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pledged of $11,107 goal
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By Codomo
pledged of $11,107 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Codomo Creator 11 minutes ago

      @Kenrick Carlson
      That sounds like a plan for an expansion pack ;) There IS a special Kickstarter-only card that's in the works, though!

      We're alternating between coding and non-coding related stretch goals - the previous one was unlocking golden cards for every deck that is pledged through Kickstarter. We do have a Kickstarter exclusive card in the works, and we'll definitely consider your ideas. Stickers are a very likely candidate for a goal that benefits all tiers :)

    2. Codomo Creator 21 minutes ago

      Heyo @Weilong
      The E-Learning Resources and E-Books will be provided to each backer via a unique keycode. If you would like to top-up a gift for your friend, it will be an additional $30+$5. Thanks for your generous support! ;)

      @Steven Alvis
      Ahoy Steven! Many thanks for your kind words, we appreciate your support!

      Ahoy Eluvia! Thank you for your interest, and feedback! Currently, we don't have a tier that includes only card game + plushie, however we are considering adding the plushie as a separate add-on due to demand; do stay tuned for updates!

    3. Missing avatar

      Shu about 2 hours ago

      Ditto...not interested in the eLearning component. Hoping there are more stretch goals or extras that benefit all tiers eg better box/cards/pouch for potatoes, stickers, enamel pins etc

    4. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      about 9 hours ago

      Would be gread to have modules/functions that changes the game play. Haha

    5. Eluvia 1 day ago

      Looks like fun but being a programmer, I really don't care about the eLearning elements of the game.
      Would there be a way to get a pledge for the game + plushie only ? Or the plushie as an add-on, so we can create our own potato pirate crew. By the way different plushies would be nice.

    6. Steven Alvis 2 days ago

      Seen this advertised for a while, glad I looked. I can see this helping my stepson and the children that I teach. Really great idea :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Seow Weilong 2 days ago

      Hi Codomo,
      I backed the Potato Pirates Bud-dy + Plushies tier but am thinking of adding an additional set to gift to a friend. Are the E-Learning Resources and E-book going to be shareable? Ie. If I want to gift my friend the game and with access to the E-resources should I be adding an additional $35+$5 or $30+$5? Thanks

    8. Codomo Creator 4 days ago

      We'll have sizes for kids and adults! Basically for everyone

    9. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Hou 4 days ago

      Nice to propose t-shirts - will you do kids size (like, for my 8 years old daughter to be precise :)?)

    10. Codomo Creator 5 days ago

      @Jas Sin You're right shipping is indeed very painful, for us too. At the moment, even with the seemingly exorbitant shipping costs, we're still absorbing costs for shipping. We're working on it and will do our best to throw in as many freebies as part of our stretch goals as possible.

    11. Jas Sin 5 days ago

      Glad to support a local game! This is so adorable, can't wait to try it. However, shipping is very painful, even if the game is made in Hong Kong. I've backed projects based in US for similar shipping costs so it's quite unpleasant to pay so much for a game produced locally especially when shipping to US or Europe is going to cost the same.

    12. Codomo Creator on September 18

      @Russel the shipping is fixed for all countries. Sorry about that.

      @James we'll be coming up with an exciting new update featuring a Kickstarter Exclusive Card very soon!

    13. Missing avatar

      James Waller on September 17

      Hi codomo.
      L9ve your idea of an addon coop expansion stretch goal.. also like the idea of extra cars/ deck with further programming concepts to up the complexity?

    14. Missing avatar

      Russel Cawa on September 15

      Yeah hi I'm from the Philippines(Im quite near) why is the shipping quite high (If its fixed for every country Im ok) is there like a discounted for us fellow asians

    15. Codomo Creator on September 12

      Hi @william, our manufacturing is not done in Singapore, in order to get the best deal, the international fulfilment has to be done together in Hong Kong. Hence, the price of the shipping fees. We hope you understand that this is the most economical choice so far. We're actively sourcing to give a better deal to all our backers and with all the support we can hopefully provide a better shipment option soon - espcially to our Singaporean backers.

