Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on July 30, 2011.

The Hearts of Men is a retro style hack and slash game, built on the Xbox 360 & PC platform, including 4 player co-op and multiplayer.

***The top 30 pledgers will be receiving an Xbox 360 key to download the game for free upon release!!!

                      -In case of a draw, a lottery will be in place-

-Currently, we have to do this as we cannot secure extra game keys for Xbox LIVE Games-

Hello Kickstarters!

Thanks for visiting our humble little game page here.  We're COLTRAN Studios, a 2 man show featuring yours truly, Jason "JZ" Zielinski (the artist), and Simon Jäger (the developer).  About 2 years ago, we came together through chance, and have been working together on our first game, "The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit", ever since.  Finally, we are just about done with the game, and ready to release the final version.  

Back in March 2011, we released the alpha build of the game on Xbox Live Indie Games to some amazing reviews and feedback from the community, including Indie Game of the Week on!!  This was a fantastic first step, but we knew the game could be better, so for the last 3 months, we disappeared again and made some HUGE updates to the game, that turned the game into what we set out to create in the beginning of development: a well refined masterpiece.  It's because of the community that we were able to receive feedback and make the game better, and we're hoping we can gain more followers, get more support, and actually reach our funding goal to really finish this development cycle off strong.  So, what is "The Hearts of Men"??

A Labour of Love

The whole idea behind this title was simple; I wanted to button mash my way through a game with friends, just like in the old arcade days.  I took the main idea of a top down, button mashing co-op game, sat down and designed the game, updating some classic design ideas, and then allowing Simon to take the reigns and introduce a whole new set of mechanics on top of this.  

Besides the technology gamers see, Simon has worked extremely hard, creating 3 versions of the Sakura Blossom Engine, COLTRAN's in-house tool set used to create and deploy our game to the 360 platform.  While Simon created the groundwork, I created the visuals, investing alot of time into the story elements that would drive players deeper and deeper into our magical world.

The game features alot--so much that 1/2 of the stuff we've added we haven't even announced yet!  We have 4 playable characters, over 13 levels and 4 gigantic bosses, all NEW enemy AI, a brand new separate arcade mode called "Misery's Playhouse", 4 player co-op for both Story Mode, and Arcade mode, and 8 player multiplayer, featuring 4 different game types--phew!!  That's not all though, and I won't let slip too much, but we have upgrades in the game now to keep players jamming the A button for hours on end!!

*Above, a picture of the t-shirt you receive for the $50 donation level

Help us Obi Kickstarter Kenobi's, please!

We're almost there...but, we need your help now, more than ever!  As we wrap the game up, we need a few things to finish it off proper--the first thing is an Xbox 360 for Simon!  Yes, our developer has not had a working 360 throughout this development, and we have suffered greatly, but hope to correct this with the help of the community. We also need sound efx, and music in the game--we do have some, but would like to really refine the sound designs.  And of course, entering the final phase of the game development, we desperately need marketing funds.  Our viral marketing is getting stronger all the time, and we learned alot of valuable lessons from the previous Alpha release.  Knowing what we do now, we're primed to make an impact, but we can only do that if we hit our goal and can properly market The Hearts of Men.  If we overachieve our funding goals, we're hoping to put those donations right back into the studio, purchase new hardware for our continued developments, and one sweet day, get a real Xbox Dev Kit to start creating games specifically for Xbox Live Arcade.

To surmise, your money helps to:

  • Take the game to the highest level of production value (art, sound etc...)
  • Get the developer a working 360, as well as new hardware to develop on
  • Build better tools for COLTRAN game development (all of our tools are 100% created in house)
  • Market the game
  • Get a booth at upcoming events in 2011 to showcase our top notch developments

We appreciate your time, and hope you have enjoyed what you see!


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    Because you cared, we want to show that we care too! We'll add your name in the game credits, AND send you a digital 11x17 print ready .PDF poster.

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    You get the above pledge, along with an In Game headstone, specific to you--we'll even let you add whatever details you'd like to the headstone, such as your name, born/died date, and whatever you would like written on the headstone (content must be PG-13)

  • Pledge $10 or more
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    You get everything above, and also a copy of the game (PC version) as soon as it's released (tentatively September 2011). Don't forget, you also get your own headstone in game with this level and above, so you'll want to see that in game!

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    Everything above is yours! But we're also throwing in a signed and stamped physical letter, thanking you, as well as an 8.5 x 11 art print signed by the artist.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    Everything above--the game, credits in the game, your tombstone in the levels, art, a thank you letter, and a fantastic "The Hearts of Men" tshirt (only available in black).

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    Not a tshirt fan?? Okay, how about everything above (not including the tshirt), and a full color, 24 x 36 poster, signed by the artist, tubed and mailed to you!?

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    Everything above (you must choose between the tshirt or poster), and "The Arts of Men", a 20 page, 7 x 9, soft cover book including all of the comics found in the game, box art, and some in game art. This book will be signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    You get everything above (you MAY have the tshirt and poster in this case) EXCEPT the soft cover "The Arts of Men" book--fret not, because instead you get the deluxe version! A hard cover, 20 page, 8 x 11 book featuring the full comics in order, all appropriate marketing art, and game strategy and level guides. This book will be signed and numbered by the artist.

  • Pledge $500 or more
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    Everything above (you MAY have the tshirt and poster in this case), and a special NPC appearance in the game--this NPC will have value in the gameplay ;) This also includes the hardcover version of the art book (not the soft cover).

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    First come first serve on this one! Choose the character you want (I'm doing 1 painting of each character, only once), and you will receive a truly unique, original piece of artwork, never to be recreated or distributed again! Besides your art, which will be on canvas, signed, and one of a kind, you will also receive everything listed above (you MAY have the tshirt and poster in this case). The hard cover will be in place of the soft cover art book.

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