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Tiny Epic Galaxies gets pilots, new ships, press-your-luck, and set collection in this full-box expansion! Take TEG to the next level!
Tiny Epic Galaxies gets pilots, new ships, press-your-luck, and set collection in this full-box expansion! Take TEG to the next level!
10,671 backers pledged $411,635 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Bill Buchanan on

      I'm still patiently waiting for any sign of my package up here in Canada :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Rider on

      "Taller", not "talked"...

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Rider on

      Just got mine today (in Illinois).

      Am I the only person to discover that you can totally fit the game and the expansion (and the mini-expansions) in the one box? So much for the sleeve... ;-)

      It's a tight fit. A very slightly talked box for the expansion would have been nice, but yeah... it fits!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      @Dave - Well, just got off the phone with a very confused DHL customer service person.
      Me: "So, here's the tracking number, and why is it in OH?"

      Them: "Yeah, that shouldn't have happened, and the delivery window runs out tomorrow, I don't think it's going to make it. You should contact the seller."

      Me: "Well, that's kind of dumb that happened. Guess I have to wait and see."

    5. Dave Marron

      @Jason - Oh, USPS...I can tell you stories...

      There have been several times - not one occasion, but many - where there would be no updates for days and then there would be six updates all at once, ending with "it's in your PO box ready to pick up". The postmaster says that it "happens that way sometimes".

      And the reason I have a PO box is because I live in an apartment complex with a small mailbox and packages on my doorstep have disappeared in the past.

    6. Gene Merrill on

      I'm in pac NW and according to looks like it's waiting for me down at my mailbox as of this morning... Gheeeeeee!

      Nice job Gamelyn. I got the shipping notification on the 30th so I'm giving you credit for a May delivery.

    7. Ian on

      i havent got any package yet....

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      Ok. I exaggerated. 120ish miles. Still ... kind of wondering exactly how they figure that makes for efficient delivery.

    9. Ashpolt on

      Just got my email from Ship Naked (I'm based in the UK) -

      "Your package will be delivered via your local postal service to keep your shipping costs down. There is no tracking number for this shipment. "

      What the actual heck? I have a box coming from overseas and no tracking? And to make matters worse....

      "Our general timeline for delivery is 4-6 weeks."

      This seems to be at odds with what other people here are saying though - someone in the UK already has it, others are talking about their tracking numbers - so what's happening? Have I been sent this email in error, or am I just getting a much worse shipping service than others?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      @Dave - I appreciate that, but the message I see is on the USPS site, not on Ship Naked's site. :/
      Better yet, DHL's site says my package made it to Stow, OH, today ... which is a couple hundred miles farther west than I live in Pittsburgh, PA.
      @Birder - Maybe they're sending my package to you??

    11. Michelle on

      Checking out MyUSPS I have no packages coming from ShipNaked to Ohio. When should I worry?

    12. Dave Marron

      @Jason - Considering there just was a holiday weekend, it may show up any time now. Ship Naked shipping updates are (to put it nicely) spotty, so I wouldn't trust those delays. If you call SN, they will just check with the websites and tell you there's no new info.

      As a regular recipient of SN delays, I can only advise to be patient. Cold comfort, I know.

    13. Krazus on

      UK here, got mine today, looks amazing as always. And the play Mat is superb. Nice one folks

    14. Ken Franklin

      LOL - so, of course, 6 hours later, the game arrives. GREAT WORK!!!

    15. Ken Franklin

      LOL - so, of course, 6 hours later, the game arrives. GREAT WORK!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      My tracking number still shows the package being "Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item", since May 23 --- did they lose my package??

    17. Reid San Filippo

      I got notification and my deluxe set arrived yesterday but it came without the deluxe box sleeve. :(

    18. Ken Franklin

      I received confirmation that my address was correct in mid-April. I have yet to receive my copy, nor any notice from Ship Naked. I haz sadface.

    19. Mark Handford on

      Shipping notification received, yay!

    20. Max on

      Any idea of date of arrival in South America? THXs!!!!!!

