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Titanium Pen. Precision CNC-Machined From Solid Titanium. Coated With a Hard-Wearing Ceramic Coating For Durability. Built To Life!
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Here's where we're at...

Posted by Magnus Macdonald (Creator)

Since the last update...

We've be forced to do the Cerakote process in house.

If you recall... we decided to get another company to do the Cerakote process on the pens because we could not get rid of the rogue specks of dust that would land on the parts we were doing.

The company Cerakoted other products of ours very well ...but, unfortunately, they didn't manage to even get near the finish we were getting in house when it came to the pens!

Here what I've done:

I've gone absolutely all-out, balls-to-the-wall, no-expense-spare and totally-over-the-top in making a special series of clear acrylic boxes to ensure we are dust free for doing the Cerakote process in house.

We know we can get an excellent finish (if it wasn't for the "dust" issue we continually encountered).

I have a series of three boxes I designed. They have all been cut ...and I have built two so far. I am about to start assembling the third.

Here's a photo of where we're at:


On top of one of the boxes you can see the fan + filter to push the air into the first box (we will be installing two fans in total). The first box will feed into the second and then into the third.

This SHOULD create an (almost) perfectly dust-free environment for spraying. I will update you again soon.

To impossibly high standards,



P.S. Again, I am sorry for the lateness of the project... I truly am. I must get your pens done perfectly though. I'm not going to ship out anything that is not the best we can do!


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    1. Magnus Macdonald 17-time creator

      Hey Rudy, yes, the pens and tweezers and still on track for Christmas shipping.

      Also, no, these boxes are just to get the current Cerakote pens out the door and to Backers. We will see at the end of the project if we continue doing anything with Cerakote (unlikely).

    2. Missing avatar

      Rudy Richter on

      I guess you're planning on doing a lot more Cerakote titanium projects in the future?

      how are the direct purchase orders of pens and tweezers going still on track for x-mas delivery?