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Titanium Pen. Precision CNC-Machined From Solid Titanium. Coated With a Hard-Wearing Ceramic Coating For Durability. Built To Life!
128 backers pledged NZ$ 34,700 to help bring this project to life.


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NZ$ 34,700


Dear Friend,

A few years ago I launched a titanium pen right here on Kickstarter… there were 1600+ Backers and we ended up shipping around 3000 individual pens!

Long story short:

We have tweaked and improved the original design and now we’re launching a NEW special “Black Edition” of The One™ pen here on Kickstarter.

IMPORTANT: This is a very short 96-hour Kickstarter project (because we’re making just 125 of these for this project)

Let’s first talk about the coating…

The pen is fully Grade 5 Titanium. However, we’re going to be giving the pen an extremely durable black coating.

The coating is ceramic-based and (from what I can tell) the hardest-wearing coating of this type available. It is made by Cerakote®. The Cerakote® is sprayed-on by hand on each pen and then oven-cured.

The result is a very (VERY!) hard-wearing surface. It will be very difficult for you to scratch or wear-away the coating on the pen with everyday use (however, if you were to scrape it hard against something like a brick wall, then it will be affected)

Made From Grade 5 Titanium

There are just three separate components to The One™ pen, and none of these components have been pressed, screwed or punched. None of this type of “hacking” of materials has been done.

Each of the three precision components of The One™ pen has been machined out of solid Grade 5 Titanium.

"Hidden" Cap Groove

Where the cap meets the pen body has been carefully designed to mimic the finger grooves.

The result? When the cap is in the pen, it blends in with the finger grooves so it’s not easy to tell where the pen ends and the cap begins.

"Hidden" Pen-Opening Groove

Just as I mentioned above about the seam where the cap meeting the body of the pen becomes “invisible”... I have done the same with the tip and main body of the pen.

When the tip is screwed onto the main body… it is virtually impossible to tell where this seam is.

Integrated Clip

One of the most unique features of The One™ pen is the precision machined integrated clip into the cap.

This pen needed to have a pocket-clip. I know it's a hell of a lot easier to produce a pen without a pocket-clip... but, again, this is not about making things easier. It's about producing the ultimate pen... at any cost.


Here's the crazy thing...

So much machining goes into The One™ pen that more than 84% of the titanium is machined away!

Although this pen starts as solid titanium round-bar weighing almost 100 grams (around 3.4oz)... so much material is removed that the result is an ultra light-weight pen unlike anything else available!

The One™ pen (without a Mont Blanc refill installed) weighs in at just 15.5 grams (around 0.55oz).


The diameter of this pen is 9.0mm (around 0.35").

Not 8mm or 8.5mm or 9.5mm or 10mm. After loads of testing of various thicknesses exactly 9mm was the "sweet spot" for this particular pen.

Now I understand if you prefer a “skinny” pen or a “chunky” pen. Everyone can have their preference.

But, for this one, there simply can only be one diameter. And after a lot of testing and tweaking… 9.0mm (0.35") is the diameter.

The length is a not-too-big-and-not-too-small size of 118mm (around 4.65").

Super-Smooth Refilling

To change the refill in The One™ pen it's simply a case of unscrewing the custom-made thread... inserting a new refill... and then screwing together again.

It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Important Refill Information: The One™ pen is designed to accept Mont Blanc "FineLiner" and "RollerBall" refills only.

NEW Features...

There are two changes to the original pen:

#1 - O-Ring On Pen Tip

We fitted an o-ring to the tip of the pen because we found the some caps could become loose over time (it was unpredictable and not something we could reliably predict during manufacturing).

Not only does the o-ring ensure the cap will always provide a good fit ...but it also produces a satisfyingly smooth click to the cap.

One more thing...

I think it’s important you know what it's like to support one of my Kickstarter campaigns. Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails and messages I receive all the time from Backers and Customers:

As with my previous Kickstarter campaigns – you’re going to be receiving my personal unconditional, lifetime guarantee.

If you find The One™ pen is just not for you, then let me know and I’ll give you back your pledge amount. No questions asked.

In fact, I can do even better for you...

Use this pen for as long as you like. Test it for a day, a week and month, or even a year. And, if your experience of using the pen doesn't have you screaming with delight... you can return it to me at any time. And I'll refund your entire pledge amount to you.

Let's talk Rewards:

I’ve put together some EXCLUSIVE Kickstarter Rewards at well below the expected retail price (you get a special price here on Kickstarter... while everyone else pays full price after the project ends!).

Here’s what to do…

Take a look at the Rewards below and decide which one is going to work best for you.

Once you’ve selected the Reward you want… simply scroll to the top of this page and click on the corresponding Reward to make your pledge and “lock in” yours RIGHT NOW...

One vitally important last point:

Backing this Kickstarter project is the ONLY way you can guarantee you get access to this "Black Edition" titanium pen.

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Finally, when you click the ‘Back This Project’ button you’re also going to be getting my 100% Risk-Free Unconditional LIFETIME Guarantee! If you’re not absolutely blown-away with your pen when you rip open the package just let me know ...and I’ll personally refund you every single penny you pledged. No questions asked.

P.P.S. One last thing ...I urge you not to MISS OUT on securing your "Black Edition" titanium pen. You’re unlikely to ever have the opportunity to get it at this ultra-low, never-to-be-repeated Kickstarter exclusive pledge price again. For this reason it is critical you click the ‘Back This Project’ button at the top of this page RIGHT NOW!

P.P.P.S. Yes, in case you're wondering... your pen WILL arrive with a refill installed. It will be ready to use right out of the box!



How Do I Order Multiple Rewards?

It's EASY…

If you want more than one of any Reward, then just add the additional funds to your pledge and I'll sort out the rest for you after the project ends.

(Note: You only need to pay for shipping once. If it's more then I pay the rest for you)


What Refill(s) Does This Pen Accept?

This particular titanium pen is designed to accept only Mont Blanc "FineLiner" and "RollerBall" refills only.

NOT the 'LeGrand' version of the refill (that refill is too large for this pen).


Can You Custom Engrave The Pen?

Unfortunately not. I like to keep Kickstarter projects really simple so I can deliver them quickly and easily to you. This is why I offer no customization.


Why Do You Offer An Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee?

Simple: I am very, VERY confident of the quality of what I make. I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t offer such a guarantee to you.

It’s difficult for you to see the quality of this pen BEFORE you physically receive it. So what I CAN do for you is to remove ALL “risk” in backing this project. Know that you can return your pen if you're not blown-away by the quality and functionality of it.


Why Don't You Have Any Stretch Goals?

I would like to get your pen produced and shipped to you as quick as I can. And, because of this, I like to keep the project as simple as possible. From experience... having no Stretch Goals helps me do this.


Risks and challenges

I've launched more than a dozen Kickstarter projects now and starting to get the hang of timeframes and such. I'm fairly confident of being able to fulfill on time as with my previous projects.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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  1. Reward no longer available

    Pledge NZ$ 229 or more About $154

    1 x Titanium Pen 'Black Edition'

    Get 1 x Titanium Pen 'Black Edition'

    NZD$229 (Equivalent to USD$159/€137)

    Shipping will be done using an Express Courier service (typically 4 to 5 days worldwide).

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Reward no longer available 110 backers
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    Pledge NZ$ 399 or more About $268

    2 x Titanium Pens 'Black Edition'

    Get 2 x Titanium Pens 'Black Edition'

    NZD$399 (Equivalent to USD$279/€239)

    Shipping will be done using an Express Courier service (typically 4 to 5 days worldwide).

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Reward no longer available 15 backers
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