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An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
5,179 backers pledged CA$ 217,643 to help bring this project to life.

Getting to the Other Side (a message from the producer)


Games are difficult to create.

They are a careful balance of thousands of small decisions, each overlapping to create a whole, each becoming transparent, and hopefully, it just works.

Our team is small. From the beginning, when we launched our project in the same company as Mighty No. 9 and Shantae: Half Genie Hero, we were the underdogs. And we liked it that way, because it motivated us to do our best, and leaving nothing back as we stepped up to make the game we had been dreaming about for decades.

And we’re doing just that.

But you've likely noticed our absence on the forums and the lengthening time between posts here on Kickstarter. I don’t believe any project like this ever launches with the goal of being silent. In fact, communicating with the people who share your dream and are willing to back it, is the very heart of projects like this. We feel the same absence as you do. 

There are real human elements to shipping a project of this size. If you spend your days overcoming obstacles and making progress for the much anticipated final product, but don’t get the word out or share what you’ve done with the community at large, you feel behind. If you spend the day reaching out, answering the many questions that come in from fans around the globe, and as a result you can’t get as much raw programming in, you feel behind. Some days you learn about the limits of the human energy system. Other days you are on fire. 

Most of the time, we’ve erred on the side of development, and I hope you’ll understand. We are not yet a full scale game studio, we’re a grass roots team absolutely dedicated to our game. It’s really us answering emails, negotiating with manufacturers, speaking to the media. And in the morning, noon, and moonlight hours, building it together.

That last few months have not been easy. We have had unexpected injuries and challenges, lost budget to foreign exchange, to say nothing of the volume of work we’ve taken on in our effort to build an expansive, fulfilling chapter in River City history. Here are a few lessons I've learned personally:

Fulfillment is a process, not an event

I had this idea that we would order shirts and posters in one grand gesture. Then, it became clear that “please answer your survey” is not a siren call to action. While the majority of backers answered their surveys on time, with a lockdown date at the end of February, we still only have roughly 30% of our backers in a state where we can order their rewards. So, we’ve decided to go ahead with fulfillment on a rolling basis and get started now, and we’re submitting our first shirt batch for production. While we may be shipping small batches of rewards for the foreseeable future, we don’t want this process to hold anyone up who has taken the time to fully answer their survey.

I’m all kinds of excited about the boxed reproduction game reward. I’m happy to say that the design is near final and we should be in production this month.

You have to walk before you can run

I admit, I likely spent too much time in the last while trying to raise additional capital to reach our console goals. So many fans have written to express their desire to see the game on Xbox, PlayStation, WiiU, and 3DS, and as a gamer I feel these are important goals. We didn't raise the development funds needed to deal with the additional complexity of console development during Kickstarter, so I made countless pitches, to publishers, angel investors, anyone who might appreciate the potential of bringing RCRU to the couch. At this stage, I believe the best course of action is to focus those efforts back on development, make a solid game on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and then look to the future. I’m optimistic that sales on PCs will unlock these goals for everyone, and we can begin anew on a multi-console edition of the game in the future.

Stay calm, it’s common

I don’t think there are more assuring words to hear from other game developers, especially when dealing with scheduling overage and the many challenges of making a large, ambitious game like ours come together. I have been blessed to meet many developers, commiserated, learned, and ultimately came away with new tools to get the job done. One developer that our team really looks up to, said something to us even before we reached the finish line on Kickstarter. “Take your time on this one”, he said, “and do it the right way.”

While we are constantly mindful of the time, that’s our plan. A Kickstarter project is a marathon, not a sprint, for the creators, and the backers. We’re not perfect and we’ve made some mistakes that have cost us time, and you may have felt in the dark recently. That's on me.

We will share with you some photos of your reward production as soon as we get them, and look forward to seeing everyone at the finish line. We'll also set up a "Reddit AMA" in early June so you can ask us any questions you have about our progress to date.



