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$1,332 pledged of $4,500 goal
By Colt Hansen
$1,332 pledged of $4,500 goal

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The nautical term used when a sailing vessel is unable to move due to lack of wind. That has been us this past week. Stalled. In irons. Dead in the water.

Despite exhausting our own social networks, climbing to Kickstarter's front page of popular publishing for the weekend, and even being featured in a few notable zombie blogs, we have slowed to raising $71 in new pledges this past week. Far from our goal of $1085. We need some wind for our sails, in the form of new pledges.

Remember, if we don't reach our goal, all funds raised are cancelled and the project will be naught. Full sails, make our own wind, cargo overboard to get her moving. Time to beat to quarters, arm yourself with social networking ammo, and fire away! 

We are at the halfway point, with $3328 to go!


P.S. In case you missed it on our front page, here are the updates featuring the articles about our project:

UPDATE: Stuart Conover, editor of the BuyZombie blog, has written an... hmmm, how do we say this, interesting interpretation of our Kickstarter project. With roughly 100 words of original text in the article, both of our names are misspelled and our faith in fact-checking needs to be restored, however, it is for these reasons that it is an entertaining read. Check it out and lend your support to Marc and Cole, they sound like swell chaps!

UPDATE: John Sears, President of the Zombie Rights Campaign and Administrator of its accompanying blog, has written a feature post on our project. Ever vigilant, his praise comes with no little concern for our attempt at an "honest" portrayal of the differently animated (zombies) in this story. Forthright, candid- and highly worth the read! John, we will try not to disappoint the cause!

Week 1 Progress Report

Hello Everyone!

First order of business, a hearty thank you and huzzah to Hayley, Bobbie, Breck, Kirby, Bengt, Crys, Art, Shane, Carlos, Paul, Ryan, captainawesomness, David, Kid Curry, Mark B., Rhonda, Somair, and Fraser. These backers (our "early adopters") have taken us from launch to just under 25% funded in one week. May they serve as examples to any of you who may be sitting on the fence- the water is warm, so please dive in with a pledge!

To reach our funding goal of $4500, we need to average $155 pledged each day. It is our aim and goal to pass 50% funding by this time next week. How will we accomplish this? By ourselves, we won't. Here's a little statistics about Kickstarter: projects that reach 25% or more in funding, have an 82% chance of reaching their goal. Projects similar to ours that reach 40% of funding, have a 96% chance of successfully reaching their goal. You already have pledged to help us defeat over 80% of the risk! To get the rest of the way, we need additional support. Please, if you have not already done so, contact 1 person directly (a phone call works best) and ask for their support. If everyone did this, we will double our backers and be that much closer to reaching our goal. Of course, personalized tweets, facebook messages, emails, and blog posts are extremely helpful- but nothing is as effective as direct communication.

What do we have in store for you, then, you may ask? We plan on releasing a sample from the first installment soon. We also have a new video to help explain the ins-outs of our project in an entertaining way. Let's just say there are "fantastical" elements to suit your fancy. Hold fast!

Again, many thanks! 


The first 48 hours...

"England expects that every man will do his duty... Duty is the great business of a sea officer; all private considerations must give way to it, however painful it may be." - Admiral Nelson

The first 48 hours are complete, and we extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you our backers. Thank you for leaping into the dark, being the boldest and bravest, charging head first with us into this project!

A thank you is in order for all of our supporters, whether through "likes" or "tweets" or blog posts- we thank you.

But, victory is not yet ours. We are a long way off, and if we are to succeed, we need men and women of action. We need people to take action and become early adopters if we are to turn the tide. We need those who are willing to put dollars and cents toward making The World to Come a reality.

Are you with us? Who will join us?