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Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
13,398 backers pledged $604,815 to help bring this project to life.

State of the Stretch Goals

Posted by Gamelyn Games (Creator)

Hello again awesome backers!

This has been an incredible day!!

We just passed a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS in funding!!!

I wanted to take a moment to go over the current State of the Stretch Goals.

So far we have unlocked 10 stretch goals!

Here's what we have coming up next:

For the BGG Stretch Goal, you can become of FAN of Tiny Epic Tactics by visiting the BGG page HERE and clicking the little HEART icon. Once we reach 2,500 fans on BGG, the etched swirled dice will be unlocked for all copies of Tiny Epic Tactics!

For the Social Media Stretch Goal, we have 3 goals we'd like to hit to unlock the Box Sleeve.

You can help by visiting each of the 3 links below and either liking or following based on the platform.

While the BGG and Social Media Stretch Goals are not direct funding, they are effective in driving the funding of the project over time. They also help us get the word out about Tiny Epic Tactics and our other games. So we are more than happy to improve the game with these non-monetary stretch goals. 

Other Things

  • We've had a lot of questions about seeing more information on the solo and cooperative play. We plan to release a playthrough video of both solo play and cooperative play in the coming days. So stay tuned. 
  • We missed putting in the tier description of the All-In Deluxe pledge that it includes the Premium PnP. It does. We just cannot edit the tier at this point.
  • We will not be adding a reward tier for x2 All-In Deluxe. If you'd like that arrangement, please select the 2x Deluxe tier and manually adjust your pledge total for the Map Expansions. $12 for one or $24 for two.

See you in the comments and thank you again for the tremendous support!

Best regards,



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    1. Jonathan Barreaux on

      Concerned because of slowly coming stretch goals? They are a non-mandatory bonus that creators can choose to add to their campaign to create more appeal, if they have budgeted beyond their initial target (and really only should be done when properly budgeted).

      If you are concerned because stretch goals are coming slowly, then you're spoiled and you're doing it wrong. When you support a project on Kickstarter, you do it for the initial idea, even more so when - like Gamelyn's projects - they are already so well developed. Anything beyond that is a bonus that we shouldn't take for granted.

      Supporters are really spoiled nowadays...
      *venting off*

    2. Charlie Clements

      Why are the stretch goals coming out so slow? Nothing to look forward to as they come out one at a time and now so so slowly.

      Not comfortable with the thought process that is happening.

      Concerned pledger.

    3. Mortaneous on

      I suppose it comes to the quality of screen printing. The only other game that I have that used screen-printed dice is TooManyBones and they don't look like they're coming off any time soon.

      Let's push for the etched dice then! :)

    4. Nekkral

      Old heroscape dice were screen printed and the symbols came off rather fast.

    5. Mortaneous on

      Correction: a social media goal not a stretch goal

    6. Mortaneous on

      @Jonathan Barreaux: you may have nailed it. I thought it was just a cosmetic thing. Sad thing is, if what you say is true, it should be included right from the start and not used as a stretch goal.

    7. Mortaneous on

      @Nekkral, the dice are screen printed, not stickered. The upgrade is purely cosmetic. Don't get me wrong, I want the dice upgrade too but it does not make it any more robust than the current design.

    8. Nekkral

      I really hope the better dice happen. The current in game dice will only last so long. The corners of the dice will wear away at the stickers of the dice they hit, unless you want to roll each one in a separate area so that they don't risk collision... one at a time... or make a chart and use standard d6 after the stickers have become useless. The better quality dice would cure this for sure. It certainly looks like that goal will get hit and soon.

      I hope you make a bunch of extra monsters for the solo & co-op mode, like fill the box with cards for monsters, tactics, characters, maybe some items for solo & co-op mode. Would make great new stretch goals. Stuff to increase the solo & co-op play fun/replay-ability, and it would easily fit into the box.

    9. Lukasz G

      +1 to a social goal where we help share

    10. Kisa A

      So just an odd thought on the community stretch goals. I know my self personally and probably many other have liked/ followed etc your FB page, Instagram, and Twitter in the past so we can't really contribute to them. Is there anyway to adjust it so we can help drive those goals forward? Like several kickstarters that I have been with when the user base becomes the same people over and over again have go different route of post tweets/post to share/like and or things of that nature so those of us who did our duty in the past can help with the new current stuff. It also makes the game more visible because we would be sharing the game info among our own social media threads.

    11. Jonathan Barreaux on

      @Gianluca: Actually protecting the printed map at the bottom of the box is also another reason I could think of for getting the box sleeve. :)

    12. Jonathan Barreaux on

      @Gianluca: I'm not sure if it's that obvious. When I saw the box sleeves SG, I thought of it simply as a compensation for the absence of game info printing on the bottom of the box, since the map will be printed there instead.

    13. Gianluca Casu on

      The box sleeve is for the final SG clearly, it means that if everything goes as planned there will be an addon level to have the two alternative maps as boxes.

      Calling it now :D

    14. Mortaneous on

      A further upgrade of the map material would be nice. The cloth upgrade is good but is too light and will not stay flat (as can be seen in JonGetsGames gameplay video) which could cause the very light character meeples to unintentionally shift positions or topple as you move one of them around.
      A neoprene upgrade would solve all this! Or include a neoprene add-on at the very least :)

    15. Ber5erK82 on

      270.000$ and se can see only Upgrade and nothing good.
      this means that until the end of the campaign we will see very few things added since most of the stretch goals are unlocked on the first day, too bad they are just "upgrade"
      NO GOOD.

    16. Trent

      Not sure about the BGG SOCIAL goal, seems like a stretch 🤣🤣🤣

    17. Christian Villarreal

      @BJ - for something like this I could take it or leave it, but when GG does expansions, they have included a sleeve to wrap around both the base and expansion boxes for easy carry. Those have been super useful on Kingdoms, Defenders, and Galaxies.

    18. BJ Tomiko

      Why are box sleeves a thing? Why do people like them? I've always found them annoying. Just curious.

    19. Russonc

      @maurice, board game geek website (great place for board gamers)

    20. Missing avatar

      maurice on

      The question maybe from newbies is: what the hell is BGG? :)

    21. Paul Cartwright

      I love the character designs in this game, and so far every stretch goal has been fantastic.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      The upgrade from tear-resistant paper to stitch edged cloth is worth the $43 alone!

    23. Jason Youngdale

      OMG You guys are rocking this! 260K!

    24. Alan

      "We will not be adding a reward tier for x2 All-In Deluxe."

      Any particular reason why not? Wouldn't it be easier to have a tier for this specifically rather than varying pledge amounts?

    25. John C

      done done done and done!

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Cameron on

      So really we need less than half the current backers to become fans on BGG and we have the fancy dice :D