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All of number theory may have been doctored to conceal the existence of 'bleem' - a secret integer between three and four...
All of number theory may have been doctored to conceal the existence of 'bleem' - a secret integer between three and four...
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New Project: SKYWATCH!

Posted by Colin Levy (Creator)
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I already sent out a message to my backers, but for the sake of posterity I thought it’d be good to post an official update here on the actual Kickstarter page:

I’m making another sci-fi short!

It’s an ambitious proof-of-concept called SKYWATCH and - at the time of this posting - we’re in the last 12 hours of our Kickstarter campaign. O_O

A number of those who backed The Secret Number have already come onboard for this next one. (If you're reading this: THANK YOU!) Very excited to share it with the world - hopefully before the year is out.

While I’m here, just wanted to say that even though I finished it over five years ago, I’m still super proud of The Secret Number and grateful to the 179 generous folks who helped me + my team bring it to life. 

If you haven’t seen the film in a while, watch it here:

Thanks again. And now, it's back to the grindstone for me!


The Secret Number is Online!

Posted by Colin Levy (Creator)

Howdy folks!  Just wanted to send out a final update regarding The Secret Number.

We released the film online on Friday, and between YouTube and Vimeo, we've already accumulated over 3,000 views.  Not too shabby for a 15-minute short!

If you enjoyed the film, we'd certainly appreciate it if you'd help us spread the word:

On YouTube: (recently re-uploaded to fix an audio issue)

On Vimeo:

Also, check out our brand-new official site:  

If you haven't seen any of our Behind the Scenes material, we've just updated that section with our Production Featurette, VFX Breakdowns and Previs Comparison reel!

It feels good to finally get this out there! I'm so thrilled by the response it's gotten so far. A ton of positive comments on Facebook and Youtube!

Regarding Backer Rewards: At this point everyone's DVDs should have arrived or are well on their way.  Please let me know if you don't receive yours in the coming weeks!  For those of you expecting a Poster and/or Production Book, this may take another couple of weeks to ship out.

As always, thanks so much for your support of this project.  It's been a wild ride!


Big Week for The Secret Number!

Posted by Colin Levy (Creator)

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A Whole Year Later...The Trailer!

Posted by Colin Levy (Creator)

Howdy folks!  Remember me? Err, remember the short film project The Secret Number?

If you're anything like my real-life friends, the anticipation you may have once had about this movie has long since been replaced with disillusionment and regret.  Er... I'm kidding, kinda.  But seriously -- what in tarnation is taking so long?

Well, none of us anticipated it would take over a YEAR to complete this movie, but that's filmmaking for ya, I guess.  Or more accurately, filmmaking on a student-volunteer level: there's no telling how things are gonna go down.

But!  Believe it or not, The Secret Number is not dead!

And actually, I think things are in a pretty swell place.  I have a couple significant announcements to make.

First, I've just released our Official Trailer:

And if you didn't catch it already, we have a couple poster designs:

(Which do you like better?)

And thirdly, I just found out yesterday that our sound team for The Secret Number has been nominated for a Golden Reel Award in the student category!

Cool, huh? If you'd like to catch up on my handful of updates over the past year, take a stroll on our still-clinging-to-life blog:

Pretty darn soon (read: in the next month) we're going to start collecting your info for your backer rewards.  And I hope that by the end of February, I'll have the whole film to show!  (Hold me to it, okay?)

This has been in some ways a grueling project.  It's also been an amazing learning experience and overall very rewarding.  Although I haven't done enough in the way of keeping you guys updated, I certainly feel the pressure of your support and expectations every day I work to polish the remaining elements of the film.

Thanks so much for your patience!  And please do not hesitate to get in touch.


First Day of Production!

Posted by Colin Levy (Creator)

Hey all,

Busy busy busy! I wanted to take a moment to let you know we're finally shooting!

We've been working hard this past month, and now it all comes down to this upcoming week. The film has been written, cast, location-scouted, set-constructed, production-designed, rehearsed and rewritten again, and it's been edited and reedited in my head pretty much nonstop.

Now we've got to see if we can pull it all together for real! The shots so far are looking fantastic.

We've been doing fairly well keeping our blog up to date with videos. If you've missed the action in the past couple weeks, check out our site here: (or subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

And now more than ever, thanks so much for your support of this project! We're doing a lot of ambitious stuff this week that simply wouldn't have been possible without all you guys.

That's all for now! Until next update,

Director, "The Secret Number"

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