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Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
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    1. Missing avatar

      Alan about 11 hours ago

      arrived in north-east USA

    2. Steven Alvis
      1 day ago

      Ah cool so it's an instant upgrade but you must wait a turn before it's fully activated, nice touch and makes sense. Just didn't want to use them incorrectly, thanks :)

    3. Codomo Creator 1 day ago

      @Wouter van Putten
      Hi Wouter! Inbox us with your email and we'll send you a PDF! The e-books and 3-hour learning resources are in your backerkit digital downloads.

      @Steven Alvis
      They're counted as upgrades and modifiers for ships, so as long as they modify a ship, you have to wait till your next turn before you can attack :)

      @T.Jones, Lisa Douthit
      Yep! Add-ons were recently charged not too long ago, but those have already been queued for dispatch (unless they contain t-shirts)

    4. Missing avatar

      Wouter van Putten 1 day ago

      It is looking great! Thank you very
      Maybe a silly question, but My mother in law trew away the manual (don't ask):
      * Can I download a pdf version of the manual?
      * where can I find the instruction videos ?
      * Where can I find the EBook and the 3hours elearning transition into python?

    5. Steven Alvis
      2 days ago

      Rules clarification, Re: Dutchman & Megachip.

      Is it when you draw them you can add them immediately or do they act as build upgrades (like building a ship)

      Sorry if this was explained before

    6. T Jones 2 days ago

      Lisa Douthit...I am right there with you.

    7. T Jones 2 days ago

      Lisa Douthit The way I understand..If you had add-ons (plushie, etc...) then those are setting in China until after the Chinese new year.

    8. Steven Alvis
      2 days ago

      Game arrived today, all crew accounted for, just about to sleeve the cards. Looks great overall looking forward to playing with friends :)

    9. Codomo Creator 2 days ago

      @Giacomo Grimaldi
      Yep! No mercy! >:D

    10. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi 2 days ago

      Thanks! Even if there’s only 2 players left (which ends up meaning I simply steal 2 - or 4 - potatoes from the person I just robbed of Potato King cards)?

    11. Codomo Creator 2 days ago

      @Wallnip Elvenshire
      Hi there! When you get attacked, your crew goes to the Great Potato Farm in the Sky, but when you get hijacked, they make a run for it and take a swim - unless you have a ship for them to seek refuge on your next turn, they end up getting waterlogged and drown. If you lose all your ships via Hijacking, but still have crew left, you can buy ships.

      @Giacomo Grimaldi
      You still lay them down and the others will have to be on their toes and not be the last to salute "Potato King" ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Wallnip Elvenshire 2 days ago

      HI Comodo and friends of potato pirates, quick question, when i get attacked, my crew dies right? they do not walk the plank and go into the sea right? BUT if i get hijacked, all my crew walks the plank and goes into the sea.
      i am asking because this makes a difference in whether i can use these potatoes to buy a new ship in the event i lose all my ships during an onslaught.

    13. Neelz 2 days ago

      Played my first couple of games today, great game but way more cutthroat than I expected. Well done.

    14. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Grimaldi 3 days ago

      Rule question: if I play “Loot” against a player who doesn’t have any card in his/her hand, but has one or more revealed Potato Kings (so basically it’s obvious to everyone that I am taking one or two Potato Kings), do the other players still have to salute when I lay down the PK next to my ships? Or should we do as when you gain PKs by beating an adversary, i.e. I get the PK but nobody salutes or pays penalty potatoes? Thanks!

    15. Kiree Bellamy 3 days ago

      Help me Potato King, I think my package is with delivery people here in Sweden, but the tracking info doesn't indicate who is the shipping agent here so I can't contact them and find further info before it goes back to you! I do know neither my partner nor I have been contacted despite the tracking info stating a tried delivery, you need a code to get into the buildings here.
      Thanks for helping

    16. Missing avatar

      ivan 4 days ago

      @Codomo you said that only your print and play has Spanish, but was the manual translated too? Where I can download it, please? Thanks

    17. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele 5 days ago

      Was supposed to get mine today, but UPS mis-sorted my package, and now its across the country :(

    18. marco 5 days ago

      My parcel has left Dongguan yesterday. Not sure how long it will take for it to get to Europe, but looking forward to test the game!

    19. Steven Paradise
      5 days ago

      Mine arrived in California earlier this week (I was out of town).

    20. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      @Lisa - I am in TN and just receive my tracking email yesterday. The email came from SFCservice. I had add on to my pledge. I hope that helps.

    21. Missing avatar

      Julien Bideau 6 days ago

      Just got mine in Montreal Canada! it's awesome!!
      Had a tracking from SFCservices once it arrived on land.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lisa Douthit 6 days ago

      Actually anyone that can answer if I have missed something with the tracking, would appreciate it. Have check the inbox, the spam box and all communicae from this project. Not seeing any sort of tracking info yet. Backer #1141 in Missouri

    23. Missing avatar

      Lisa Douthit 6 days ago

      @CindyLa Do you mind telling what Backer# you are? I am in Missouri (KC), no delivery nor any tracking info yet. I am backer #1141. Just want to keep track.

