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A 2-4 Player Euro Game of Airships and Exploration. Worker Placement, Resource Gathering, Tile Placement and Pattern Recognition.
774 backers pledged $43,613 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Raging Robot

      Great Kickstarter by the way!! congrats on your success!

    2. Raging Robot

      Not to beat a dead horse but I agree we everyone! Can we please get the fifth player add-on????
      This is WAY more important and needed then the improved art!!!

    3. Midnightstar

      If you had structured your goals so that the fifth player was ahead of print on the back of the boards and the inside of the box, you would have your $49K. I would have been the first of your backers to take that deal. Your current structure is just bad math. Future Kickstarter Bordgame Projects take note!

    4. Tim White on

      I agree with @Scott
      I would rather have the five player upgrade than the extra detail because unfortunately I don't think we will make it there in time, but if you reverse them, everyone will add the fifteen dollars for the expansion and easily pass to the final stretch goal!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. David B on

      Ah. I see. I'm already at a pledge level that includes all those things.

    7. Captain Matt

      @David It would not be for bupkis, because even if we do not hit the $49K goal there are other add-on that you can use the $15 for. Understandably some are not interested in the extra bag and dice or the pdf art book. I will say that if this art book is anything like the Dungeon Heroes book you will not be disappointed by it.

    8. David B on

      @Matt -- I get your logic but it's not /that/ close with 6 hours left and if I over pay $15 for bupkis that's really annoying. Either call it or don't.

    9. Captain Matt

      @Raymond you will not be able to modify your pledge after the campaign closes. You can modify it up or down all you want until the project deadline, after that you are locked. Most project creators will allow additional funds via paypal or something if you forgot to include shipping or something similar. Remember only money now counts toward those stretch goals.
      @David I will encourage you to add it now because the closer we can get sooner the more people will add in the money which will help us make that goal.

    10. punkin312 on

      I am with you on that Dave. It would be nice to be able to add on after it closes though if it did reach

    11. Raymond John Powers II on

      This is the first campaign I have backed, but I believe some people were mentioning you can modify your contribution 40 hours after it closes?

    12. David B on

      This is going to end at 3:00am EDT (where I am) so it'd better get to the magical number long before that. Adding $15 now with the hopes of getting there seems foolhardy but missing out because it'd happened in the middle of the night sucks too.

    13. Charles Patterson on

      As an interesting Math excercise... as things stand now at $41,040 and 729 backers... if 464 backers were to all raise their pledge by the $15 for the Black Dragon expansion then we would hit the $49 on the nose.... but that would required a loot of coordination and most would like to play it safe till the last hour to raise their pledge :(
      I really hope that we hit this... GO GO GO!