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Inspiring film that unearths the dramatic story of seeds. From the creators of QUEEN OF THE SUN & REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN.
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We reached our goal!

Posted by Collective Eye Films (Creator)
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Dear Friends,

We did it! Thank you all 823 of you for joining together to support SEED: The Untold Story.

With this initial goal met we are set to begin development on a website for SEED: The Untold Story, we're ready to work with animators to brainstorm our first animation sequences and we're already getting our existing footage logged, transcribed and translated so it's ready to edit into a film. 

Taggart is shooting for the next week with incredible seedsmen and women in New Zealand. I have been on the phone today setting up shoots for key stories in the film that we are eager to capture soon. We are unearthing stories of consolidation, biopiracy and genetic contamination and stories of hope: seed savers finding endangered seeds that have nearly disappeared, seed discoveries that could result in better adaptations to climate change, indigenous cultures revitalizing their seed stocks and more. 

So, can we still use more to make this all happen? Yes! Our initial goal represented the bare minimum to continue SEED and get closer to the finished film. With 11 days left, we now we have the opportunity to bring in enough to cover the costs of finishing the film! With the trajectory we are on, we believe we can reach this STRETCH GOAL of $75,000.

Why keep spreading the word and/or donate more?

1. It will allow us to make a better film. Every dollar we go beyond our goal will allow us to focus more on the story of SEED without returning to the drawing board for funding. Our budget for the finished film is more than what we've raised, so every dollar gets us closer to this ideal budget. If we reach this goal, we will be able to document important stories unfolding in the world of seeds that we will not otherwise be able to film AND we will be able to hire the team necessary to do important work that will drastically speed up the process of completing the film. This means a greater likelihood of finishing on track in early 2014!

2. The film will look and sound better. More funding will pay for color-correction so that the film looks great, it will pay for a sound mix so it sounds great too.

3. The animation will be stunning. More funding will also be used to complete a more ideal number of animation sequences which the initial goal did not cover. Not only that, but these crucial animations will get completed on time and look stellar.

We have the momentum. Please help us reach this "stretch goal" of $75,000. This is the minimum expense for finishing work on SEED and will be instrumental in helping us complete the film. It will make a huge difference.

Our thanks and gratitude,

Taggart, Jon and the Collective Eye Films Team

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