    16. William on September 12

      Why is the shipping charges in Singapore costs so much?

    17. Codomo Creator on September 10

      @Scott Thanks for your suggestions on the possible SGs we can put out. However, the number of potato crew is fixed according to the number of players, which is maximum 6, there is no injection of potato crew during game play, so you will never run out. We do consider the fact that people might lose some of the tiny potato fur balls, so we have included an extra set needed for 1 player (2 big, 10 small) in the box. We appreciate your suggestions so keep them coming :)

    18. Codomo Creator on September 10

      @Diane, if you would like the Scratch resource, then please back $35 (deck with 3-hr curriculum) + $30 (single deck) +$10 (additional shipping fees) = $75. This would make more sense to you (you save $5) as you only need one copy of the 3-hr python and 3-hr scratch resource that has been unlocked as a stretch goal for anyone who has backed rewards with the 3-hr resource.

    19. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      on September 10

      @creator - would it ever be possible to run out of potato crew while playing? If so, maybe a SG or add-on for more potato crew?

    20. Missing avatar

      Diane Chang on September 10

      @Codomo Will that also include the Scratch resource?

    21. Codomo Creator on September 9

      @Meghan we are still looking for options to work out the numbers. But right now the stated amount is already lower than what is projected as Codomo has committed to absorbing a part of the shipping fees for our backers.

    22. Codomo Creator on September 9

      Hi @Marco we definitely wish to do that. We just need to have sufficient backers from the EU to make that happen. So help spread the word!

    23. Codomo Creator on September 9

      @Diane If you would like the 2 more decks, you can just add on S$70 on top of the Tuberawesome six pack. As you will already have received the curriculum, the single deck reward (Potato Pirates Basic Bud) is S$30. And the shipping will be an add on of S$5 each deck. So the total calculation is (S$30 X 2) + (S$5 X 2) = S$70. Hope that clarifies :)

    24. Meghan Wlodarczyk on September 9

      Hope you can figure out cheaper us shipping would love to keep my backing.

    25. marco on September 9

      Wow, this is awesome!! Really hope you guys manage to make the project EU friendly :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      Diane Chang on September 9


      I've backed the Tuber Awesome package but would like another two decks - do I understand correctly that I can just add $35 X 2, plus $5 for combined shipping, to my pledge?


    27. Maria Amparo Bertram on September 8

      @Codomo, re: cooperative rules, thank you that is great to hear!

    28. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Nicole: kickstarter allows you to pledge more than the reward tier you are backing. You can back the value of the Tuber awesome package (product and shipping) + the value of the deck & plushie ( product only no shipping) + 5 dollars extra for combined shipping. Does that make sense?

    29. Missing avatar

      Nicole on September 8

      HI! I pledged at the six-pack reward level and would also like to add the POTATO PIRATES DECK + PLUSHIE reward level. I see how I can add money to cover this, but when I click on the second reward it is not showing that in the changes. How can I do this? Thank you

    30. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Maria you have no idea how many iterations of the games we went through to finalise this. Although its a direct conflict game mechanism, there are elements of co-op and other strategies involved. Yes we will definitely have cooperative set of rules and perhaps an expansion pack as part of the stretch goals

    31. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Minas at the moment there is no Print and Play if we see a rising demand we may push that out to all backers in due time. Back hang tight your trusty sea spuds will be with you very soon!

    32. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Justin Ultimately we'd like to open-source everything that we can for this project. Check out the update we just sent out with a few more details as to why the e-resources were not included in the Early Bud special.

    33. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Scott the fuzzballs are actually quite durable. Check out the latest project update! Nonetheless, we are sourcing for other viable options for a potential upgrade

    34. Maria Amparo Bertram on September 8

      I love the theme of this game, but the people with whom I regularly play really hate any direct player conflict. Would it be possible to add a solitaire/cooperative set of rules as a stretch goal? Star Realms is an example of a conflict-heavy game that did this to good effect.

    35. Minas Giannopoulos on September 8

      Will there be a Print and Play PDF document maybe before you guys manage to ship? :D I have a bunch of kids that I would love to get them involved with coding with Potato Pirates before December :D

    36. Justin Hooper on September 8

      @creator it would be nice if us early buds could have access to the e-learning resource as well. Seems I'm being penalised for being an early adopter.

