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Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
13,398 backers pledged $604,815 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      John Romanchuk on

      Wow. After reading more than a few whiny backers complaining and withdrawing their $12 over the terrain expansion sleeves, I am so like ....what do want for 12 bucks anymore? At least trying 2 entirely new game terrains (sleeves) isn't worth the cost of a lunch at Whole Foods? Really....whaaaaat?

    2. Eric R. Liscinsky on

      I agree w/ @Brent Rose & @Paul Cartwright; So to "add-on" (lol), all the extras talked about will most likely so up at some point as items to purchase during future KS' (as past items do now).

      As for the slip covers, I have the same concerns. Don't know the dimensions, but if they added 0.5mm to each side (1mm length, 1mm width) that would retain the "snug fit" while allowing air to get in during the uncovering, and not impact the map placement (scaling).

      Lastly, GREAT KS Gamelyn Games!

    3. David Spangler on

      I enjoyed this video. However, what I would really like to see or learn about is the create your own map process of the last stretch goal. Any chances for more information, pictures,video about that?

    4. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Prince on

      I added $12.00 to my total pledge. I am excited about this game/project and look forward to receiving it and the map expansion. :)

    5. Michael B on

      Having the corners fixed means they hold the shape so the surrounding squares aren't hindered.. you would end up using an elastic band to hold the sides down if they were cut.
      The largest cover is also bigger than the base of the box, so you can fold yours if you want, but I'll file it under Nonsense with comments saying the neoprene mats should fit in the box (they exist!)

    6. Luke Shiras on

      I was wondering how the expansion was going to be handled and now we know. While many people are concerned about the sleeve quality, I'm mostly disappointed that it doesn't appear to fit in the base game box for storage. I think I'm likely to slit the corners and let it drap over the thicker boxes which is how I assumed it would work. You could even make the sleeves heavier material if you did that.

    7. Missing avatar

      Randall Jung on

      I enjoyed the video and pledged in at the $25 level. I'd like to agree with the comment below that the covers could be made of tyvek. Tyvek sheets could roll up in the main box, and small clips could secure them in place when being used. I'd prefer a visible edge when inside the dungeon knowing it was durable.

      Also, that it would be amazing to be able to use all three packs in a giant epic map. If that was a stretch goal, i would up my pledge for sure, and additional rules wouldn't necessarily increase cost!

    8. Matthew Hall on

      I think the maps expansions are looking pretty good. They appear to be easy to add onto the regular pieces and should fold away nicely for easy storage after playing with them. Looking forward to the finished product.

    9. Adrian Slade on

      Are these expansion maps going to be double sided with an alternate layout? I think it could also be interesting to have scenarios that join the maps to make a large one. That could be an online download & would add very little to production costs.

    10. CaptainCrumpet

      Can you offer the scroll images as a download so backers that want to can have them printed?

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      what about language ? 😇😇😇😇

    12. Ryan L. Cross on

      I'm curious to know how possible, or desirable, it would be to print these map covers on something a bit more durable, like tyvek. Instead of the current "thick premium cardstock".

    13. Missing avatar

      Rob Canciello on

      All these people removing their added pledge, smh. It's $12 for a significant amount of new scenario content. >_>

      Sure, neoprene mats *would* be nice, but neoprene is also significantly heavier than this fabric, and when multiplied by the thousands of boxes being shipped, this would add significant cost to everyone - including us.

      Of course it would be great to have it as an add-on, but jeesh, I'm not going to just blatantly DROP a signifiant content expansion that's only $12.

      I'm sure you'll deliver good quality material in the final versions Gamelyn.

    14. Stefan Schuster on

      I think I would be inclined to make a permanent set of boxes for the alternate world sleeves. Looses some of it's portability, but then you would be less likely to tear the maps. I would be on board for either an add on set of blank boxes to put the maps on or one that just has the maps printed on additional boxes.

    15. Matthew "Mad Jester" Jones

      Definitely not sold on the fabric scroll playing mats. Would definitely like to see a neoprene mat add-on or I'll be making my own print-n-play boards once they release pnp.

    16. Brent Rose

      @Paul Cartwright - I agree on the neoprene bit. Past TE games have not included neoprene mats by default, however, they usually put in an add-on for them (I think I have them all :) ). So, here again, I think Gamelyn has the opportunity to make more add-ons.

      Heck, they could do three :
      Neoprene versions of the maps
      Box versions of the expansions
      Combo that includes 3 neoprenes and the box version of the expansions. (Another I'd go for).

      If it puts a kink in the current production timeline, perhaps these add-ons could be offered with later "due date" attached.

    17. Paul Cartwright

      I agree the expansions as boxes rather then sleeves would be better. But they have already explained that it would cost a lot more. I think for 12 dollars the price is fair for all those sleeves and 2 maps. They have never once let us down on quality so I have no reason to doubt them now. I added the extra maps right from the start and I will keep that add on as it seems good value for a lot more replayability and as I said they always give us top quality. Thick card stock could easily last a long time of folding and unfolding with careful use. However I too would like to see them removed, I find it odd that they didn't include this is the video as it would be an obvious concern for people. As for neoprene it would be more expensive, heavy and won't fit in the tiny box, same with any more stretch goals, we've had enough, this box will now be packed with a huge amount of variety and gameplay so I am very happy with the final game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Evan Chauvette

      Everything about this project looks great and definitely carries the Tiny Epic level of quality....except the cardstock slip-on map expansions. It's an inelegant solution that doesn't resonate with me at all. I already lowered my pledge.

