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I'm planning a recital of underperformed works for oboe & English horn & a variety of other instruments...even an actress is involved!

I'm an oboist who has wanted to do a recital for a long, long time...but I also run a busy reed business and ironically, don't have a lot of time to practice during the school year when people need a lot of reeds.  So, during this year's summer lull, I've decided to prepare the recital program that has been in my mind for AGES.  I've also recently relocated back to my hometown of Knoxville, TN, and have some very talented, dear friends who have agreed to play with me.

I've planned this recital to happen in September 2011.  The date and time are not yet set, as I'm still trying to get personnel confirmed, and I'm waiting to hear back from venues about availability.  As things get firmed up, I'll edit this project to reflect that.

My program includes a fun piece for English horn and Actress by Christopher Berg, called Why Else Do You Have an English Horn?  The program will also include the Prokofiev Quintet, Op. 39, for violin, viola, bass, oboe, and clarinet.  I've seriously wanted to perform this for about 10 years but haven't known the personnel willing to do it.

I'm seeking funding because though all the people playing with me on this recital are my friends, they're also talented, professional musicians should be compensated as if this were any other job.  The funding will also cover venue rental, and if possible, publicity and promotion.  Admission to the recital is free, so your generous donations (along with extra money I can set aside from my reedmaking income) will be the only source of funding for this project.  Any funding that exceeds what I've requested will be split up amongst the accompanying musicians.


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    Everyone who contributes gets a big thank-you with your name in the recital program, if you choose.

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    $10 or more will get you a hard copy of a CD or DVD recording of the recital, and if you have a business or website of your own, I'll put a link up to your website in the "links" section of my website. And you get your name in the program.

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    For $25, you can have your choice of rewards. Either a free oboe reed, or 10 pieces of gouged and/or shaped cane, or a 30-minute oboe lesson (reedmaking or otherwise) in person (if you're in or can come to Knoxville) or via Skype (if you're somewhere else). We'll schedule a date and time that works for both of us. If you don't play oboe, I'll buy you a coffee (in the Knoxville metropolitan area). And you get your name in the program, plus a CD or DVD of the performance, plus a link on my website if you'd like.

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    Another choice! TWO free oboe reeds, or 20 pieces of processed cane, or an hour-long oboe lesson. Or I'll buy you lunch (in the Knoxville metropolitan area), if you're not an oboist. And you get your name in the program, plus a CD or DVD of the performance, plus a link on the website.

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