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An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
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A new challenge, and new challengers

Posted by Conatus Creative (Creator)


If you caught up with Polygon's recent revisiting of the River City Ransom: Underground journey, you know we're all working diligently on creating the game and that the first four months have proven challenging but rewarding. We have a mountain of art assets and over 14,000 lines of original code written for the game.

We're also happy to report that after a lot of trial and error we have the English cover design that will grace posters and the reproduction game box. It was painted by none other than Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias, aka GENZOMAN, the Udon Crew talent behind the cover for Double Dragon: Neon. A fitting choice for our game, and we think it turned out great.

This means that we can roll ahead with posters, T-shirts, and the game reproductions at full steam, and hope to report on physical rewards going out the door in short order. To achieve this, we need everyone with these rewards to make their shirt and poster variant selections by the end of this month on BackerKit. That's Friday, February 28th, so we can order the materials to have them shipped to you. 

A new challenge

We didn't anticipate, or weren't prepared for, a high degree of foreign exchange variability. Kickstarter Canada, as you well remember, deals in Canadian currency. While the exchange rate has maintained a fairly constant rate since the project's launch, recently the Canadian dollar has suffered compared to the United States dollar. Since a fair number of our collaborators and suppliers reside in the United States or charge in USD, this has a dramatic effect on our budget's bottom line over the long term. We're holding out for some stabilization, but wanted you to know: yes there is a vortex that eats money, and it's called foreign exchange.

Introducing the new challengers

Our team recently took on new talent to help us with some specific challenges. We're really happy to have them on board and hope you'll give them a warm welcome.

Travis "Tool" Evashkevich - The Intern

Near the beginning of the campaign, Travis continously expressed his desire to join us as part of his school's internship program. A technical artist in training, Travis has a broad range of interests and skills, and will be joining the programming team for the next several months. He is an active member of the private forums, so feel free to reach out to him and say hello.

Andrew Russell - Technical consultant

Anyone who develops XNA games and has a question has almost certainly heard of, or directly benefited from Andrew Russell's work. Not only did he single handedly write arguably the most stable open source alternative to the XNA engine, he is also a prolific accepted answer writer on GameDev Stack Exchange. Andrew is taking a short break from his own game, Stick Ninjas, to help us with network programming and making sure the game plays well in low latency conditions. He's a true expert and we're already learning a lot from him.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jared Midura on

      I figured that may be the case but didn't know if maybe something could work. Even putting it on an SNES flash cartridge of some sort. But, honestly, I know that would be work getting it in the correct format.
      But it'll have full controller support won't it? I'll probably just do an SNES to USB adapter for a more authentic feel.

    2. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Hello all,

      The game will have more than one female character, these are the most well defined characters we have at the moment.

      @Jussi We will ship the discs after the game is final, but want to ship the box reproductions ahead of time so that we don't delay getting them to you unnecessarily.

    3. Travis Evashkevich on

      Thanks for the wish of luck @Abdullah.
      Going to be a good time I have no doubt.

    4. Yksinpelaaja on

      Is there any news on will all the physical rewards shipped at the same time with the disc or disc shipped separately later on?

    5. Yksinpelaaja on

      @Jared This is like in example Megaman 9 in a sense it might look like a NES game at first but in reality there's no way it runs on original hardware. So working cartridge in any case wouldn't work. But we do get physical disc with no DRM if you pledged for that so I think things are very nice for us anyway.

    6. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      Thank you for the update and sorry to hear about foreign exchange dilemma :(

      I would like also to welcome the new team members and wish you all the best of luck...gambre dis

    7. Bike Monet on

      @Elton, I think I remember an earlier update stating that the cover only features some of the characters in the game, but there are so many characters that the cover would look ridiculous with all of them depicted. From that I am assuming that there will be more than two female characters.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jared Midura on

      Is there any hope for working cartridges to go with the game boxes? I would pay more than I already have. Or donate a cartridge to be written over, as many reproductions are done.

    9. S.D. on

      I'd like to echo Elton's question :-)

    10. Avedon Arcade on

      Any chance you guys might make it to E3 this year? Would love to meet the crew!

    11. Elton Borges Mesquita on

      I sow the covers, and I must say this Genzoman version is sweet! But I'm bit confused: The game will have one or two female characters?