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Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
Potatoes, programming and piracy rolled into a strategic card game perfect for classrooms, family days, or even game night with friends
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    1. Codomo Creator on June 6

      @Mario R. Cespedes
      Hi, we'll be sending you a DM!

    2. Mario R. Cespedes on June 5

      Also haven't receive the game nor rewards, can you help me here?

    3. Ruben W.
      on June 2

      @Codomo: I have sent you a message in your inbox, please check :) (ps: I got the game!)

    4. Codomo Creator on May 17

      @Russel Cawa
      Hello Russel, we'll be sending you a message.

    5. Missing avatar

      Russel Cawa on May 16


      My postoffice said thar it was sent back, anychance that you can help me. Its been two months and I am still waiting for my reward

    6. Codomo Creator on May 13

      @ Roland, Rickard
      We've sent you a message in your inboxes, do check!

    7. Roland Teodorowitsch on May 13


      I haven’t received my reward. What should I do? Can you help me, please?
      Thanks! Best regards,

    8. Rickard Elimää on May 11

      It's not fun to get emails about ordering the game online, when I haven't gotten the package yet. :( When will I get the game?

    9. Codomo Creator on May 4

      @Cary Harrison
      We should be able to begin fulfillment next week for the orders that did not opt for partial refunds. :)

      @Christopher Sivertsson
      Hi, we're inboxing you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sivertsson on May 4

      Still no game...

    11. Krzysztof Białek on April 30

      Nevermind, just got the package :D

    12. Krzysztof Białek on April 30

      @codomo is this partial refund for the shirt and you are going to send rest of the goods or a full refund?

    13. Cary Harrison
      on April 27

      So, have the delayed orders been shipped yet? Would be good to know if I should be watching the mail or still waiting.

    14. Codomo Creator on April 13

      @Krzysztof Białek
      The refund has already been processed, it'll take a while to show up in your statements. We're processing the orders that we've already received responses for :)

    15. Krzysztof Białek on April 12

      Requested refund for the shirt that can't be delivered more than a week ago. How long will it take to process it and finally ship the game?

    16. Codomo Creator on April 10

      @James Linnenburger
      We sent out emails to all the affected parties addressing the issue - we'll start processing those after this Friday! We had a few who didn't respond so we need them to get back to us on their decision.

    17. James Linnenburger
      on April 9

      Any update on orders with T-shirts?

    18. Codomo Creator on March 27

      @Angelo Loria
      Hi there! You can make additional purchases via our InDemand campaign, or our website at

    19. Angelo Loría on March 25

      Hello, where can I buy more games? It is possible?

    20. Missing avatar

      Roni on March 25

      Still waiting for mine! ^^ Any idea when it might come?

      Cheers from Finland

    21. Missing avatar

      julio.veronelli on March 22

      Local customs in Argentina took a month to clear out the package, but finally got it! Thanks guys!

    22. Codomo Creator on March 19

      @Aaron Lye
      That was a long journey, but we're glad they got there safely!

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron Lye on March 19

      Hey guys, just to let you all know that I’ve received Potato King + Deck of Cards in Malaysia 🇲🇾. The shipment was sent on the 26th of February 2018 but I only finally received it today 19 March 2018. Almost 1 Month later. So for those of you still waiting be patient and keep the Codomo team notified. They’re very good at customer support and Potato King is on his longish voyage to you as we speak. So don’t fret, when he does come it’ll be a happy day.

    24. Codomo Creator on March 18

      @Bengt Söderberg
      Sending you a DM to iron out things!

    25. Bengt Söderberg
      on March 17

      Hi, still no potato pirates here :/ Have something gone wrong or should I just wait some more? :)

    26. Codomo Creator on March 17

      @Cary Harrison
      We've finally gotten a supplier we like, so full steam ahead on t-shirts.

    27. Cary Harrison
      on March 16

      Any news on the orders with t-shirts or other problem addons?

    28. Codomo Creator on March 15

      @Russel Cawa
      We're sending you a DM to see how we can help.

    29. Missing avatar

      Russel Cawa on March 13


      It's been 2 month's and I haven't recieved my pacjage yet, the local post office doesb't have my package stored there either, I'm concerned maybe my package was MIA.

    30. Codomo Creator on March 12

      @Par Dahlgren
      Hi Par! Send us a DM and let us know how many have gone AWOL.

      @Andrew Ho, Jan Horký, Heather Hostetler
      Heya, we've DM'ed you guys.

