the title until now?

      <-----this guy!

    10. Comedy Film Nerds 2-time creator on

      Annette, you didn't miss anything but apparently we did. When we are ready to ship tiers with T-shirts we'll be sending out emails to get everyone's size. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    11. Missing avatar

      Annette Poulton on

      I've completed the survey, I noticed there wasn't an option to nominate a shirt size. Did I miss it somewhere?

    12. Missing avatar

      Charles Nichols on

      Is this thing still coming out? Did the creators forget to distribute the movie to their backers? Did I miss something?

    13. Bryce Castillo/NESH COMPLEX on

      From the recent uppdate: "We will begin to submit to festivals and talk to distributors next, so we will keep you posted on all fronts"

      Please keep your backers in mind while having these meetings. Another movie I've backed delayed downloads to backers for months, couldn't tell us when downloads would be available, and are only able to offer a 2 week rental (not a file to own)--all because of a distribution deal to get put into a few theaters and festivals. While the press probably helped the movie get known, it seriously degraded the experience for backers. Looking forward to Ear Buds!

    14. Missing avatar

      Bart Pedretti on

      What happened to this project? No updates for a long time.

    15. Jon Pelletier on

      Any updates on completion?

    16. Comedy Film Nerds 2-time creator on

      Some of you have been emailing and saying you missed the campaign and still want to help. You can! We put the $25 and $50 tiers up at comedy film nerds and all the money will go into the film to make it even better, including actually feeding the crew. Go here and thanks!

    17. Rich Murray on

      Congrats, guys. Way to go. I'm really happy for you and look forward to seeing the finished doc.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Kuijkhoven on

      That was a close one. Almost as exciting as a Michael Bay Blockbuster!

    19. Missing avatar

      Tricia Alvarado on

      You did it. We did it. Just got the email that the goal was reached. After hearing the mini-ep on Sunday, this news nearly induced tears of joy. I wish I could have given more. So glad others did. Super-duper congrats, guys. I hope it's fun to make and not as stressful as waiting for the money to come in.

    20. Eric Anderson on

      Down to the wire on this one. the last hour of the campaign I couldn't stop checking. now it's all sunshine and kitten hands. #actioninthecan

    21. Bryce Stoddart on

      Congrats guys & girl, great work . Will be great doco when it come out. Start the Oscars buzz for it now.

    22. matthew gilmore on

      Well done guys. Really, well done. Thank you for pressing so hard to get this done right and done well.

    23. Paul Russell on

      Halfway to $279,876! Congratulations on hitting the target guys, never have I been so happy to have my bank account emptied while I slept! #jgl #workit #palmstrike #whistlingbanes

    24. Michelle Catherine Mahin on

      Reading all of these comments is awesome because everyone is just like me - addicted to podcasts and willing to pay for it to keep it going, and to protect stress levels of Chris and Graham. Talking about losing your home on yesterday's ep caused me to up my pledge again. Congratulations!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      Amazing effort!!! Congrats on getting it funded. Now you just have to make it :-) Can't wait to see it.

    26. Andrew Santos on

      Congratulations on being fully funded! I wish I could have donated more, but I'm glad to see so many others could. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matt G on

      Can't wait to see this doc. I've been so addicted to podcasts that when my factory job banned headphones and mp3 players I started making my own headphones that look like earplugs (until I found a company that also makes them). Congrats guys. You get me through the long days.

    28. Marianne McIntosh on

      Yay! Congrats and I can't wait to view the documentary. By the way, I enjoy your podcast immensely. Keeps the boredom at bay during work.

    29. Missing avatar

      John kelmer on

      Congrats guys!!! So proud of this

    30. Missing avatar

      Darren Arcuri on

      Wow! Nice job fellas. I was a little worried this morning.
      Here's the first topic you should cover... the radio effect. I was shocked to discover what you guys looked like. I had only heard your voices until a saw the video clip attached to this campaign

    31. Rob Roberts on

      I feel like maybe I deliberately procrastinated to make it more exciting...

    32. Missing avatar

      Bart Pedretti on

      AWESOME WE DID IT!!!!!

    33. Jim Silva on

      Congratulations guys. Well done.

    34. Ron Purvis on

      Graham and Chris are now the Kings of All Media 2 point motherfuckin-0

    35. Ron Purvis on

      We did it mother fuckers! Haha boom shaka laka!

    36. Vengeur on

      We did it! In your face, radio!

    37. Jeremy Osborne on

      Congrats boys. Proud to be a small part of it

    38. Sarah Croston on

      Just upped my pledge again. I know every extra dollar counts. It's worth every penny for million of hours of wonderful FREE content you guys have given me.

    39. Theresa Verity on

      Yay, you made it!! I was just getting ready to up my pledge. So happy for you guys!

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hirsch on

      so happy! get to work boys, this better be good now!

    41. Steven and KarenBlomberg on

      BOOM goes the dynamite. Congrats all around! Looking forward to meeting the team at the next LA Podcast Festival.

    42. Christopher DeCosmo on

      Oh shit it worked! Now I have to come up with $300.....

    43. Heather Kearney on

      We just wanted you to work for it (#workit #jgl). Where is the fun in something being funded during week 1?

    44. Missing avatar

      Jan Schroeter on

      Wow, great! We did it on the final stretch. What a high stress finish... Now CFN can do their dream project. Everybody wins!

    45. Missing avatar

      Bo Roche on

      I'm glad this made it. I was getting worried about the guys... things were getting a little desperate on the podcasts. Congratulations!

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