      A second expansion (a la kingdoms, defenders, and galaxy) with the sturdy boxes would be a much better candidate for extra maps.

    19. Frank Bromley on

      Came here for the same question @Brian Baker asked

    20. Brent Rose

      Yeah - I went ahead and removed the extra $24 from my pledge. The expansions may be Tiny, but card stock for them isn't Epic. They set the bar for the play field with the main box so I really can't support the expansions as is.

      As a suggestion :
      I'm sure some folks will be/are fine with the 'cover' version of the expansion playing fields. Perhaps there should be an add-on to upgrade the expansion (to include a bit more price/shipping) to the same materials as the main box. I'd go for that.

    21. Joe LaFerlita on

      I realize it's just a prototype in the video, but these look flimsy and kinda lazy. I'm surprised these cost $12.

    22. Francois Therrien on

      Oh man.. will it be an error to remove this expansion? Don't know what to do, help me guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Kevin Parish on

      Is that the artwork for the envelope? Hope so, was fearing it would be plain.

    24. Francois Therrien on

      Removed expansion maps too.. :(

    25. Brent Rose

      Yeah - I too thought the expansions were just like the main box and map. Card stock is not going to cut it for repeated plays. Unless they change over to main box materials, I'll be removing the expansions from mine too.

    26. Missing avatar

      PCS_Design on

      Well this is disappointing. It was mostly my own fault and not fully reading the descriptions of the expansions. I just saw them a stupidly assumed they were the same as the main box and matt. I adjusted my pledge to cancel the expansions.

    27. Alvaro Quiroga on

      So, essentially, the dungeons inside will be the same in the 3 maps

    28. Missing avatar

      David Elmore on

      Thank you Gamelyn for your honesty in this Update and for your wisdom to not allow yourself to be brow-beaten into adding more stretch rewards than feasible. How many KS campaigns have been ruined by companies who listened to the whiny faceless backers and had their successful campaign fall into an unmanageable mess?

      Thank you for this campaign, I look forward to receiving and playing your new game. And many well wishes to your future products.


    29. C3

      Also, if you actually make real boxes you could change the inside/dungeon for each as well.

    30. Missing avatar


      It looks like a pretty simple conversion but I agree with others, maybe making them less snug would increase the length of time before the "covers" begin to see serious wear and tear.

    31. C3

      I could make a better quality map cover then this if the expansion was in the PnP.

      Ya'all screwed the pooch on this one.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      hi, just backed this project few minutes ago at the end...
      maybe this question was already asked before : does this game hv multi-language traduction ? or is it the plan to add french (and maybe other language as well) ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Rayment on

      I am adding to plethora of individuals who are questioning the longevity of the quality of the map expansion pieces. I think I'll remove that option until we see some more info on how it comes off.

    34. Russonc

      Great to see this fully stretched! Seems like the expansion peices fit well. I don't really think they'd wear out unless someone isn't careful with them. Time will tell.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ali Derweesh on

      There's no need for any more stretch goals; I think it's very wise to limit feature creep and maintain an achievable goal rather than getting too carried away and biting off more than you can chew.

    36. Sean Moser on

      I'll add to the chorus of wanting to see how easily the map covers come off such a snug fit. Don't get me wrong, snug is good, but it still seems iffy how long those will hold up to repeated application and removal.

    37. Raphael

      Thanks for showing us how the maps expansion works. I can see how that process would work a few dozen of times. The creases _will_ fail at some point, but I expect some tape to extend the lifespan to more iterations than I'm likely to ever play it. Upping now. :)

    38. Missing avatar


      Congratulations on achieving all of the stretch goals. Thanks for giving us the rationale behind not adding any more stretch goals; it makes perfect sense. Looking forward to playing the game later in the year, thanks!

    39. Ian Van-Doom

      Neoprene is expensive and heavy you'd not get it rolled up small enough to fit in the box and be under weight.

    40. Nekkral

      I plan on using the expansions a lot and switching between them a lot. Are they going to hold up to repeat use? Will swapping them be easy?

      Sad that the stretch goals are done, had really hoped for more cards for solo and co-op play. Especially monster encounter cards to help with replay-ability. Well, will just have to use the expansions even more now, to keep things fresh and interesting.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ng

      The fit looks really tight, so I'm even more concerned the flimsy cardstock will not hold up to repeated use. The material should be sturdy like the base game boxes.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ng

      I'm paying $12 extra for flimsy cardstock. Why aren't they just as sturdy (and made of the same thick material) as the base game boxes?

    43. Jason on

      I agree with the neoprene mats, the scrolls look very wavy and bubbly which isn’t great for play

    44. Missing avatar

      GamerF on

      You don’t show in the video how they get off. They fit tight. Getting them off might damage the envelope.
      Neoprene would have been better. Maybe another SG for this?

    45. Adam on

      I think the covers look great and better than what I expected. But I also do share the concern of how hard they may be to get off.

    46. Christopher Walker on

      I really wish the map scrolls were going to be Neoprene, but oh well...

    47. Hugh Manatee on

      So maybe we can do more add ons?

    48. Dave Bouvier

      I share Brian's concern about removing the covers. They appear to have a tight fit.

    49. Brian Baker

      Looks like the covers fit nice and snug, which is good. How easily do they come off? I would be concerned about possible damage if it is too tricky to get them apart.