    24. Missing avatar

      Peter Lelong 6 days ago

      Looking forward to the pirates arriving. Colleagues in parts of Australia have received theirs but still waiting here in Tasmania

    25. justwes 6 days ago

      Here in Scotland it just arrived. Didn't get any shipping notification though.

      Looking forward to checking out the finished product tonight when I get home.

    26. Stephen Gunawan 6 days ago

      It has arrived in the processing center in my city. Expecting it to be delivered in front of my door anytime soon! Time to buy some potato chips for game time :D

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonessa Rago 6 days ago

      Hello to fellow potato pirates.

      It seems that PHLPost services are completely lacking as usual. To all PH backers who are having issues like me, we need to pick up our items from the postal office itself.


      Good Day,
      Ma'am/Sir, please see attached file, Upon checking this tracking#**** the item is already in
      Mandaluyong City Post Office.
      Dated:(February 04, 2018), and please note Ma'am/Sir that this is for pickup.

      Thank you & Best Regards,
      Customer Care Phlpost

    28. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele 7 days ago

      Just got my tracking info!!!! My 11.3 KG of Potato Pirate Prestige has set sail!!!! I can't wait!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Utkarsh Srivastava on February 14

      Received my deck 2 weeks back, and took it along on a night out with friends. Initial thoughts were - it's too confusing!!! But learning pace was super quick, and soon we were screaming "Potato King" at the top of our voices! Super fun. If only there were more types of exclusive cards (like the Invisible Ghost Ship!) which made it even more interesting.

    30. Codomo Creator on February 14

      @Fernando Valle
      Hi, we don't have a Spanish physical copy! Only our print and play has Spanish.

      @Robert Patridge
      We don't know any sleeve providers, but the dimensions are 88mm x 63mm!

    31. Missing avatar

      charles-etienne jamme
      on February 13

      Arrived in BE

    32. Missing avatar

      Robert Partridge on February 13

      What size are the cards and do you know of a good sleeve provider for your game?

    33. Matthew Kelling
      on February 13

      Yar, maty! I received my copy in Austin, Texas, here in the past few days. Thanks for the great shipping (covered in bubble wrap)!

    34. Missing avatar

      Russel Cawa on February 13

      Any Filipinos got there's?

    35. Missing avatar

      Fernando Valle on February 13

      Hello, I get an English version, I asked for the Spanish version because I am a mentor in Coderdojo group and some children don’t have high level in English. How I could get the Spanish version? Thanks in advice.

    36. Gurney on February 12

      Got mine today (in France). Looks great! We'll try it tomorrow!

    37. Steven Alvis
      on February 12

      Tyvm :)

    38. Codomo Creator on February 11

      @Steven Alvis
      Sorry about that, matey! It got lost in the clutter when Potato King and crew were looking through their mailbox. We're getting him to reply you now!

    39. Steven Alvis
      on February 11

      No response from my messages so I'll ask here.
      I still haven't received my tracking information, I've received the backerkit email of the charges but that's all.

      Have all games been shipped or is it just the early buds?

      Be great to know more, thanks.

    40. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on February 11

      I got the communication. Thanks again for being so accommodating!

    41. Codomo Creator on February 11

      Heyo! Tuberawesomes just got done stocking up for their journey, so they're being sent out soon!

      Oh dear! We're sorry to hear that. D: Thanks for the feedback!

      @Jonathan Degele
      We've responded to your query on our other platforms! :)

      @JW Verzijden
      Oh dear D: It seems some of your crew has gone AWOL. Don't worry, we sent an extra set of crew with every order, so there's still enough for 5~6 players. Thanks for letting us know about them pesky little scallywags though. We'll have to tighten up discipline.

    42. Missing avatar

      JW Verzijden on February 11

      I picked mine up lastweek. about to start a game checking the contents, it seems like not all potatoes fit in the bag and im short a few.. got 13big ones and 67 small ones. the booklet states 14big ones and 70 small ones. Im using real potatoes as substitutes :) everything else checks out.

    43. Steven Alvis
      on February 10

      I'm guessing the Early Buds are the ones people are receiving at present, so it's likely others will arrive afterwards

    44. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on February 10

      Nothing in my spam yet. I know my order was large, but when should I expect at least tracking info?

    45. Missing avatar

      Tossaporn Tirateepviwat on February 10

      I recieved game in yesterday
      But my games has all small token(not bjg token)

    46. Missing avatar

      linmic on February 10

      Thank you i just received the game yesterday, it looks great

    47. Shu on February 10

      Picked mine up from the post office today. The box is a bit faded and squishy for the potatoes as others have pointed out. My pin has come through the security bit and stabbed the box a few times so I've a few holes in the box. Luckily the potatoes and cards survived though. The box was well padded so no dents on the outside but perhaps need more padding to back of pin to stop it from destroying other components.

    48. Michelangelo Parente on February 10

      @Creator: thank you very much. Makes sense now. And now it is time to play :)

    49. Marijn on February 10

      *couldn't find a thing
      (sorry for double posting)

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