      @Christopher Sivertsson
      Hey there, you may need to contact your local mail provider. We'll DM you further information.

      Oh dear. We're sorry to hear about that, we'll DM you our contact email.

    31. Missing avatar

      Par Dahlgren on March 11

      I unboxed and sleeved my game this weekend and saw that I'm missing some small Potato Crew :(

    32. Missing avatar

      Andrew Ho on March 10

      Hi team,

      I noticed that in your recent news feed that the games have been dispatched and shipped for quite some time.

      Would like to share that I live in Singapore and have yet to receive the game. Understand that not everyone will receive it timely, but would appreciate if I could get an estimated date so that I won't have to worry about it.

      Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jan Horký on March 10

      Hi guys,

      Haven’t received any info about the shipping to Czech Republic. Could you update me?

    34. Heather Hostetler
      on March 9

      I'm in California and haven't received my rewards yet. I was sent a notification that it was shipping in two boxes but neither has arrived as yet. Should I be concerned?

    35. Missing avatar

      Christopher Sivertsson on March 8

      Trackingnr says my pakage arrived in Sweden February 13th. Haven't heard anything since then.

    36. Missing avatar

      JoW on March 8

      Finally got this to table last night and enjoyed it.

      Did have an issue though, on our rulebook it looks like something got stuck between some pages while printing. The book is still usable and all that but...kind of a bit gross. I can get some pictures tonight if needed.

      I'm also not entirely sure if we played it correctly, is there a good resource? I know there's a video available through the rulebook but that's currently at home :)

    37. Codomo Creator on March 8

      @Andrea Cstillo Rada
      We're sliding into your DM's! Check your inbox. :)

      @Owen Melbourne
      We've got it sorted out for you :D

    38. Owen Melbourne on March 7

      Hey guys, noticed the survey is going to the wrong email - wondering if we can get it changed please?


    39. Andrea Cstillo Rada on March 7

      Hello team! I’m still impatiently waiting for the tastiest game and haven’t received it. Somebody in Germany has it received?

    40. Hannah M on March 6

      Spuds ahoy!
      Successfully navigated to rural Victoria, Australia. The natives were very excited. :)

    41. John Arboleda Guerra on March 6

      Hi!!! thank you! the game arrived today in Colombia!!! looks very nice!

    42. Missing avatar

      zachary on March 6

      Thank you

    43. Codomo Creator on March 6

      @Steven Lannisters Hui
      We'll inbox you. :)

      Hi Zachary! The Potato Kings are shuffled into the deck at the beginning and drawn at random. If you get a Potato King dealt to you in your starting hand, you have to wait till your turn to reveal it.

      @Kiree Bellamy
      Oh no! We'll inbox you and try to help.

    44. Kiree Bellamy on March 5

      Seems like the postman nicked mine :(
      Glad people seem to be enjoying it though :)

    45. Missing avatar

      zachary on March 5

      Hello every one
      The potato king are in the deck from the beginning and then a player can get a bug card or after each players get 5 cards ?

    46. Steven Lannisters Hui on March 4

      Could I have your mail?

    47. Codomo Creator on March 4

      @Stephen Gunawan
      Very intriguing question! A Potato King kind of supersedes the no-shuffling rule, so it's up to the stricken player to decide which potatoes to sacrifice.
      1. They can opt to sacrifice 1 from each ship if they so choose.
      2. Yes - this means the ship that had only 1 crew is lost.
      3. The anchored ship sinks instantly, as shuffling can only be done on their turn.

      @Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi, Angelo Loria
      We'll be inboxing the two of you shortly!

      @Kenrick Carlson Keh
      We suggest trying to remove the divider and seeing if that helps!

      As each potato sack is hand-packed, sometimes human error occurs and potato crew end up where they shouldn't be, or don't end up where they should be. We've added 1 extra players' worth of potatoes so there should be enough for up to 6. You can send us a message if the crew count is too off, and we'll see how we can help you. :)

    48. marco on March 4

      Got the game! Will try it soon :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Tsuyoshi Sugibuchi on March 3

      BackerKit says my reward was shipped on 8th of Feb but I have not received it yet.

      I have not received parcel tracking number also. Did anyone receive a tracking number when your reward was shipped?

    50. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on March 3

      Any tips of how you guys managed to fit sleeved cards in the box? Seems like I need to remove the potato sack from the box.

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