    21. Peter E on

      I received the Ship Naked email on Thursday 5/25, and my Deluxe Edition copy is in my hands (in central Virginia) just now (Tuesday 5/30).

    22. Dave Marron

      On the phone with Ship Naked right now. Even though they have all my contact info, they never sent me an e-mail. I've been informed that my copy HAS shipped; they're checking with their shipping department to find out what happened...

      Five minutes later: It HASN'T shipped. It's been packaged and the shipping label printed today. They gave me my tracking number, so I can watch it meander through their system. Oh, and the tracking number won't be active until the courier scans it, which "may take up to 48 hours".


    23. Missing avatar

      Garry Corbin on

      May 29: No notice from Ship Naked yet.

    24. Missing avatar

      Max Hunt on

      10 days in and still no Ship Naked email about the deluxe edition I ordered. Getting antsy, but only because I'm eager to play. Hope to hear soon.

    25. Linnea Hummblebee on

      Can someone please contact me with shipping information? I'm anxious sand excited to play!

    26. Linnea Hummblebee on

      It's been 10 days since your last update and I haven't seen a shipping notification yet. So excited!

    27. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Still no Ship Naked email, just ordered the expansion in Canada. The wait is driving me crazy!

    28. Gene Merrill on

      Anyone who ordered Deluxe Bundle (TeG + the expansion) got a notification yet?

    29. Lance Klindt on

      Release date was May 2017 - Great job guys! I got mine!

    30. David Autzen on

      Got my notification today!

    31. Missing avatar

      Del Merritt on

      Got my Ship Naked email! Heading to Maine in the USA.

    32. Leon Green on

      Anyone in the U.K. have theirs?

    33. Shawn McWha

      It's been a week and I have received nothing! No shipping notification and no game. I'm getting pretty angry, and pretty tired of your using Ship Naked! It always the same BS and issues!

    34. Missing avatar

      Travis Nietz on

      Received my copy today!!!! SO excited to play. Thanks Gamelyn!

    35. Chris Hahn on

      Just received my "label created" notification... hoping it arrives before 5/31

    36. Tyinsar on

      I too would like to know about shipping outside of the USA.

    37. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton

      @Never Bored Wes: I thought we were trying to go for octagonal cards...

    38. Never Bored Wes on

      This explains that mysterious shipping notification...

      Is it too late to discuss square vs round cards? JK guys! This expansion looks incredible! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    39. Steve Fratus

      Man I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on this! Awesome update!

    40. Geijhan on

      1) woop woop!
      2) Is this timing also valid for non-US backers?

    41. Leon Green on

      Wow! I dunno why but this took me by surprise even though I read every update!!

    42. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Brandi - Please email us through Kickstarter or at

    43. Missing avatar

      Bogard Mikaël on

      That's a really good new! :o)
      I had forgotten when was the date for delivery so this is really cool! :o)
      i am hurry to travel space and discover new planets! :o)

    44. Dave Marron

      Great - with any luck it'll get here before I leave for OKC for a week!

      I just wish you guys didn't use Ship Naked. I had a horrible time with TEW, and their shipping updates through DHL are, to put it politely, spotty.

    45. Stephen Paltrineri

      You made my day. Can't wait!

      Now hurry up with Tint Epic Quest!!!

      Sorry, I know I'm being greedy, but I just can't get enough Tiny Epic Goodness in my life!

    46. Brandi Nicole Smith on

      I just moved a week ago! I totally forgot about this!! Is it too late to change my shipping info?? I'm so sorry!!


    47. ExcalibursZone

      Here's hoping I get it by my birthday! :)

    48. sgbeal on

      My only panic at this point is not having ordered sleeves!

      How many cards, and what sizes, do those of us with Compulsive Sleeving DIsorder need to account for?

    49. David Autzen on

      I am flailing about, like Kermit the Frog! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50. Pete Thane on

      I was just going through all my outstanding KS projects to see what was happening and read this and thought I dont remember seeing this before then noticed it had just been posted up. Good stuff.