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An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
An officially licensed, North American follow-up to one of the most beloved RPG beat'em ups of all time.
5,179 backers pledged CA$ 217,643 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Oh, and thanks for he posters too, I wasn't expecting them to be in the package as well, so pleasant surprise. ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      After 5 LONG years the journey is complete.

      The mailman dropped off this long skinny box, reading the label made less sense, it wasn't until I opened it and saw RCRU inside that I knew what it was.

      Thanks Conatus Creative for keeping your word and getting this to me (even with the long delay, lol) Other KS I backed then still haven't provided rewards yet, so you managed to beat them in the end, and at least you had better communication too.

      **Another one to mark off on my done list.

    3. Franky Abraham on

      @John Wilkins I'm hoping they just mean updating the Shipping adrees on your Backer account which you can change whenever. Otherwise you are right that we can't change the address on the kit itself. Here's hoping we get a proper reply.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Wilkins on

      The latest update email had a link to update our shipping address, but it appears to be locked down on the site. I definitely need to update mine. Please help!

    5. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Physical boxes haven't been sent out just yet, final details being worked out. Thanks for your patience!

    6. Scott on

      Did the physical boxes ever get sent out? I never received mine.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex adanes on

      Wait??? This game came out? When, I never got my codes????

    8. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Wow...two months before I got an least I got one. Heads up for everyone waiting on their physical copy to ship, email from dev about issue. (delayed because of all of the OST DCMA drama, google it if curious...)

      Hi Brian, the CDs were delayed to the DMCA strikes and needing to replace the music. They are being remastered now and will ship as soon as we get them from the manufacturer.
      Thanks for your patience and support!
      Sarah team RCRU

    9. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      Here for my quarterly update...

      Sarah, have all of the bugs been ironed out and has the physical release been dated yet? Figured since it's been out in the wild for a while now things would be in a better place for that to happen now.

      Any updates?

    10. Franky Abraham on

      Ah just noticed in a update you guys are still working on it.

    11. Franky Abraham on

      Whats the word on the physical disk version? Thanks

    12. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Hi Fortune P Dawg, I have a yahoo email address for you, is this outdated? Email us at Thanks, Sarah

    13. Missing avatar

      Fortune_P_Dawg on

      Would it be possible to get a GOG key? I never even recieved so much as a Steam key but I've not mentioned it because I've been holding out for the DRM-free release.

    14. Missing avatar

      Fortune_P_Dawg on

      What's the word on the DRM-free version?

    15. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Hi Daniel- saw your comments but not an email from you. We probably have an outdated email for you. Email me at and I'll send you your Steam key code. Thanks, Sarah

    16. Daniel Iron Skill Gonzalez on

      Hey guys, I emailed you a few days ago. Been away from KS for awhile but i never received any backer key for the game. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place but maybe you can help me out. Thx in advance

    17. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Hi Jamison- The backer names in the theater are randomized. There are a few reasons why we went this direction.

      1. There are thousands of names; if we alphabetized them, the backers in the bottom half would never have the chance to see their name in the game.

      2. The game is online multiplayer, which means we have restrictions on how much game state we can retain between frames. This prevents us from a slight improvement of not visiting the same name twice. We might be able to make the order procedural and have the host initiate a seed value so that the order is different on a per game basis, but this isn't worth the effort because of point number 1.

      We can definitely stop enemies from re-entering the movie theater like we do for Adam Park, so we'll do that, in case you want to spend more time in the theater to see your name.

      Will be in the next patch. Thanks, Daniel

    18. Jamison K. Soto on

      What is the deal with the backer wall (movie theater) in game? I've sat at that thing for 35+ minutes and had yet to see my name listed, yet some names I remember seeing 4 and 5 times throughout that time. Not to mention that's only when you can actually pay attention to the screen due to the fact enemies come into the facility to fight you (why would you do that?).

      Was this really the best way to present your backers in game? A very slow, auto scrolling, non alphabetized, constantly interrupted, location? The game has many positives (and many negatives) but this is by far one of the most annoying ones as I don't even know if my name is actually even listed in the game.

      Any response?

    19. Missing avatar

      Fortune_P_Dawg on

      What's the word on the DRM-free version? It is after all, one of the main reasons I backed in the first place (I do not back Steam only titles).

    20. Conatus Creative Creator on

      A lot of people got confused by the update and thought it meant they were supposed to get a DLC code, but you have to have pledged at a higher tier to be eligible for DLC. Thanks, Sarah

    21. Conatus Creative Creator on

      JeSiu- I emailed you. Get back to me if you still haven't received game key- Thanks, Sarah

    22. BlackGauntlet

      Ah... okay, cats do wacky things once you adopted them all.
      Books are for eatin' (what?), as are records and videogames.
      Anyhoo, there needs to be an update to fix the move-list soon.
      I'm old and no longer as adept as I used to be but I'd rather be pressing the right buttons at the wrong time than to be pressing the wrong buttons all the time.

    23. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      +1 for the DRM-free version!

    24. Missing avatar

      JeSiu on

      I have not receive any DLC keys yet, but the post launch update #1 said that we should have?

    25. BlackGauntlet

      Okay, 20 hours in.
      Although I didn't like how communications were handled in this project (having to read stuff on Facebook - which I hate), the game itself is pretty fun except...
      1) Bad things happen at night? Really? Didn't feel a thing actually.
      2) Horrible combos for beginner characters - Seriously, it was extremely grind-ey. I wasted more than 10 hours grinding for every starting character in the game (not including the other unlockable ones--- 10, I think?). Sure, they slowly become more accomplished with the RIGHT moves but you wouldn't know if you just wasted your moola on a broken combo move or a sure-kill finisher until you bought it and tested it out. Some are easier than others but Bruno almost made me quit the game until I got Poison Mist.
      3) The "World Map" is incoherent at best with no obvious paths of travel to be helpful in any way. I have no idea what it's for other than for aesthetics. A plain journal with written text could easily replace it for Quest tracking.
      4) Cats and books don't seem to do anything. I probably should RTFM if there is one. Wait, is there any?

