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30min MICROGAME of Intergalactic Conquest for 1-5 Players! Develop your empire and colonize planets to create the most powerful galaxy!
30min MICROGAME of Intergalactic Conquest for 1-5 Players! Develop your empire and colonize planets to create the most powerful galaxy!
30min MICROGAME of Intergalactic Conquest for 1-5 Players! Develop your empire and colonize planets to create the most powerful galaxy!
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    1. Missing avatar

      David Holt on

      Got my copy today, thx guys!

    2. Tim Burnett

      Were the files removed? I went to access them just now, and find I cannot. (I hadn't tried before and am on iPad so maybe that's why although I doubt it.)

    3. Michael Langford on

      I object to this added "at home" further restriction on the "Print and Play" you all just sent out today. Not everyone even *owns* printers at home these days that could handle this, and when we pledged our inability to make a our own printing of a single copy for our own personal use at the local printers/kinko was not disclosed. "Premium Print n Play" is a misnomer if this is your intent.

      It's one thing to say "Don't share these files, that's copyright infringement. Don't give away or sell a printed copy of the game". It's quite another to narrowly redefine what you sold after the sale to make it so we can't even use them.

      Personal use is very possible with commercial production of the personal use item.

      Gamelyn email pasted here without link to files for reader context:

      Tiny Epic Galaxies Premium PNP has been updated!
      Below is the link to access the Premium PnP of Tiny Epic Galaxies (updated).
      Please DO NOT share these links publicly.
      These are for backers who pledged for deluxe copies OR the PnP Tier only. If you pledged for multiple deluxe copies, than you may share this link privately with the recipients of the extra copies you pledged for.
      Please understand that the PnP is under copyright by Gamelyn Games. Permission has been granted for personal use only. Meaning you can print off the game to play using your OWN home printer.
      What is not allowed is sharing/posting the PDF file on the internet, using the images in your own game prototypes, or selling any part or any creation of it. Professional reproduction of the files, or mass reproduction of the files is strictly prohibited.
      If the files are misused, they will be removed from online and will no longer be available. I ask that you please be respectful and mindful of the hard work that went into the game and images by the designer, artist and publisher.
      Thank you.

    4. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      If you are missing your game, please refer to this update for information on how to redeem missing rewards.

    5. Rick Beetham

      IN Canada still waiting for the game - not happy

    6. Hung Nguyen on

      I live in america and still haven't gotten my copy... I went ahead and bought it on steam so I could atleast play what I paid for albeit now deeper in the hole

    7. Don Jotacé on

      i need to know if my copy was sent....

    8. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      Golden Geek nominations have begun! Please consider "Tiny Epic Galaxies (2015)" for Best Solo Game, Strategy Game, Artwork & Presentation and for Game of the Year for 2015!

      To nominate it click the link below, search for item "Tiny Epic Galaxies (2015)", and select the categories you wish to nominate it for.

      BGG users go here:

      Non-BGG people can learn more about the Golden Geek Award and how to participate here:

    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Soekamto

      I am in Indonesia and have not received my copy.

    10. The Knightess on

      I am really really enjoying this game. (perhaps that is I can actually beat my son at it.) but seriously, it is one that I love to keep pulling out especially when it is just the two of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    11. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @David E. - Hi David, please check out this update for assistance.

    12. David E. on

      Still waiting for delivery. Any update?

    13. Missing avatar

      Guitarplayerbp on

      Received my pledge and opened to play with the family's during Christmas. Great game, Very Fun. Thanks all, great job!

      Was missing one die, requested one to be sent and it came in just a couple of weeks.

    14. Alvaro Ortiz on

      Just contacted Ship naked as well. I really hope I get my copy soon.

    15. Kenny on

      I just saw the linked update below and contacted Ship Naked. Thank you.

    16. Kenny on

      I also never received my copy of Galaxies.

    17. Missing avatar

      Fredric Åkerman on

      What going on? I still haven't recieved my copy.
      Backed Tiny epic western today. I hopy you handle shipping better

    18. Sci Fi on

      @Scott; Love the site link. So the smaller bit pieces don't get shuffled out of their spots? Seems like the dice holder could be longer? I think I'd make the dice and cardholder black. Everything else I love. A clear box to put the epic box inwould be a thought. What does it run to get something like what you've made?

    19. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @David - Hi David, please check out this update for assistance.

