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Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
13,398 backers pledged $604,815 to help bring this project to life.

Final Day - Big Finish!

Posted by Gamelyn Games (Creator)

Hey everyone!

We're having a HUGE final day!!

Welcome and thank you to all the new backers that have joined us.

With how awesome our last couple days have been there's a real chance the funding for Tiny Epic Tactics may exceed that of Tiny Epic Quest to become our second highest funded Tiny Epic game!

As the project is wrapping up I wanted to remind everyone that we will be using PledgeManager to collect your shipping data after the project ends.

Your PledgeManager invite will be coming to you via email. So please make sure that the email you have attached to your Kickstarter profile is up to date and one that you check.

Playmat for Tiny Epic Tactics!?

In short, yes, we will be offering a neoprene playmat add-on in the PledgeManager! We are currently working finalizing the concept of this mat and will be showing it off in an update prior to the PledgeManager opening.

Maps Expansion Print and Play

I've seen people asking in the comments if we will be offering the Maps Expansion in the Premium Print and Play. While we are not including it in the Premium Print and Play, we have decided to include it for backers of the "ALL-IN DELUXE - TINY EPIC TACTICS" reward tier and for backers who add on the Maps Expansion to their pledge. 

Post Project Updates

After the project is over, I will post another update that goes over a few more details about PledgeManager and I'll outline what the delivery timeline for the project should look like.

I will also make sure to post regular updates, about once a month, to keep you all involved in the process.

Thank you all again for your tremendous support!

Best regards,



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    1. Jonathon Mark Johnson on

      Almost forgot about this one.

      15 minutes left. Whew!!!

      Backer 13,372 here ready for the tactics.


    2. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Joseph - you will be able to add them to your pledge in PledgeManager. Thank you.

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Chan on

      Hello Michael,

      Thanks for your update, just confirm that I added the total amount for several copies of expansion map on the 10 copies of Tiny Epic Tactics Deluxe with shipping fee then Ok? Should i need to make any comments this on where?

    4. R. Greg Szrama on

      Fine, here, just take my money... in my head, all I can hear is Benny (aka, 1980-Something Space Guy from Lego Movie), yelling, "PLAYMAT!"

    5. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Wow !! Thx a lot for this Gift !

    6. Felizwerg on

      @Kyle I'm just really curious how the coop mode will work ;)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jacob on

      Thank you very much for clearing up whether we will be getting the "Print & Play" mats with the deluxe pledge!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      @felizwerg, let's not play lawyer here and catch them in their words. I believe the commitment was to share a video before pledge manager closed.

    9. Felizwerg on

      Great news with the neoprene mat and the P&P files fo the map expansion, thanks! :)
      What happened to tha promised coop mode video, though? ;)