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    1. Conatus Creative Creator on August 2, 2014

      Thanks Jussi and Zhane---we are actually providing more regular updates now in the private backer forums that include screenshots and the like. Shoot us a message on Kickstarter if you haven't activated your forum invite yet!

    2. Yksinpelaaja on August 2, 2014

      Agreeing with ZhaneEndrick in a sense that doing an update doesn't have to mean this huge wall of text. I think people would appreciate if there's just some short general thoughts and a picture. So you don't have to take any pressure that there needs to be some important news every time.

    3. CuriousConjurer on August 1, 2014

      I don't care if the game is late. Do what it takes to make sure the game is good. As a fellow developer, I know that making games is difficult.
      I DO care about silence though. Nothing shakes confidence like silence. I also know this from personal experience.
      Some of the games I've funded send new updates every week, even if they don't seem to have much to say.
      Little news is better than no news.

    4. Paul C. on June 14, 2014

      having actually met Daniel and Mark , in a little sushi place in Ottawa back in January, I know for a fact that what they hate doing is releasing a game late, that being said some things are unfortunate, but I have faith they will bring this game to market and it will look and play great

    5. USM-Valor on June 6, 2014

      "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." - Shigeru Miyamoto

      Get it right the first time, guys. We're all behind you.

    6. John Moody on May 28, 2014

      Thank you for update. I mainly don't respond to Kick starter update posts because of being really busy at. But just want say thank you for all your efforts as a backer, and good luck with the rest of the game and everything else you do.

    7. Chris John on May 27, 2014

      Would love a demo or a beta for us to give you some good feedback but yes, polish the hell out of this game, I can't wait to play it!

    8. Gil Ruta on May 27, 2014

      All the other comments have been spot on with things: Take you time, set reasonable goals, put together a nice, polished product...delays be damned.

      One thing that's especially nice has been reading the comments in this thread. Knowing there's such a mature and fantastic group of backers involved in this project along with me says a lot.

      Downtime on communications is expected, so thanks for the heads up on things. The game, even with the little snippets you're able to provide us, looks to be coming along wonderfully.

      I'll very much be patiently waiting. Good work and don't stress it. :-)

    9. Johnny Johnson on May 26, 2014

      You guys are doing great. Don't worry about stuff! The project has been looking awesome since day 1.

      People who don't answer their surveys are not your fault; you don't owe anything to them if they don't give you a way to deliver anything to them.

    10. Justin Holmes on May 26, 2014

      I think you guys have put out a good number of updates in the last little while. I think you guys are doing well to focus on the product. Just pop up once a month or so to say, "Hey guys, we're still alive, we didn't take your money and run off to Tahiti."

    11. James Wragg on May 26, 2014

      Game design/development is far from easy and schedules do tend to slip, especially with a multiplatform title developed by a small team like yours. I'm sure the other backers, like me appreciate your honesty above and will be waiting patiently for the finished product, so best of luck!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan on May 25, 2014

      The lack of communication is just fine with me. I'd rather you were writing code than updates anyway. I'm happy as long as you drop a quick message now and then to let us know you're all still alive and your office didn't get raided by baseball wielding gang members.

    13. Aleksey Romashin on May 25, 2014

      We are absolutely with you, keep trusting that you guys making the best game.

    14. ksen on May 24, 2014

      As was said, just relax and take your time with development. Nobody can predict exact estimated time and all challenges ahead.
      I'm pretty silent backer, I don't read forum and rarely comment on a updates. But I fully support you. Keep up with good work and I wish that challenges you'll meet will be easily beaten.

    15. Missing avatar

      BSL on May 24, 2014

      "I admit, I likely spent too much time in the last while trying to raise additional capital to reach our console goals."

      This isn't something you should worry about too much, if they wanted console stretch goals then money should have been put forward the kickstarter was in full swing, can't complain about something if they weren't willing to pay for it.

      Concentrating on making the game great is what's important and that should be the number one goal, so go forward and keep going.

