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“Robert Galinsky’s “COFFEE” is brewing up to be Broadway’s next big musical success! Pledge now and support him, as I have!"
“Robert Galinsky’s “COFFEE” is brewing up to be Broadway’s next big musical success! Pledge now and support him, as I have!"
263 backers pledged $50,663 to help bring this project to life.

Coffee The Musical - Update July 5th


Happy long holiday weekend to all and we hope that it was a relaxing and fun weekend of Americana pleasures! Below are a few updates, videos and news pieces that we want you to be aware of. 

1. Play/Music Progress - 

We have been working on the script and music and are closing in on picking a date to do a reading, most likely in early August. We still need some time to get the script to where we believe it is ready to put up for your feedback and insight as audience. There are a few new songs that are being completed and each one is more exciting then the next. The characters are dying to talk publicly and are very excited for you to hear what they have to say!

2. Video -

This is the latest video of a trip "Coffee" took to Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Lee Massachusetts. It's a clip we would love for you to share and also to, again, send any feedback you have. WE LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK AND YOUR THINK TANKING AND BRAINSTORMING! FYI Barrington Coffee has been a strong supporter of the show and you'll be receiving some excellent beans from them soon! Check them out at and you can order direct from their site if you like what you see. Also there are two videos on the main site from past appearances too

3. Actors/Singers -

If you are interested in being a part of the reading as a performer, please email Robert asap at and include a little note about your interest in participating in the reading. If you know of a singer/actor who might be interested, please forward that email along. Also anyone interested in being crew for the reading or helping in any way, please email us.

4. The Coffee and Tea Festival -

is launching it's first ever in Philadelphia in November and we will be featured at the Festival! Last time we sang songs, this time we're going to read the play with songs and hope to dazzle coffee lovers as well as impress the industry to further get involved. 

5. Your Incentive Gifts -

You'll be receiving any incentives that you earned by pledging, very shortly. So be on the look out for a package from us with some goodies in it!


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