      All that said, it is pretty addictive due to possibility of character progression.
      I'll see what the next 10 hours hold (probably MORE grinding with the unlocked heroes).

    26. Missing avatar

      Fortune_P_Dawg on

      Any word on the DRM-free version of the game?

    27. Shane Mott on

      I'm guessing you guys got this question like a thousand times but - Any feelings about a Nintendo switch version? I mean it would be like the most perfect re/union of sorts ! Keep on barfing :)

    28. Nick Evans on

      Question for you guys. As a $400 level backer, I am trying to find myself in the game. Just wondering if there is an easy way to see that I am actually in fact in the game. That was a large tier to back at.

    29. Missing avatar

      Robert Silesius on

      Could you please stop the tutorial popups from going away when you press the punch keys, since they appear in the middle of the fight... and guess what you are doing then? :P

      I got to the first gym boss and beat on him for five minutes until I gave up. Apparently the tutorial said I needed to defeat him with a special move, but I never got that information since it just disappeared on me.

    30. Jonathan Biles on

      Got my key, all my fault, wrong email, 4 years is a long time, thanks!

    31. Jonathan Biles on

      Still no key, email sent, sad times, really want to play!

    32. Missing avatar

      William Quintin on

      I was curious about the DLC's as a Crate Expectation backer Iv'e only received the Weapons DLC key so far. Is there an estimate for the remaining DLC's that are included in my pledge tier? Thanks!

    33. Brian McCabe on

      Just came back to confirm I got my key. Also, the game is excellent so far.

    34. Francis Levesque on

      Thanks for the key, worked fine! Just wondering where are the rest of the pledge bonuses now :) No rush, getting the game out was already an amazing feat in my book!

    35. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Hi Louis- I tried to send you the code to your hotmail account and it bounced back. Do you have a different email? Thanks, Sarah

    36. Conatus Creative Creator on

      Anyone still missing keys, please message me at with your backer name so I can look you up and fix the issue. Thanks! Sarah

    37. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I was never in the beta nor changed my email. My backing was for one base key and I wasn't sent a key yet.

    38. Patrick Benware on

      Hey, not sweating it too much, just dropping a note to get my name in the hat as someone who hasn't gotten a key yet. If there was a backerkit survey I completely missed it, so I'm betting it's my fault somewhere in the works.

    39. Mark Ross on

      I am also using the same email I backed with and have not received a key. And I as well did not claim the beta. Oddly enough though I did receive the DLC key for the weapon skins just not a key for the game.

    40. Sara Leen on

      So I've gotten my key for my extra copy and my weapon skins, but I was wondering about the Kunio/Riki skins? Are those not quite available yet? I know the comic, soundtrack, etc are supposed to be later; are the Kunio/Riki skins TBD too or just not gotten around to me yet? Thanks! You guys are awesome.

    41. Missing avatar

      BSL on


      "Single keys went out first, to be followed soon by 2-packs, then 4 packs, then DLC. -Sarah"

      Reading is fundamental my good man. It's literally 20 posts below yours. ;-)

      I've been reading plenty of this recently on many of the projects I backed, as backers we need to be a little self-reliant to look for an answer then go to the source if one isn't found.

    42. Missing avatar

      Juan Tostado on

      Hi, yes, I'm a beta backer and I access the game through that ... but how about the other keys as part of my pledge?

    43. Louis O'Quinn on

      No, still haven't received it. FWIW I'm using the same email I originally backed with, and I wasn't part of the beta.

    44. Conatus Creative Creator on

      The main issues for backers who still don't have key(s) seems to be they didn't update their email address and it has changed, or they claimed beta and didn't realize that they can now access the complete game through that.
      Louis O'Quinn, do you have yours?

    45. Conatus Creative Creator on

      If you claimed your beta access, you're already in, you don't need a key sent to you. -Sarah

    46. Conatus Creative Creator on

      If you claimed your beta access, you're already in, you don't need a key sent to you. -Sarah

    47. Hector G on

      FYI I had been told that their records indicated I had been sent a key and was resent just in case. I assure you I had not received it. My inbox and spam had been emptied prior to release in anticipation and constantly checked.
      I still see people in the last hour saying they haven't gotten it and could be having same problem. I do not apologize for my refund request especially if that is what it took to get some resolution. I also don't apologize for my frustration. Between Twitter friends telling me how much fun they are having, CC telling me it's up for sale, and then posting some snarky review from a jerk game blogger I can't personally stand who got to play the game before backers just pissed me off.
      If a refund would have gotten me a copy of the game faster and cheaper so be it. Coincidentally Sarah sent me my key shortly after though to be fair I had been communicating to CC team via Twitter as well prior to requesting a refund.
      I only came back to vent because I still see people haven't gotten it and that really sucks. Make no mistake I appreciate the hard work that went into the creation but I just wasn't feeling the appreciation as a backer.
      I did get my key and can't wait to get home to play so thank you CC for your hard work I hear the game is great and hope everyone else who put their faith and money into this project gets to play soon as well.

    48. Paul C. on

      any one who was a steam beta tester now has the full version

    49. Brian McCabe on

      I'm also still waiting for my key.. I don't really blame the guy for being upset and wanting a refund. This really is a case of severe mismanagement. Were this a game I cared less about I might feel the same way but I love RCR too much to not be a captive audience.

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