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help me fund my full length cd!
help me fund my full length cd!
364 backers pledged $26,875 to help bring this project to life.

They have BOTH arrived...FINE-UH-LEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


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because it's a full moon....

i thought oh my, i need to check in with my backers!

technically i'm not due til this friday, november 2nd, but i guess a lot of babies are born on full moon nights, so i wanted to give you a quick update on the project just in case i do have a baby tonight. 


sadly, i STILL haven't received the hardcopies of the CDS! i'm anxiously and excitedly awaiting them to see how they LOOK but they haven't arrived yet! although i thought they would be here and in your hands already, i'm really glad that you have received the cd via dropbox and have at least been able to enjoy them this past month. also, a little note for all those who asked to have the lyrics IN the CD artwork....they are in get ready to hold that paper jacket and sing along in november!

i've already talked to my sweet parents, in-laws, and a couple of friends that are going to help me put the cd+items in packages to send out to you since they will now most likely be getting in AFTER this baby is born.....i guess i'm just trying to stress that even though it was my personal goal to get them to you BEFORE the baby was born, having all the extra help won't delay the process at all. i'll send an update when they stay tuned.

until then, all my love and gratefulness!

ohhhhhhh and big p.s. :  i've gotten emails from some backers who'd like to buy extra cds for  Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers/birthday presents for friends in 2013...truly, the gift that keeps giving, my music-ha! :)  but, serisouly, if you are one of those people, send your name, how many CDs you'd like and your address to  *At live shows I will be selling the hardcopies for $15 but these hardcopies will start at $10! Also, for the first 10 you buy they will be $10 each but anymore you want after that will be $5!*

How to FIX the "EMPTY FOLDER" on Dropbox....


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Happy Listening....or Dropbox Dilemmas!


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Digital Downloads of "Lake Ella's Sky" later today!

Ok yall, the day has arrived, and all of you, my wonderful backers will be receiving the Digital Download of my newest album, "Lake Ella's Sky"!  I am sooooooooo excited!  

Just a reminder- all 364 backers will receive this digital download first. Those of you who ordered larger packages, your hard copy cd's and the rest of your fun items will be coming within the next few weeks.

The way this will work:

Later on today, you will receive an email from "Dropbox" asking you to join the shared folder, "Lake Ella's Sky".

For those who don't know, Dropbox is a free, secure, and efficient way to share large digital files with one another (like this cd!).  You download it to your computer, and then you have access to files that I, or any friend or colleague also using Dropbox, "shares" with you.

When that email comes later today, read the directions, then follow the link on the email from Dropbox, and enjoy!

***If you need directions on how to download Dropbox to your computer:
- Go to
- Create a username and password
- Allow Dropbox to be downloaded to your computer (follow the directions laid out by the website)
- You can also wait to download dropbox to your computer once you get the email later today. Simply follow the link and "sign up" once you are on the site, and you will then have access to Colleen's newest cd, "Lake Ella's Sky!"

That is all for now, keep an eye out for the email in your inbox later today from "Dropbox".  

it's been a long time coming, and i'm elated to share these songs with you.  i wish i could give all of you a big hug to say thanks for helping this day happen.  instead of the big hug, i hope the music will suffice!

love ya!  forever grateful,

c nix