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Story, Tactics, and Art. A modern re-imagining of the classic 16-bit RPG.
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Liege Approved for Nintendo WiiU!

Posted by John Rhee (Creator)

Bringing Liege to the WiiU is only fitting, given its roots in classic RPGs from the SNES era! I'd been planning for this update for a little while based on the updates I was getting from our Nintendo rep. Most of the changes required for this port are already factored in our PS/Linux stretch goal, but I've added in one last item to cover hardware costs. Here's the latest list: 

Now I know this won't necessarily come as good news to those of you who are looking forward to our last two stretch goals and aren't planning to play the game on WiiU. With that in mind, I want to clear up a few things: 

  • Since the approval came later in our campaign, the WiiU release will happen a little after the release for our other platforms. This is to ensure we don't delay our current schedule by adding the WiiU onto our list. 
  • I'll still be doing everything possible to get as much of our last two stretch goals into the game. As mentioned previously, even if we fall short of our targets, I'm more than happy to put in the extra work myself to get them implemented as best I can.

The decision to add the WiiU to our list was made in the hopes that the news will drive in additional backers to get us closer to our goals and ultimately benefit the game. I hope you're all excited about this as I am! Thanks as always to all of you, and if you know anyone who may be interested in playing this on the WiiU, let them know! 


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    1. Thilo Bayer on

      "To be honest i would switch the Burning City stretch goal and the Wii U support stretch goal." => This applies for me, too. I'm personally not interested at all at Wii U or any PS support. But the burning City is a great goal for PC gamers. Let's hope that this really attracts new supporters.

    2. Daine on

      Thanks for offering Wii-U. You have my pledge :)

    3. Chance Bruening on

      Glad I spotted this before it finished up - backed for $10 in anticipation of the WiiU version.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mehmet Krljic on

      As I am someone who has PS3, Vita AND a WiiU, for me this is excellent news so I upped my pledge from 10 to 25 just out of sheer happiness.

    5. Rick George on

      You may want to have an update to clarify what someone gets starting at the $25 level. In the description it says that you get access to the entire trilogy on ALL supported platforms. Then the chart at the bottom looks like at that level you get the trilogy either on a computer, or one of the one of the supported consoles. Either way I am still excited for this game, but this difference is a little confusing.

    6. Missing avatar

      bird on a wire on

      Just chiming in to say I'm also someone who pledged because of the PSVita stretch goal (PC gaming isn't convenient for me). I certainly won't be pulling my pledge just because the next stretch goal is WiiU. The more systems the merrier! And the bigger the market for Part 1, the better funded Part 2 will be.

    7. Liv Games on

      Just came here to say good on you John! The more systems we get this game on, the more people will play it and isn't that the ultimate goal?! John has repeatedly mentioned that even if he doesn't hit the Burning City or Art 2.0 (Which I'm betting on hitting the Burning City is gold) He will still do his best to get both features in, just might take him longer as a one man art team. Really it's a win! Calling it now we hit all 3 last Goals!

    8. Duncan A. Doherty

      Too much hate going on in here. PC elitists need to get down from the soap box and quit with the childish "I'm pulling my pledge" malarkey. To be honest, I would not have pledged for this if the ps4/vita port had not been confirmed (as I do not pc game), and now that WiiU is in the works as well I'm doubly pumped. From the looks of things over on that pledge ticker, I'm not alone in this. More systems=more support, period.

      Also, as a few others have so eloquently put, the goal was 15k. Stretch goals are a bonus, and just that. Too many times have I seen the sense of entitlement mentality going on when it comes to stretch goals, and it's more than a little sickening. Folks, we're all here for the same reason: supporting a promising concept. Let's not lose sight of that, please?

      By the by, as of my writing this, we have now made it to the ps4/vita stretch. Huzzah!

    9. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Let's all just spread the word about this Kickstarter project as best we can for the next 3 days. Hopefully it will skyrocket over $67K (which is absolutely possible) and the order of the stretch goals will become completely irrelevant.

    10. Angela Cheng on

      I pledged for this game because I saw the Kickstarter video, and wanted to play the game that was shown there. The video that sold me didn't have mounts, sea battles, huge battles, or burning cities. It had solid tactical combat, beautiful unique art, and a compelling, mature storyline with interweaving perspectives. Those things aren't going away any time soon. Also, the thought of John living on $15,000, the original goal, after having quit his job to do this, fired me up. If we get NOTHING extra from going over $15,000, it's that a talented artist/programmer/writer get paid for his efforts more than someone working at Taco Bell.