    37. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      on September 8

      @Creator - upgrading the fuzzballs would be great as they will most likely be the first game component to wear out. Actually the weather didn't really bother me too much. I like tropical weather.

    38. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Scott that's awesome. I'm sure you miss the food but not the weather! We just call them fuzzballs/fur balls. They are made of polyester. No problems in durability right now but we're definitely ideating on what could be a potential upgrade! We'll be back soon with more!

    39. Codomo Creator on September 8

      @Sandra we made the Tuber-awesome pledge level with educators in mind as 6 sets of Potato Pirates is just right for a class of 25 to 35. The 12-hour curriculum is a more in-depth version of the 3-hour learning resource. the 3-hour curriculum is an introduction to the python programming language using the Potato Pirates game as reference and relation. Compared to the 12-hour curriculum, it has fewer activities and far less advanced concepts taught. It’s designed for beginners who wish to learn and have a glimpse of what programming is about. We have created the 12-hour curriculum for educators who wish to do regular classes with their students. Potato Pirates is a great tool to start with as it allows students to move on to any programming language after understanding the fundamental concepts. You’ve made the right move as getting the Early Bud-dy entitles you to subsequent stretch goals (if we hit it) such as Scratch, Java, and possibly the 12-hour curriculum.

      At the moment however, if you'd like to secure the 12-hour curriculum, the only way is to get more than 4 sets of Potato Pirates. But as mentioned, stretch goals!

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      on September 7

      @Creator - by the way I love Singapore. I used to live there and really miss the food.

    41. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      on September 7

      @Creator - Thanks for being open to suggestions. I am not sure what the potato crew is made of but maybe an upgrade of quality like wooden meeples or acrylic/plastic pieces. Basically something that is sturdier and will last longer. I think they are currently foam and that won't last long.

    42. Sandra Coleman on September 7

      Just changed my pledge to Early Bird BUD-DY.

    43. Sandra Coleman on September 7

      I backed the early bird that just includes the game. I am a teacher and would like the curriculum resources as well. What is the difference between the 3 hours and the 12 hours? I use Scratch with my students and I notice there is a stretch goal for Scratch. In order to get the curriculum, I guess I need to change my pledge but I want to know what would be best pledge level for me. I would like the 12 hour curriculum. Is the only way to get 12 hours is to back the 6pack? I do not want 6 games at this time but would like access to 12 hours of lessons.

    44. Vanessa Simek
      on September 7

      The project looks adorable!

    45. Missing avatar

      Colm Doyle
      on September 7


    46. Codomo Creator on September 7

      @Scott in addition to the previous reply, we're trying to alternate between coding and card stretch goals. As you can see what we've released is the same. We have things like linen cards in mind. Also if you or any of the backers have any suggestions we'd love to hear them

    47. Codomo Creator on September 7

      @Scott totally with you on this one. You and many others (more than half our backers) are our Early Buds who are not eligible for the SGs pertaining to learning resources. We will definitely have better news for you and the rest of the early buds in our next update! Hang tight pirates!

    48. Missing avatar

      Scott C
      on September 7

      @ Creator - Congrats on funding. The SG's seem to focus mostly on the learning guides which I am not eligible for as an early bird backer. In addition, I am not interested in them anyways. I am backing this for the game itself. Maybe you could make more SG's that are focused on the game itself. Better quality cards or KSE cards, etc.

    49. Michael den Heijer
      on September 7

      Is this EU friendly by chance or do you have a plan for making it EU friendly? (ie just manufacture costs or something)
      I wanna up my pledge but the VAT's are keeping me back.

    50. Codomo Creator on September 7

      @Peter you're sharp! I wish I could summon the kraken and deny that but I can't. We have not posted any stretch goals yet but we plan to develop e-resources in multiple languages such as Java, C++ and Scratch for kids so the $10 potentially makes you eligible for all learning guides in multiple languages. Just help us get enough backers to hit those stretch goals :)

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