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Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
Tactical combat in a 3D environment featuring solo play, cooperative play, competitive play and team play.
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HUGE FIRST DAY!!! Thank you all!!

Posted by Gamelyn Games (Creator)

Welcome Day One Backers!

Welcome and thank you all for showing up on day one. It really makes a difference to the success of a project to have strong early support. 

As someone who grew up playing Tactic RPG video games, Tiny Epic Tactics is a very dear to my heart. I know I speak for our whole team, and the game's designer Scott Almes, when I say that we are elated to see such a positive response to a game that is so special to us.

It goes without say that we've obliterated our funding goal and are now smashing through stretch goals! 

While this may be obvious for some, the Tiny Epic series is very important to us at Gamelyn Games and we take what we do very seriously. We are dedicated to producing excellent content with premium components at an unbeatable price. 

Going through the backer list I recognize a lot of return backers. Welcome back! A lot of this post will be familiar to you. For some of you though, this may be your first Gamelyn Games/Tiny Epic project or it may even be your very first Kickstarter. How exciting!? I'm committed to doing everything I can to make your experience enjoyable and worth your time and hard earned money. 

Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts on the game, the campaign and anything Tiny Epic related. If you have questions, please ask. l will also keep the FAQ updated, so you can check there to.

My promise to you as a faithful project creator is to read all comments and emails, consider all points of view and answer a ridiculously high amount of the questions! 

I will be present and involved daily during the project and I will be diligent about delivering the final product as close to the estimated date, and as glorious in form, as possible!

So welcome again to all our backers. We truly hope that our Tiny Epic games will change your gaming life as you know it!

Lastly, lets all remember to keep our community friendly, considerate and accepting of others' opinions!

From here on out I will be posting regular updates to share more about the game and to keep everyone informed on how things are progressing.

Talk to you all again very soon.

Enjoy this fancy Day One avatar for your profile!

Sincerely and greatly appreciative,

Michael Coe

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    1. Nekkral

      I almost bought a copy of tiny epic quest until i saw you play an elf with no dwarf option. so i decided against it. then this awesome kickstarter happens which make me glad i saved the money cause this looks way better.

      I hope you make a bunch of extra monsters for the solo mode, like fill the box with cards for monsters, tactics, characters, maybe some items for solo mode. Would make great new stretch goals. Stuff to increase the solo and co op play, and it would easily fit into the box.

    2. Missing avatar

      Glenn Wiorek on

      Glad to be backing another great Tiny Epic game!

    3. Michael Kidd on

      Glad to be back, this looks amazing!

    4. John C

      This looks as though it will be my favorite yet; in fact, I got TWO!

    5. Glenn on

      I have backed every Tiny Epic, and have yet to be disappointed.

    6. Missing avatar

      Phillip David on

      I'll back ANY Tiny Epic game. I LOVE Quest, Galaxy, and Zombies and can't wait for Mechs and Tactics!!

    7. Paul Cartwright

      Yep super excited for this one looks awesome!

    8. Trevor S on

      My first Tiny Epic, but its heritage connects with me. Looking forward to seeing a successful KS and product!

    9. Jerason Banes

      "Funding goals?"

      (Flips shades down)

      "Where we're going, we don't *need* funding goals!"

      *cue sweeping music*

    10. Manuel Carvalho

      Happy to be in 😁

    11. Matt Gordon on

      Been here since the very beginning. Managed to be backer number 10 on one of the projects. Gonna keep shooting for number 1. Really excited about this!

    12. edriddle

      Happy to be along for the ride!