    16. Conatus Creative Creator on May 24, 2014

      I just wanted to leave a comment to let you all know that your support really puts the wind in our sails--it's true, we have been chained to our desks, and reading this reminds us of what we're up to and the positivity and pride we all feel for making this for you. You are the best backers in the world. We'll keep you in the loop as we reach the next milestone.


    17. Missing avatar

      Carl on May 24, 2014

      Count me in on buying this game again on Vita, 3DS, Wii U, PS4, and whatever console I own when we DO finally get it to go to console as well :)

      Until then, we are WAY excited for the MAC/PC/Linux versions :)

    18. Jesse Dylan Watson on May 24, 2014

      Hang in there, you guys. I know there are probably lots of people making demands, but I hope you can just relax and realize you're doing a fantastic job. The screenshots are amazing! I agree; we'll get the console versions eventually. This will sell, and it'll keep selling, and then it can be expanded.

    19. Missing avatar

      Carl on May 24, 2014

      Hey, we are your backers! We are pledging $217,643 for you :) So we will keep backing you! It is GREAT to have an update! Keep up the good work! We are so excited!

      This will be a super fantastic game!

      My family went in together on 4 pack of licenses! We are so excited to see this coming!

      Thanks for the update!

    20. MinimalistCat on May 24, 2014

      Oh and one other thing - when backers don't respond and miss out on their rewards - that's on them

    21. brockoli on May 24, 2014

      Waiting for the rewards and the game to come out will pass, but a great game will last forever! Take your time and make the best game possible, we are patient and excited. Thank you for the updates. Keep up the good hard work everyone!

    22. TheBigMansini on May 24, 2014

      Stay on target, Underground leader =)

    23. Cuthawolf on May 24, 2014

      Deryn above me said pretty much everything I could want to say about this. Take the time, make it great and don't kill yourselves doing it. This is a game I'd wait almost forever for, a little more time so you guys feel happy and healthy about it not only doesn't bother me, but is the only way I'd have it. Thanks for being so open.

    24. Will Dolmatoff on May 24, 2014

      Just wanted to echo everyone's sentiments: Take your time. This game already looks great and we all know you guys have the passion, but without a good home life, there is no good work life. Make sure you guys take some time to breathe. Enjoy the flowers, and spend time with families. The game will get done when it gets done.

      Just do it right, and not right now. We have faith.

    25. Kenny
      on May 24, 2014


    26. Deryn on May 24, 2014

      I want the $150 I pledged to go towards a happy and healthy development team, not a title that causes broken friendships andbitter memories.
      Please, PLEASE take as much time as you need on this one. The work you have put out is phenomenal, and your community involvement is very admirable. I'd hate for a game as fantastic and important as this to leave you feeling unaccomplished and fatigued.
      Keep up the good work, but remember, you're human.
      Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

    27. Matt P. on May 24, 2014

      You guys are doing a fine job! Just keep it up. If you make a great product, it will sell itself; all of your future goals will fall into place on their own. We'll be here to cheer you on!

    28. Matt Hughson on May 24, 2014

      I think most people get more KS updates than they really want anyway. I'd rather have fewer, but more significant updates.

    29. Troy Leatherman on May 24, 2014

      Just make us the badass game we already know you're gonna make. We will be here when it's complete regardless of how long it takes.

    30. MinimalistCat on May 24, 2014

      No easy thing, this Kickstarter business. We're still with you.

    31. Richard Garcia on May 24, 2014

      Ironically, I checked here yesterday wondering about an update and glad to see that you guys are still keeping us in the loop about your production. Keep up the great work!

    32. chris on May 24, 2014

      I would much rather have a perfect game that's delayed a few months vs a rushed game. Just keep us updated with a picture or two with a few words.

    33. Cade Curtis on May 24, 2014

      Keep kicking ass guys. I donated because I want this to happen, and I am finally old enough to have some patience.

      Thanks for the update!

    34. Kevin Roman on May 24, 2014

      Well said. Projects like yours give me faith in kickstarter, and $40, for this was the most I ever given for a project like this. Thanks for the updates too

    35. Matt Castagnolo on May 24, 2014

      I say take as long as it takes and don't rush!