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$1,918 pledged of $28,000 goal

Surprise! Sneak peek at an early development build Battle Scene

DISCLAIMER: What you're about to see is a very early development build of the Battle scene. Much like my other developer art, it's not pretty. This one, at least, has some color in it :) The second screen shot is the same thing as the first, except numbered. I'm going to go over the numbered "things" :)

So, without further adieu.. *drum roll* ...

And now, for the numbered version..

Let's go over each of these parts, shall we? Note that I'll be going over the battle system in detail in a separate update so I'm not going to cover every detail here :)

1) This is your player grid. Your Mimic's fight from here and can be placed in either the front row or the back row. You can also use your "turn action" to move a Mimic to an adjacent cell.
2) This is the enemy's grid. Your melee's cannot attack an enemy in the back row (same applies for enemies attacking you). Only ranged attacks and spells can reach the back row.
This is the enemy's targeting line. Right now there only one enemy but, if there were more, you'd see multiple targeting lines. It shows which enemy is targeting which Mimic with a skill.
This is the player's targeting line. It shows which Mimic is targeting which enemy with a skill. Again, if multiple Mimics were using a skill on the enemies you would see multiple targeting lines.
These are your reaction triggers. By clicking/tapping one of these and then tapping a Mimic you can use that Mimic's reactionary skills. You can also drag this icon onto the Mimic. The orange exclamation (!) is the trigger for reactions to enemy skills and the green exclamation (!) is the trigger for reactions to your ally Mimic skills.
The Mimic's turn timer. When this bar reaches full, the Mimic can act.
The Mimic's health meter. When this bar reaches 0 (empty), the Mimic is dead.
8) The skill bar for the currently selected Mimic.

As I said, this is early and it's ugly.. but it is working :) Hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this adds a little bit more insight into the Patchwork Battles battle system, ahead of the full Battle System update :)

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thanks to all the service men and women out there!


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    1. codeGrit Studio Creator on June 1, 2013

      The images here don't seem to be working right now, for some reason.. My apologizes. I'm working on figuring out why they aren't showing up.