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An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
5,179 backers pledged CA$ 217,643 to help bring this project to life.

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Anniversary Update: Retrosity, OST Bundle, Digital & Physical Rewards


It's hard to believe that we began working on River City Ransom: Underground five years ago, and the game released a little over a year ago. We wanted to celebrate that milestone by releasing a few "cutting room floor" features that were close to our heart. In addition, we want to give you the update some of you having been waiting far too long for: physical disc rewards. So let's get things started with what's in this update, "Retrosity", available now and as an OST bundle for 50% off!

Retrosity Filters

Nothing complements a retro game nicer than a pair of nostalgia goggles. You'll now find "Retrosity" settings in your game's Graphics settings, which allow you to relive some of your favourite old school palettes and filters. As some astute players noticed, we had most of the palettes in the code already, but couldn't get the filter experience polished in time for launch. We adapted and extended the excellent work of J. Kyle Pittman, and you can read more about the techniques used here. Try them all!

Exploding Barrels

Mysterious barrels are popping up all over River City. The rumour is, these nefarious slush buckets are being delivered late at night from trucks from Merv Enterprises' private landfill. Use them to your advantage for crowd control!

Alexis the Hero

By popular demand, Alexis is now an unlockable hero. This means you can take her through the story campaign as well as in the arena. To accommodate her story challenge, we've added a few moves to balance out her ground game.

Shoulder Ram

Use this sweeping knockdown attack to put distance between you and your foe, and open up juggling opportunities.

Spin Kick / Grapple Kick

Alexis now has a suitable secondary attack to keep enemies at bay sneaking up behind, and which she also employs when grappling.

OST Bundle

We're happy to announce that the OST is available for sale starting now, either standalone or as a bundle. Dino Lionetti regales your ears with a classically inspired River City soundtrack. If you missed out on the OST backer rewards, this is a great time to pick this up at a discount.

OST Audio Upgrade

Based on request and feedback, we've added FLAC files to all digital OSTs, meaning if you have the OST from Kickstarter already, or you purchase the OST at a later date, you will receive both MP3 and FLAC versions automatically.

Digital Rewards 

All digital rewards (comic, manual, map, wallpaper) should already be in your Steam account. We "soft-launched" these goodies awhile back. You will find them in the "Rewards" folder where Steam installs the game. You can review to this Steam KB article if you need help locating your files. For GOG users, sit tight: we're sending out DLC keys shortly for you to access all of your DLC rewards (digital goodies and in-game unlocks) on GOG.

Physical Rewards (OST and Game Discs)

The game discs are ready to send out to the roughly 350 of you that have been waiting entirely too long for them. We're going to give you time to update your shipping addresses on BackerKit (and an email reminder) before we send these out. We're excited to finally deliver on our promise for these rewards.

That's it, we've made it to the end!

Enjoy the new features, your digital content, and if you've been wanting to play RCRU with a friend, now is a great time to pick it up on sale.


RCRU Holiday Update


We've just released an update to River City Ransom: Underground in time for the holidays. To celebrate, the game will be 50% off on Steam from now until Monday, November 20th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST.

OST Relaunch

We're excited to release Dino Lionetti's new soundtrack for River City Ransom: Underground! Dino, one of the talents behind Cheap Dinosaurs, co-composed the original soundtrack for the game. Now he's back with an all new rendition, blending hints of classic Technōs groove with subtle, catchy, and cohesive tunes we think you'll love. 

Now available in Simplified Chinese

Thanks to great work by IndieNova and Project Gutenberg, RCRU is now available in Simplified Chinese! This language option will appear automatically in the game options menu as well as game clients. 

Modding Update

Those waiting for progress on modding will be happy to know that the engine is being re-tooled behind the scenes on a volunteer basis to support modding. Our current roadmap will focus on producing an open source version of the underlying engine, Pixel3D, capable of running RCRU content files. This will allow us to distribute modding tools separately from the game itself, providing maximum usability and ensuring mods can run long after RCRU is available.

Due to the technical challenge and available resources, we can't put a release date on this work, but you can follow our progress publicly on GitHub.

Thank You, Ethan Lee

One big reason modding is even possible is due to the excellent FNA project, a crisp and accurate open-source reproduction of Microsoft's XNA game engine, created by Ethan Lee. RCRU's rock solid Mac and Linux versions run on FNA. The new moddable engine will run on FNA exclusively, fixing intractable XNA bugs in Windows 10, and allowing us to run from a single codebase. Ethan is a tireless force in the indie game community, whose work has helped preserve and extend countless games.

What's next?

Now that the OST is released, we will continue our modding efforts as well as work to fulfill the remaining backer commitments, namely, shipping out OST and Game CDs before the end of the year. 

Backer digital rewards are ready - we're just working out a glitch and should have them ready in the next few days, and will send an update when they drop.

Have a happy holiday!



RCRU is now live on


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RCRU is 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale!



We just wanted to let you know that now is a great time to pick up River City Ransom: Underground on Steam, as it's 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale!


Post-Launch Backer Fulfillment Update #2


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