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An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
5,179 backers pledged CA$ 217,643 to help bring this project to life.
Jason Watts, Richard Wright, and 57 more people like this update.


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    1. Elie on

      Congrats guys :)

    2. Trevor Kenny on

      YAY! You made it!

    3. Ether101 on

      What are the chances of Billy, Jimmy, Jeff and Marian being in the game?

    4. Conatus Creative Creator on

      @Devon We are still doing a stream tomorrow, Sunday, 8PM EST - 12AM EST. We did one tonight as well. Unless you're saying it was awful... in which case, heh, we had some technical difficulties but we did get a chance to answer some questions :)

      @Ian Hattori Brothers? No comment. ;)

      @Louis what conflicts you so?

    5. Devon Murphy on

      My mistake about the stream. Still, this is great!

    6. Devon Murphy on

      @ Ian Wilson:

      I would love to see that! Also I can not wait for the live stream tomorrow!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian Wilson on

      Getting Abobo up in this is amazing news, but is there any chance that we might see an appearance from Ryuichi and Ryuji?

    8. Jon Rutten on

      lol never mind i didnt read far enough awesome and really hope this all goes through come on ppl!! keep pledging make this awesome game happen! :D!! Its awesome classic! :)

    9. Jon Rutten on

      this is awesome cant wait for the game this will be great! keep add more cool stuff :)! and hey if you pledge $20 or more do all the other pledges amounts get a digital copy of the game? & keep up the great work

    10. Alyssa Oaks on

      I hate that you can't write direct replies, but I love Abobo! I am so conflicted!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jaygosi on

      Oh sweet mother of mercy, I can only give so much. Why must you make this so difficult? I need to eat too!

    12. J.C. Bengtson on

      Of course, you do realize that you need to have Abobo show up in an area with a conveyor belt and a pit, right? ;)

      "You win again, gravity!"

    13. Cyrus B Incognito on

      I remember playing Double Dragon at the bay shore mall when I was a kid. Taking down Abobo with the elbow was so much win! Can't wait to kick his ass again

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph Serrao on

      This is easily the most I've ever wanted to see a Kickstarter hit it's goal, far and away! Good luck guys, please put in lots of awesome grapples like the air-throw I saw in the gameplay trailer!! :D

    15. Conatus Creative Creator on

      @Ryan Thanks for sticking with us! No doubt it was a factor in a very positive outcome of getting a shout out from Yacht Club Games.

      @Alan It's stressful to think of it. Or the classic failed attempt at a Abobo conveyor drop.

    16. Alan Aj Johnson on

      Hogg how this guy brings back memories of frustration?!?! "Don't cyclone kick me, kick him" !!

    17. Ryan Bell on

      @Conatus Creative

      Hell yes!!!! This just gets better and better who needs a piggy bank dood to beat the daylights out of when you can make change out of Abobo himself? That's a 401K in itself right there as far as coins go, lol. Yacht Club finally gave you guys a plug on their Shovel Knight page. Finally!!!! I was pinging those guys a while back on twitter and their KS page while they were busy putting over KS that were 400% funded and begging them to promote this gem but it looks like we finally won over the free publicity. To quote a great 80's movie you guys got the "tools and the talent" and when you hit the funded level "it's miller time!" (substitute your favorite Canadian brew if it pleases you more). Great update Conatus.

      Everyone spread the word everywhere you can. Let's do this!!!!!

    18. Mathew on

      Quite a nice treat youve given to Veteran Retro gamers :) im sure this will bring only good things

    19. Missing avatar

      Kevin Maneff on

      This is awesome!!! I always love Double Dragon cameos, and this is a lot more than a simple cameo Here's hoping we might hear a DD song or two, as well!

    20. Missing avatar

      Juan Tostado on

      Buff Green Abobo + Angry Red Nipples = Unfathomable Awesomeness

    21. Ether101 on

      Is this foreshadowing of things to come?

    22. Elton Borges Mesquita on

      Now, we just need a Bimmy and a Jimmy, just like Double Dragon 3!

    23. Eric Pritchett on

      *Abobo rides up on bicycle, everyone removes and hides valuable jewelery* a la Friday.

    24. Conatus Creative Creator on

      @David The revolution has begun.

    25. Ashley Garland on

      I'm gonna start saying "Abobo" to everyone I meet instead of "bye" and not give any explanation whatsoever.

    26. Chris Kimball on

      Awesome! Also make super dodgeball sequel next, I have need of it!

    27. Nick Murphy on

      Holy crap?!! ABOBO!! AWESOME!! Please make your goal, please make your goal, please make your goal.

    28. Conatus Creative Creator on

      @Clovis Yes, it's going on the front page shortly :)

    29. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on

      You should put this on the front page of the Kickstarter for people who don't read the updates. You might also want to inform the people at I-Mockery about this update. They did the non-profit tribute game: Abobo's Big Adventure. I'm sure they'd pass this wonderful news on to all of their readers, which would help you find even more backers.

    30. Beatrice Bueno Iank on


      I need this to happen now! D:

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason Watts on

      So cool, keep up the good work guys. I hope you reach your goal.

    32. BladedFalcon on