Hello And Welcome.

My name Is Chris Scott and i present to you a Beer Drinking Game like no other.... COINAGE

A little about me - I am 36 years old from Scotland ,  i am an ex infantry soldier looking for 

my path in life.  I have done my fair share of drinking in the past and i can honestly say that 

this is the best drinking game i have ever played .

Its crazy fun and creative but you also need to keep your wits about you.

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the King of Coinage ????

for 3 or more Players

PLEASE NOTE : Images displayed are not the finished product and only serve as a guide to the actual final product which will be completely professionally manufactured and packaged

Final product will comprise of -

1 x fold-able game board

1 x centre chalice

1 x official coinage coin

6 x drinking cups

Objective - 

To Stay Sober the Longest by Getting the coin in the cup and nominating others to drink .

Rules - 

There are only 2 starting rules to the game 

1- You must NEVER put an empty glass on the table - if you do , you must drink again - always try to remember to fill the glass to the 1 shot mark before you place it back on the table .

2- To exit the game you must drink 2 cans of beer in 2 minutes 

How To Play -

Each Player takes a turn to Flip the coin into the cup at the centre of the board .

If that player misses the cup then the coin is passed the the next player in a Clockwise Rotation.

If the player is Successful then He/She gets another turn to flip the coin and also nominates a player to drink the shot of beer .

If a player gets the coin in the cup 3 times in a row then that player can create a Rule.

Once you have made a Rule pass the coin to the next player. 

The rules created can be absolutely anything you can think of as long as it involves drinking a shot of beer .

If a Rule is broken then that person must drink a shot of beer before the next player takes their turn,

And remember to refill the glass to the shot level before placing it back down or you'll be drinking again.

Some Popular examples of rules are - 

No Swearing 

No Pointing 

No Names 

No acceptance ( you cannot take anything directly from another player , you must ask them to put it down before picking it up , if you take it from their hands you drink )

A certain player must not speak 

Ask permission to rule-maker before doing something i.e toilet break 

Every time you drink you must stand up and perform a speech

Etc Etc. - Anything at all you can think of as long as it does not hold the game up to long and requires the rule breaker to drink a shot of beer . Remember to make it Fun

Make sure you have plenty of beer , And trust me one shot at a time is enough.

Challenges -

If the coin enters the cup but bounces out or the coin hits the rim and goes out then another player may Challenge . He/She simply shouts CHALLENGE  .

The original player then takes another turn to bounce the coin into the cup.

If unsuccessful then He/She must drink a shot 

If successful then the challenger must drink a double shot   

And the game continues with the original player getting another turn.

Summary -

Every rule broken is one shot of beer , so if a player breaks 2 rules they must drink 2 shots before the next player takes their turn , 3 rules = 3 shots and so on. And always remember never place the glass back down empty . 

The game will continue until you "try" to get out or you run out of beer.


Have Fun and Please Drink responsibly .

Thank you for taking the time to view my project and i welcome any questions you may have 


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Risks and challenges

i am currently in the process of working with manufacturers of this game and do not see any problems regarding finishing on schedule

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