Tiny Epic Mechs - Mechanized Entertainment Combat Heroes

by Gamelyn Games

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    1. Adam Butler on

      The Sniper Rifle is the last stretch goal I was able to find out about early due to the previews- I wonder if this means it's the last one, or if there's still more after it? Either way, it's going to be a long wait until August...

    2. Heath

      The sniper rifle 3D render looks a bit odd. The art on the card looks good though. The muzzle break looks like it could use a lot of work and the barrel would be cooler if it had a guard with holes (something like the sides of the picture).

    3. David Molina

      You guys should find someone in AZ to work the camera for you. 8)

    4. 1x5 Games on

      Right in our backyard! We're up in the Prescott area. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

    5. Mortaneous on

      Since the sniper rifle is shoulder mounted wouldn't it make much more sense if the scope is on its side?

    6. Mortaneous on

      Also, if the Mace emits an EMP why is it classified as a melee weapon?

    7. Olaskos on

      It probably emits an EMP pulse on contact with an object

    8. Mortaneous on

      Yeah that's what I figured as well. It's kinda awkward swinging a mace from your shoulder though. Should have been a basic weapon IMO