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Bitcrobes is a microorganism mobile game. Evolve your microbe to survive against other organisms! Android stretch goals!


All stretch funds go towards android development of Bitcrobes!

Bitcrobes  is an adventure in simulation. Player's take the role of a scientist experimenting on a super microorganism capable of easy genetic manipulation.

As the player progresses their 'crobe from a tiny dish to large environments, they must upgrade their microbe in the best way they say fit. Whether it be changing from herbivore to carnivore, or from simple flagellum to simple fins, each upgrades changes the survivability of your microbe!.

There are several levels with different environments, as well as a "creative" mode which allows you to play with each microbe and test them against each other to see how they'll interact. Viruses will infect the pool, microbes will search for any food you place, etc...

In addition to special modes, there are several "minigames" which grant extra funds or points to upgrade your microbe.

The fun part of the game is in the fact that there are many ways to be successful. You can creative the ultimate predator, or a speedy herbivore. There are several upgrade combinations available.

Successful funding means the game will be released 100% FREE! This game has been produced entirely via hackintosh, which is rare in the app development world. In order to finalize the game (mainly sound, which crashes the hackintosh build) I need to raise enough money to purchase a mac mini. The Apple app store only allows its own hardware for app development. Currently I am stalled in development until I have an actual mac system. The upgrade would allow me to implement sound, as well as upgrade the game to support the iPhone 5 screen. In addition, the game will be completely free if enough money is raised.

Music in progress for Bitcrobes:

Successful funding means the game will be released 100% FREE

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Risks that can be overcome:

Inability to procure a mac mini right away
-The game's production continues regardless. Progress is slow, but it will be completed regardless. sound can be tested by avoiding the simulator and testing on the actual phone.

Game breaking bugs discovered during major debugging phase
-Luckily, the game has been debugged constantly during its development. For any unseen challenges, I have several associates who can step in and help pin point the issue quickly

Delay in sound/music production
-The game will be deployed on time no matter what. Temporary sound/music would be used until the permanent sound is created.

Pushed back release date
-The game is slated to be released in May. For any delays, everyone will be notified. With the crowd backing my project I would be committed to finished the game on time. Any delays would be in weeks, not months.


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