    20. David Ward on

      Hi there - I've not yet received my copy of this game; I couldn't access the PledgeManager for a large amount of time since pledging which I believe to be the problem.

      How do I go about correcting this?
      Thanks so much

    21. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      Well if you want to keep using the box and you own or know somebody that owns a 3D printer then this is always an option.

    22. Sci Fi on

      Love the new box idea from Go 7 Gaming..... almost.... Die tray is gone and so are all the beautiful graphics. I'm not sure I want to surrender the cool box for a plain wooden one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Batzakis on

      Pledged on January 10th 2015
      Today is January 6th 2016
      It's been a year since I backed up this project. Yet no package, no postage note, no tracking number.
      Country: Greece
      A very unpleasant first-time experience of the KS. Should have placed the cash elsewhere.

    24. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      At last received my copy today in Rio de Janeiro.

    25. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      For everyone still waiting on there games/rewards, please check out update 36 here:

      To get your games/rewards on time it is important to keep up on the updates and to make sure your address is kept up to date.

      Thank you for your patience, we look forward to getting you your rewards.

    26. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @Henrik Linde - No we have not made that rule book public.

    27. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      Have not received yet in Rio de Janeiro.

    28. Missing avatar

      puntocom on

      Hello. I just remember about this game. I never received anything :/ (I'm in Spain). Is this normal?

    29. Missing avatar

      Greg Fleischman

      I'm still waiting for my game, in the U.S.

    30. Alvaro Ortiz on

      still waiting for the game in Uruguay.

    31. Bob Bedore and QW Games

      Still waiting in US. I had forgotten all about this game. Maybe that was their plan...

    32. Steve Duplain on

      Yep it's available for sale in Canada too.

      I'm learning my lesson with this one. I think this sort of thing is going to make a lot of people think twice before using KS.

      We're paying in advance for someone else to get the product first! I get that there are production and delivery issues, but how can it be justified that a game hits the shelves in the same country before backers receive anything?

      Oh well, not much we can do!

    33. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      We need any kind of info so we can go and check in our local post office. I should have ordered from All my friends have already bought from there.

    34. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      Have not received yet in Rio de Janeiro.

    35. Steve Duplain on

      Have not received yet in Canada.

    36. Henrik Linde on

      Is there a online rulebook for the satelite expansion?

    37. Sagar Shankar on

      December is starting and still haven't received my copy in India :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Dietrich Terasa

      Hello! I visited Spiel/Essen, but I didn't get the game there, because of waiting for the delivery.
      Now I regret it ...

    39. Marcos Martins on

      Hi! I still waiting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

    40. Jay on

      Just wanted to say that I really appreciate Gamelyn's customer service and sending replacements so quickly with little hassle. It was the first time of any of their games I required this and everything was done right.
      Am currently getting grief from TMG (creator: Michael Mindes) after they shipped my deluxe orleans game damaged. They package it so carelessly it gets damaged and now they're trying to not replace anything. "We understand the frustration with receiving a damaged box" ummmm then package it like you have respect for the person your shipping it to or else tell me when my replacement is arriving.
      Sorry to vent but it underlines the quality of games and service from Gamelyn Games.

    41. Rodrigo Maia Manique on

      Still waiting in Brazil...

    42. Thiago Henrique da Silva on

      Got my today here in brazil. Tks. Second of my collection

    43. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @Gem Abed - Noted and corrected! Thanks.

    44. Gem Abed on

      ATTENTION: @Gamelyn, your link works, but the link on the page doesn't. The URL is missing the second "e" in replacements. So the link is instead of I hope you get that fixed soon for others who might not be so quick to figure it out. :D Thanks again for being helpful.

    45. Gem Abed on

      @Gamelyn, thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure if you did a whole deck or game replacement. Had it been the latter I would donate mine to the local game store. I'll apply for the cards now. Thanks again.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dietrich Terasa

      Still waiting in Germany ...

    47. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @Don Jotacé - Please refer to the instructions in this update

    48. Don Jotacé on

      hi... how i know if my copy was send to me?

    49. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @Mike Grigg - Hey Mike, best check update #36 and send us a "missing reward" email. Thank you for your patience.

    50. Gamelyn Games 18-time creator

      @daloonieshaman - The container with the mats is state side and in customs. I expect the mats to be delivered within the month of November.

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