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Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
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    1. Codomo Creator 2 days ago

      @Stephen Gunawan
      Yes, there will be tracking codes for each person's parcel :)

    2. Stephen Gunawan 3 days ago

      Hello, when you start shipping is it possible for each of us tracking for the shipment via internet? Are each backer gonna get their own tracking codes?

    3. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on November 11

      Thank so much for the info and quick responses!!!

    4. Codomo Creator on November 10

      @jonathan degele
      We're probably locking all surveys down end of next week!

      D'aawww. He wants to go home with you :D

      @Misfiring Chong
      Oh my!! I wonder what happened! We'll be on our toes. :o

    5. Emery on November 9

      @Codomo that is noted. Now that Potato King med plushie is lookig at me with puppy dog eyes �

    6. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on November 9

      Yay!!!! And last thing, when will manager close?

    7. Codomo Creator on November 9

      @jonathan degele
      We're still aiming for December, in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed that the manufacturers can pull through!

      :D Yay! Potato King was so happy to be hugged!!

      Hey! We're planning to lockdown end of next week.

    8. Emery on November 9

      Wondering when is the survey lockdown for the backerkit?

      That medium potato king plushie sure is making me think.

    9. Löwenpower
      on November 6

      Happy to have hugged the Potato King at SPIEL Essen. :-)
      Belated concats on funding! =^.^=

    10. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on November 6

      @codomo... oh nevermind! I can add more on the addon section! Yay!, but still. is the delivery on schedule for Dec? if not, when please?

    11. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on November 6

      @codomo... can you add one more pleeeaassee :) also, is the delivery still on schedule for Dec?

    12. Codomo Creator on November 5

      @jonathan the 2 six pack add-ons have been added to your pledge. You can log back in to backerkit and make the outstanding payment upon checkout. It should all be in order.

    13. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on November 4

      @codomo...Just wondering if the backerkit has responded concerning my question about getting multiple pledge sets

    14. Misfiring Chong
      on November 3

      I just realized that I had bought the plushie keychain just now. I do not know why I did that but the last thing I remember was me reading the latest update. I believe something in the update is causing this.

      Please be careful.

    15. Codomo Creator on October 31

      @Connie Kong
      Hi Connie, the 12 hour resource is more tailored for educators and it includes 6 two-hour lesson plans and a teaching guide, and the coverage of python topics is more comprehensive. The 3 hour course is more for self-study and includes mini-challenges, using the cards to tie in as analogies to the programming logic. It's great for getting started, but if you prefer something more in-depth, the 12-hour is better suited for it.

      @Charlotte Cheng
      Hello! You should be able to edit your survey again and change your order, as we have not locked them down. If you can't access the link, you can get a new one here:
      If you encounter any difficulties, drop us a message!

      Hello fifini, currently we are unable to offer any other language apart from English for physical decks. :(

      Hey there! We're sorry we couldn't offer all the designs we wanted! We might in the future. :)

      Hey there, shipping costs were only adjusted for small add-ons like pins and stickers. Unfortunately for the rest of the items, we can't really absorb anymore of the cost, especially since the shipping for the card boxes scales linearly. :(

      @Firdaus Idrus
      Hey there! You may want to double check with your bank if the card's being declined as it could be marking the charge as potential fraud. You can also contact BackerKit at this link and they might be able to determine the cause of rejection:

    16. Firdaus Idrus on October 31

      I wanted to buy add on But Backerkit decline my cc , not sure why

    17. Missing avatar

      Slicrick on October 30

      I read the shipping costs have benn lowered but when I go into my pledge nothing haas changed and readding my add-ons does not help. How do i take advantage fo cheaper shipping? S$35 ($25.72 USD) of shipping is pretty absurd for a keychain and 3 packs of cards.

    18. Nadine
      on October 30

      I just had time to fill out the backerkit and realized that you don't have the same tote design to choose than you had shown on the kickstarter project site, now I'm a bit disappointed as I don't like the other two designs :-(

    19. fifini on October 28

      Hello. Are we gonna choose what language we want ?

    20. Charlotte Cheng on October 28

      Hello. I decided not to add on the enamel pins and stickers to my backer order because of the expensive shipping prices. However, I just got an update that the shipping prices were lowered. How can I get back to the add on page to change my order?

    21. Connie Kong on October 28

      Hi, I have a similar question. At the moment I’m only planning to get the 3 hour curriculum to try it out with a small club. Would you say the 3 hour python curriculum would give us a good preview of what the 12 hour curriculum would look like? If not, how are the two different?

    22. Codomo Creator on October 28

      @Laura Cheng
      Hello, the python curriculum and e-learning resources are different. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Laura Cheng on October 28

      Hi, I would like to purchase add-on item on the survey. Just wondering is the python curriculum ($15) includes python e-learning resources ($5) in it? Or is the content different?

    24. Codomo Creator on October 27

      Hello Carolina, we're sorry you feel that way. We've adjusted the shipping prices for some of the smaller/non-bulky items as per feedback given to us from others as well. It should be reflected in the survey.

