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$2,386 pledged of $3,500 goal
By Coleman Engle
$2,386 pledged of $3,500 goal

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Thank you all so much!

Hey everybody,

I am sad to say that the closer the time came to going to France, the more black and white the decision became financially. It just became harder and harder to validate going to France while sitting on such a daunting pile of student loans.

This isn't to say that I am ungrateful by any means by how swiftly and wonderfully you all came to my aid. It was seriously the most amazing thing to see how many people were willing to help me, and it made me feel so special! I feel so blessed to know all of you fabulous people, and I can't wait for you all to read V'Ger (his truck just might not have gone as far as he wanted this time).

Please believe me when I say this decision was one of the hardest I've had to make in my life.



Thank you so much everybody! I can't believe we are at 30% (over $1,000!!!), and barely a week into the project! It makes me feel very very very SPECIAL! You guys are very quickly making a dream come true. I'm excited to get started on everyone's drawings and pictures (after I find out what you guys want, of course (o; ).

This is the best birthday wish I could ever ask for, you all are making turning 23 SO MUCH FUN!!!


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