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A 1-4 player fast-paced action-programming game of arena combat featuring a Mech and Power Armors to put your ITEMeeples directly into!
A 1-4 player fast-paced action-programming game of arena combat featuring a Mech and Power Armors to put your ITEMeeples directly into!
14,904 backers pledged $545,531 to help bring this project to life.

EPIC finish for such a TINY game!!

Posted by Gamelyn Games (Creator)

Hello awesome backers!!

What an epic last day we're having!

Welcome and thank you to all the new backers that have joined us.

I just wanted to pop in as the project was wrapping up and remind everyone that we will be using PledgeManager to collect your shipping data after the project ends.

Your PledgeManager invite will be coming to you via email. So please make sure that the email you have attached to your Kickstarter profile is up to date and one that you check.

Post Project Updates

After the project is over, I will post another update that goes over a few more details about PledgeManager and I'll outline what the delivery timeline for the project should look like.

I will also make sure to post regular updates, about once a month, to keep you all involved in the process. 

Tiny Epic Mechs Playmat

Many of you have asked about whether Tiny Epic Mechs will have a playmat, like our other Tiny Epic games have had, and yes, it will. 

Here's a sneak peek:


This will be available to add onto your order within PledgeManager. We will also have our other Tiny Epic games available in their deluxe versions in PledgeManager.

Thanks again for such an awesome campaign!!

We're incredibly excited to get to work on another Tiny Epic game!


Michael, Scott and the whole team.

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    1. Strogar on

      the larger playmats are 26in by 26in and usually cost $30 plus shipping

    2. Matthew Horwell on

      Fantastic news! The play mat looks great! Think I'll have to have one of those ;-)

    3. Charlie Clements

      So can’t wait for this....

      What constitutes “Deluxe” for the add on Tiny Epic games?

    4. Blaise Grimes-Viort

      Will there be a group purchase option for the playmates? The shipping is always a killer overseas!

    5. Missing avatar

      Brandon Love on

      If I get the other Tiny Epic games in this pledge manager will you have the mats for all the games in this pledge manager also?

    6. Trueflight Silverwing on

      The play may looks really nice. What do those usually run for? I haven't actually backed a Tiny Epic game before, so I have no point of reference.

      Would have been nice to have that price announced before the campaign was over. Could have made a nice surge in extra pledge amounts to get some higher numbers sporting for the campaign as a whole.

    7. Steven Lamoreaux on

      I meant that as it is now, the board looks like a four player game. The setups for the 2 and 3 player games are kind of odd and having a quick reference would be nice to show where to put the zone cards. Like having it be “blank” when it’s for four, three meeple icons in one corner on the spaces that need it, and two icons in another corner for the two player. It would make it more convenient that having to reference the rule book for setup.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gavin Lee Saylor on

      Okay, thankyou for the info. I'm reqdy to complete the collection!

    9. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Gavin Lee Saylor - other games will ship when ready, not with Tiny Epic Mechs and we don't have the option to hold them for one large shipment.

    10. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @WarriorPriest - Yes

    11. Olaskos on

      @WarriorPriest there is no KS exclusives with Tiny Epic games. So yes the deluxe games will contain all the same content as if they were the live KS

    12. Missing avatar

      Gavin Lee Saylor on

      Thanks for explaining, but one last thing. Would you ship all add-on games with tiny epic mechs, or would you ship them right away and then tiny epic mechs? I'm wondering shove the other games are out, and I'm excited to continue having the entire serieson my shelf.

    13. WarriorPriest on

      This is my first Tiny Epic game so please forgive the noob question. Is the deluxe editions of other games, that will be available in pledge manager, the KS versions?

    14. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Steven - The build out it has now will support all player counts.

    15. Steven Lamoreaux on

      Will the mat be edited for an easy setup for 2 or 3 players?

    16. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Chris - we will be taking pre-orders for the Tiny Epic Quest mat with a corrected score chart.

    17. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Gavin Lee Saylor - and Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd and The Dark War.

    18. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Gavin Lee Saylor - We will have Tiny Epic Zombies available in the PledgeManager, yes.

    19. Lukasz G

      Hell yeah. Definitely grabbing that mat!!

    20. Michael Brooke on

      Oo.. a combined mat for TEG and BTB (not two mats, but one)

    21. Missing avatar

      Darek Burdziuk

      The mat looks AWESOME! But really, that could just be my perfectionist, mild OCD character coming through. LOL... either way, I'm getting it!

    22. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Oooh, damn! That mat looks slick! I will def be grabbing one of course! ❤

    23. Missing avatar

      Francesco on

      So in the pledge manager can I get more tiny epic games? Did I read right? That’s cool

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Will the tiny epic quest mat be with the correct scoring?

    25. Missing avatar

      Gavin Lee Saylor on

      Wait, so when you say you can purchase additional tiny epic games for add-ons, does that include tiny epic zombies? I think your Tiny Epic Defends 2nd Edition is this in the works. Thanks in advance.

    26. Michael Brooke on

      Defo grabbing one of these..
      ..Some square Exploration for TEG-BTB would be good too, can't have everything...