      That's great! Did you manage to hug Potato King?

      @jonathan degele
      Heya, we've spoken to BackerKit and asked if they're able to help us out with that. We'll let you guys know if it's doable.

    25. Missing avatar

      jonathan degele on October 27

      I pledged the S$185.00, for the 6 pack, how can I add to my pledge to get another 6 pack pledge? I want a total of 3 '6 pack pledges'

    26. HedgeWizzard
      on October 27

      I was at your booth at SPIEL today with my daughter for whom I kickstarted this game and she said, the game was more cute than she thought.

    27. Missing avatar

      on October 27

      Why are you charging so much extra for shipping more rewards? $10 FOR extra set of cards and $5 For stickers!!!! THIS IS ABUSIVE!!! I have participated in MANY other pledges with other items being heavier that a set if cards, and NON have charged so much for shipping extra items, MOST SEND THEM FREE!!!

    28. Codomo Creator on October 27

      Hi there! We're targeting to send out the Print and Play version in November.

    29. Missing avatar

      zachary on October 27

      when we will be able to print at home?

    30. Codomo Creator on October 27

      @David Guillet
      Hi David! For foreign languages, we currently are unable to produce physical copies due to not having sufficient numbers to meet the minimum quota. We're very sorry about that :(

    31. Missing avatar

      David Guillet on October 27

      Regarding foreign language versions of the game, is it possible to add it as add-on in backerkit (I didn’t see).
      Print at home is not ideal for gifts to non-English speakers. What is the plan with that respect?

    32. Codomo Creator on October 27

      @Russel Cawa
      All the surveys have been rolled out! Have you received yours?

    33. Codomo Creator on October 27

      @Elaine Chua & Stephen Gunawan
      Every box of cards has an enamel pin (the logo). The ones in BackerKit are considered additional add-ons :)

      @Joan Maxfield Good
      The $35 pledge tier's additional items (colouring book and learning resource) are actually digital downloads. You don't need to add another copy of those if you're already receiving one from your initial order. :)

      @Justin Yeo
      The King is missing from Millennia Walk because he's gone on a trip to Germany :D
      Regarding your shipping enquiries, we'll send you a message!

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on October 27

      Is there any way the add-ones for small items like pins and keychain plushie don't add on to the shipping cost? To pay $5 for shipping for a small plushie is really quite a lot.

    35. Stephen Gunawan on October 27

      Hello, is the potato pirates logo enamel pin only available as add ons? Since in your campaign stretch goal it is said anyone who gets a deck also gets a potato pirates enamel pin.

    36. Missing avatar

      Elaine Chua on October 26

      Hi @Codomo, just completed the Backerkit survey. However, the stretched goal item of the Potato King enamel pin as stated on your campaign page is missing in the Backerkit pledge summary. All other stretched goal items like 3-hr Java, 3-hr Scratch are captured correctly except the enamel pin. Like to confirm whether all backers are receiving the pin or is that only for certain pledge tiers?

    37. Joan Maxfield Good on October 26

      I doubled my initial pledge so I could get 2 of the $35 packages. One for home, one for work. Is that possible? If I add everything as separate add ons, it's more than an additional $35

    38. Misfiring Chong
      on October 26

      Survey done!

    39. Missing avatar

      Russel Cawa on October 26

      How long do we have to wait for the survey to appear?

    40. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on October 24

      Good for you Löwenpower! The King is missing from Millennia Walk in Singapore!

    41. Löwenpower
      on October 23

      I'm going to hug the Potato King at SPIEL Essen this week. :-)

    42. Missing avatar

      David Guillet on October 21

      I reviewed the French translation, it looks quite good. Good work!
      That's a very nice project - well done!

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on October 20

      I think I can only meet the potato king when I go for the Quiver party tomorrow!

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on October 20

      Dang. Lionel, you lucky fella!

    45. Codomo Creator on October 18

      @Leilani Lee Loy Bierman
      Yep! We're working on it now ;) We've got over a dozen different languages, hopefully yours is included!

      @Julie Boudreaux
      Very soon! Possibly within today, or tomorrow. -prepares drumroll-

    46. Missing avatar

      Julie Boudreaux on October 18

      when will we hear who won Potato King?

    47. Leilani Lee Loy Bierman
      on October 17

      Congratulations on the successful

      I believe I saw a comment alluding to it earlier, but will there be print-n-play card decks for backers? I'm excited to get playing!

    48. Codomo Creator on October 14

      @Mia Caliboso
      We're prepping everything for you guys now, so about 1 to 2 weeks from the date of the end of our campaign ;)

      All cards used in an attack are discarded after it is run :)

      @Justin Yeo
      That's unfortunate, Potato King would've loved to give you a big hug!

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      on October 13

      Pity the Gamestart Asia event is a paid ticketed event..would really love to meet Potato King!

    50. Missing avatar

      zachary on October 13

      i have a question to the rule
      the control cards stay all the time or after an attack its go away?

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