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Titanium Pen. Precision CNC-Machined From Solid Titanium. Coated With a Hard-Wearing Ceramic Coating For Durability. Built To Life!
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Further delays (I'm sorry)...

Posted by Magnus Macdonald (Creator)
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I'll get straight to the point here...

There is going to be a further delay on shipping Rewards. I am truly sorry.

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We received the pens back from the company that does the Cerakote process and almost all of them are not good enough for me to ship to you.

There are a range of problems with these particular pens. And it's strange because the finished on previous products we had the company do was absolutely flawless.

The problems on the pens are the same issues that we initially had - but managed to overcome (except for one last issue).

The final issue we had with the pens when we did the process in-house was that we would get a tiny (and I mean tiny) speck of dust or two somewhere on the barrel of the pen.

The problems we solved and were no longer an issue were:

-- Coating too thick (too many layers)

-- Rough-feeling on the end (not enough of a coating)

-- Some "lumps" on the surface (dust landing on part before spraying)

-- Mismatched color-tones between tip, cap and body

Here's the thing...

All there problems listed above are issues we've found with the pens we have just received back. Disappointing to say the least!

We are talking with the company just now ...but, truthfully, we're likely to take it back in house again ...because I felt we were very close to getting the process perfect.

Again, my sincere apologies that there is a further delay on your pen ...but I am not going to "compromise" and send out anything that is not flawless (even if it means potentially upsetting a bunch of people).

I'll send you another Update soon.

To (maintaining) impossibly high standards,


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    1. Steven pang on

      Thank you Magnus for not compromising on quality!