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Titanium Pen. Precision CNC-Machined From Solid Titanium. Coated With a Hard-Wearing Ceramic Coating For Durability. Built To Life!
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When you throw your hands up...

Posted by Magnus Macdonald (Creator)

Okay, made a decision today...

If you recall in the last Update - we custom-built a "positive pressure" spray booth for coating the pens.

The booth worked well - but just not quite good enough. We still got little specks of dust here and there on the pens.

After persevering for a while I finally said, "okay, we're throwing in the towel on this one".

The good news from this is:

We're getting a company (down in Wellington around 600 miles from us) to do the coating. They are the company we were going to use originally ...before deciding we would give it a go and take the coating in-house.

These guys are absolutely excellent and I am very confident they will get the remaining pens (around 65 or so) back to us this month ...whereupon we will ship to you right away.

My apologies for there being so many "highs" and "lows" with this project. It's not gone as smoothly as I had hoped - but we are getting there!

If you have any questions or such - then please let me know.

To impossibly high standards,



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    1. Magnus Macdonald 17-time creator

      You should find no difference at all.

      The only differences we've found when we were doing the coating is that, from batch to batch, the pens would have different levels of "Matte"-ness. We made sure, if someone pledged for two or more, that they received them from the same batch so there was no visible difference between pens.

    2. Fadhli

      So for those who already got their pens, any difference in terms of quality (esp. durability), from the ones made in-house and the other remaining pens?