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recording day 4...

good morning backers!

i'm sitting here eating a bowl of watermelon and hating the fact that i haven't had a chance to post an update these past 3 nights after recording. each day has been unique, creative, and exciting as mitch and i have been in complete pre-production mode. we've been so busy that i'm wiped by the end of the day! on monday night i even fell asleep practicing my guitar, but today starts the good stuff. today we track the band!

real fast: in "pre-production," we 1st solidified THE 12 songs for the record and i'm super pumped about our final decision! some of you will know a couple of the songs, and some of you will know none, but there are also a few songs that i haven't even played out yet--so there will be treats for everyone! i was really only surprised by 1 choice that mitch insisted on, but that's only because it's such a new song and one of those songs that i wrote especially for 2 friends and their family, but i never knew if anyone else would hear it....but you will, and i feel really great about that. i can't wait to share it with you, and it will be hauntingly beautiful. also in pre-production, we laid down my scratch vocals, piano, and guitar for the 11 songs that the band will play on. we did this so that today when the band comes into the studio, they can play and create their parts over the chords, melodies, and lyrics i've written. 

if you do the twitter thing, i've been posting daily updates there with some pics of the studio, and today i'll be sharing info about tracking with the band! my twitter name is: colleennixon123 but you don't need twitter to read my posts. just follow me here:!/colleennixon123

also, i've linked it to my facebook fan page so here is that address:

and if you haven't become a fan of that page yet, don't delay, "like" today! ha!

okay, better run....gotta eat some protein before we start at 9 am!