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A 2-4 Player Euro Game of Airships and Exploration. Worker Placement, Resource Gathering, Tile Placement and Pattern Recognition.
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    1. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Jonas - That is entirely up to you. The Add-On is not available at this time but some backers have chosen to still up their pledge to help move the needle. It's really your call.

    2. Jonas Persson on

      So what do I do? I am a "INTERNATIONAL PRIVATEER". Should I wait until (not if) you reach $49k until I throw in my $15 extra?

    3. Bee on

      I usually don't like when companies release 4-player games just to throws out a 5-player expansion seconds after the release only to grab some more money (read: Carcassonne, the settlers of Catan, Kingdom Builder, Fresco etc).

      In your case I clearly see why it is a matter of financing and so I am going to add the 15$ up front, in hope that we reach this stretch goal.

      @Gamelyn Games:
      In the comments section I posted an easy idea to offer a game variant with the base game. People commented, that might be irritating and they preferred my idea to be an extra expansion. The new 5th player expansion is the best chance to think about my idea again and maybe include it. Here is how it might work...

      Scenario: The land has already been harvested for generations and people have seen many airships coming through, battling and leaving enviousness and hostility. But some areas made their own profit of it and are well meaning to new airship candidates.

      Material: some of the land tiles have symbols on them. (See Takenoko for example). These are the normal tiles wood, plains, mountains and water you already know with an addition, effecting how they react to approaching airships. Since this is a variant/expansion the symbols are printed on one side of the tile while the other side shows the tile without symbol. That way people may chose to play with or without the expansion simply by putting the tile with the symbol face down or face up.

      A) the negatives
      1. "Fire" = can't land here (flying through is allowed, landing not)
      2. "Storm" = can't fly through here (landing is allowed)
      3. "Suspicion" = can't exit meeples here (landing is allowed, fly through is allowed)
      4. "Hostility" = can't land here (can't fly through)
      5. "Sovereign Airspace" = can't attack here (landing and fly through allowed)

      B) the positives
      6. "Harvest Hand" = roll another die to see if you get an extra resource
      7. "Mechanic" = repairs one hit spot of your airship
      8. "Trading Post" = trade one material 1:1
      9. "Safe Guard" = Airship can't get attacked while resting here

      And so on and so on. I'd say we keep it simple and pick out the best ideas to make sure it isn't getting too much and complicated. Fire and storm are pretty good, and of course there is room for many more ideas. I'll also post this to BGG. Let us at least talk about it and tell me how you like my ideas. Thanks!

    4. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Robert - Yeah, it is not included in any Reward Tier. It will need to be added on if you want it. It is only available if we are able to reach 49k

    5. Paul Boos

      Added my $15 to help move us that way - folks get out and tweet, and otherwise get some enthusiasm!

    6. Sarah Reed

      The Black Dragon looks awesome! I really hope we make it to that.

    7. Robert T.

      @Creator Already at admiral pledge level do I need to add 15$ to that level? when we reach 49, 000 dollars?

    8. Szienceman

      Upped my pledge to include a second copy of the game plus one expansion. Nice even $100. I like the change to translucent orange for damage even if we don't make all the stretches.

    9. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @Kevin - I wish that I could. Without the additional funds brought in by reaching $49k the expansion cannot get made. I'm not asking that backers pledge the $15 now for the expansion, but after it is unlocked. Some backers have chosen to pledge the $15 now in effort to add to the total to get to the 49K. If the 49K is not reached those backers could chose to receive the Collectible Swag Bag with Dice and PDF Art Collection instead or make up the difference and get a second copy of the game or reduce their pledge back to their original amount. So with several options, it really just depends on what you want to do. I'm very confident that we will hit the 49K if we all promote the project! =D

    10. Kevin Blacksheep Thompson on

      So, if I add $15 to my pledge, and we don't hit the $49k level, what do I do with that "extra" money, since this Black Dragon level won't be unlocked? Wouldn't it be smarter to just add this new faction as a guaranteed add-on, for $15 more? (If that were the case, I'd immediately add to my pledge).

    11. Havoc Timmo on

      @Brian I agree, I added $15 as well, to help get us closer to that goal! ;)

    12. Brian Laing on

      Great news. Adding $15 to my pledge right now!

    13. Gamelyn Games 20-time creator

      @James - Great question! Play testing so far has shown it to not be a problem with the current number of resources. The Gold, Stone and Wood haven't been depleted, however it has put more pressure on players to use their Fish and Turkey Legs, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I will continue to play test it of course, and I give you all my word that if the resource count is too low in too many games than I will add additional resources to the game. I will NOT send a product into production that is incomplete.

    14. James Hamilton on

      Ok, not that I'm not ecstatic but I do have a question. Will there be enough resources for 5 players? (gold etc)