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Expand our garden and help launch our neighborhood-scale, pedal-powered composting project in North Central Troy.
Expand our garden and help launch our neighborhood-scale, pedal-powered composting project in North Central Troy.
237 backers pledged $10,312 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you, early backers! (and lil' early reward)

Dear first-third backers:

Thank you!

...for your support of Food Cycle!  TBR and CCG are abuzz with excitement about (possibly) having the funds to grow this compost-hauling and youth-empowering system beyond the informal pilot we're currently operating. 

As of now, we're 36% funded with 19 days to go.  That means that people love us, (you really love us!), but we need your help to reach our goal and start planning the big summer build!

You're now an official Food Cyclist, which also means you're a key part of the media campaign.  (Didn't know what you signed up for, eh?!) This next request is much kinder on the wallet, but takes a lil' effort:


We've found that sending a personal email to your network(s), encouraging people to back this project and explaining why you support it, is the MOST EFFECTIVE method to increase the number of backers.  If you're on Facebook, please post your support and include the link!  If you Twitter, please tweet! If you have a blog, please post about Food Cycle!  If you're on a listserv, Google or Yahoo group, etc. please send a note!  If you... well, you get it. 

We know you might be thinking: "ok, I'll do that later."  Or, "well, someone ELSE can spread the word; I just want to quickly back the project and move on with my day."  YOU are that SOMEONE ELSE and NOW is later!  Really, just a few seconds or minutes to share the link and share the nutrient-rich good vibes will go a looong way to making the crowd-sourcing magic work.

Tell 'em why you love bikes, or compost, or youth empowerment, or urban gardening, or fresh food, or good soil, or TROY!  Or, you love and/or are related to anybody involved in these projects.

(Don't make us start posting the photos of adorable children holding wrenches and pitchforks - fixing bikes and adding wood chips to compost -  as they help to build our healthy community.) 

Lil' thank you reward (if you're local):

At tomorrow's Troy Waterfront Farmers' Market, Troy Bike Rescue will be running a bike valet service, information table, tune-up stands, AND... pedal-powered smoothies!  (At the Troy Flea which debuts tomorrow.  See the Metroland article.)

As a backer, YOU'll get a free smoothie*. We'll even let you jump on the blender bike and give it a whirl.  We'll have the list of backers on hand, so tell your friends and come on by! *(for any backers by 9 am on Saturday, June 2) Come meet the team building these haulers!

Yours in Pedal-Power,

Abby & Andrew

Food Cycle's Kickstarter Elves. 

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