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Tiny Epic Galaxies gets pilots, new ships, press-your-luck, and set collection in this full-box expansion! Take TEG to the next level!
Tiny Epic Galaxies gets pilots, new ships, press-your-luck, and set collection in this full-box expansion! Take TEG to the next level!
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    1. Karen Johnson on

      I can't tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Mark Handford on

      Mine just arrived today in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Woohoo!

    3. Missing avatar

      Bruce Weese on

      I haven't received mine yet here in Gatineau, Quebec Canada

    4. Thomas Girard on

      I'm with Mark and Brad, I know a few people locally who got theirs a few weeks ago. Seems a few Canadians are having delays.

    5. Backspace8908 on

      i will once i play it a few times. i got the base game with this and have played it a few times. still need to add in the expansion. but will review it as soon as i do :P

    6. Alexander Sauer on

      We loved it, absolutely brilliant and essential expansion. Wouldn't play it without anymore.

    7. Brad Devlin

      No sign of it in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

    8. Elliot Jenner on

      The floppy edges where the card isn't get bents up, which ruins the sleeves and effective marks the cards.

    9. Elliot Jenner on

      Round cards in square sleeves doesn't work very well.

    10. Richard Stecher

      I love everything about both game and expansion except most of the planet names. I get how some people must have got to name them and used initials and dates of sorts, but when you're announcing that your going to explore planet abc123, that is not as exciting as visiting, say the long lost planet of Snoodle 1. (Even though that wasn't the original spelling of it, it would be cool if someone, who missed those green things, remembered that place or was that the name of the escape ship. lol)

    11. Mark Handford on

      Haven't got mine in Canada yet, but the shipping notification recommended allowing 4-6 weeks, so that's still a few weeks away. Anyone else in Canada still waiting?

    12. Jon Mercurio Knight

      Played it twice so far, having never played it before, with the Unexplored Space and Pilots, and so far, lots of fun. The stuff the expansion adds on seems to fit really well alongside the base game content. I lost my first game, having triggered the end game, due to badges, and then won the second game, being near 21 points, but not triggering it, due to the badges.

      There are a lot of points in the badges if the other players ignore the unexplored regions. And that just means, you can't ignore them. Lots of cool stuff in the pilot abilities.

      I will say that I ignore the two mini expansions, though, as there is enough content with the base game and the expansion content, and it works together so well, that I can't see wanting to throw in the mini expansions (the satellites one and the drone one). I like that everything else works together without bogging the game down or making the game feel heavier than is necessary.

      So I'm happy with it and can't wait for Tiny Epic Quest!

    13. Never Bored Wes on

      @elliot there is no reason you cannot use square sleeves on them. It's works perfectly fine. I love the round cards

    14. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      I got it! I haven't played it yet but looking forward to it!

    15. Elliot Jenner on

      Liking the expansion EXCEPT the round cards. Even being extra gentle with them since they can't be sleeved, they are already showing wear. There is no gameplay reason these couldn't have been normal, sleevable cards.

    16. Omid TF

      Really sorry to hear Thomas! I cross my fingers for you! Once you get the game, you will be happy ;)!!!

    17. Omid TF

      I played the expansion multiple times and its awesome! Sorry can´t play the basegame without the expansion any more ;). Got a 10/10 at BGG from me!!

    18. Thomas Girard on

      Mine shipped a month ago but still hasn't arrived. Ship naked assured me it would be in before the end of the week. There must have been some mix up because other people locally have gotten theirs. Still got my fingers crossed

    19. Missing avatar

      Lance Richardson on

      It hit the table but was abruptly halted. The game room needed a facelift. Rather a "space" lift. Decided to paint the room using the appropriate colors "Supernova," "Stargazer" and "Liquid Mercury."
      Much better.
      My gaming 'space' is now complete.
      Will finally be able to play it this weekend.