      Frankly, I'd be a little happier with a smaller game that delivers its core experience with more revenue sources and a larger audience. I was a little uncomfortable seeing the stretch goals initially *lowered*, not angry that they're being raised slightly. After my experience with Double Fine because they promised a small point and click adventure game and started mushrooming with stretch goals. DF still need more money after raising 8 times what they asked for, because their scope increase disproportionately. I am taking any sort of proposed budget for any video game KS, at this stage, with a grain of salt.

    11. Edward T. on

      @James Rarick
      I'm not sure about that, man. I mean, more pledges are coming in since John announced the Wii U stretch goal. Switching it now would just make them feel like backing out.

    12. Missing avatar

      DeathMoJo on

      To be honest i would switch the Burning City stretch goal and the Wii U support stretch goal. The only reason i say this is the Wii U has not sold terribly well, same goes for the Vita but the PS4 is bound to sell well compared to the other two.

      It is nice to support a new console but i feel more would want the Burning City then more console stretch goals.

    13. Sharon on

      I don't own a WiiU but that is a great idea reaching out to as many players as possible.

    14. Cameron (BLINK) on

      I originally pledged for the project knowing it was only going to be on PC. I then changed my pledge from $25 to $85 once I heard about PS4 support.
      That is $60 from me alone that John will get simply for supporting PS4, I'm no mind reader, nor do I have the numbers, but I'm positive that I'm not the only one who upped their pledge simply for console support. I truly didn't care all that much for any stretch goals except PS4 support and the burning city. Would I be happier if the first two stretch goals were PS4 and then burning city? HELL YEAH I WOULD! BUT, I don't care if PS4 and the burning city were the last 2 goals. I pledged for the game on PC how it was announced on the first day of the project and gave $25 to it. Would I have upped my pledge from $25 to $85 without the stretch goals being announced at all, probably not tbh.
      So the conclusion to my little short story here is, having the stretch goals can only help push backers that little further to up their pledge or help bring in new backers. I really can't see any harm in stretch goals, nor their cost to the project. You either liked the original pitch and pledged, or you heard about a stretch goal and pledged for it KNOWING it may well NEVER be implemented.

      wow, that was long (that's what she said) ;)

    15. Helena on

      To people saying they wouldn't have backed without the stretch goals: bear in mind that these were never guaranteed anyway. The whole point of stretch goals is that they won't happen unless enough money is raised. I'm hoping for the Burning City and Art v2.0 as much as anyone else, but if you're only backing in anticipation of features that may never be implemented, you're setting yourself up for a disappointment. (That said, it sounds like John will do his best to make them happen regardless - and of course, people cancelling their pledges would just make it harder to hit the goals.)

      Anyhow, it seems like the Wii U announcement has had a positive effect overall. There's already been a jump in pledges according to Kicktraq.

    16. Francisco H. Salanga III on

      I'm excited about this, personally. I also want the Burning City and I'm confident we can get there. Art V 2.0 I'm wary about because one of the reasons I was originally attracted to this was the presentation. I may be adding to my pledge to be honest.

    17. Benjamin David Lee on

      well wiiu people start backing now

    18. Dave, Shadowrunner on

      Man, there's goals for support of every console, except the one I own (3DS). That does it, I'm canceling my pledge! -Just kidding. In all seriousness, I sympathize with people who aren't thrilled with goals for console ports coming before game improvements; it's really hard to get excited about a goal that won't benefit you in any way. But it is true that adding console support has made a huge difference for other Kickstarter campaigns and even though I have no plans to own a Wii-U or PS4, and won't be buying Vita until it has some more good exclusives, I'm not angry. Publicly canceling or threatening to cancel your pledges just because you don't like the goals is just childish. Obviously it's your money and you're free to spend it however you want. But I appreciate John is saying he will try to implement the burning city and art upgrades even if we don't officially reach the goal. That's good enough for me. I'm sure, if he could turn back time he'd have the stretch goals all set in stone from the beginning, but the fact that he's willing to change them actually shows what kind of game developer he is. A good game developer changes things when they aren't working; a stubborn developer tries to implement things as originally planned, which often results in a buggy / unpolished game.

    19. Tenouchi on

      Been hoping to hear about the WiiU for a while now and i am glad it got approved. Now it just needs to get that stretch goal done. WiiU will probably make a nice difference. It sure did for other kickstarters like Soul Saga.

    20. Missing avatar

      Erin Jones on

      Well, I went through Paypal for my main donation, but I dropped a dollar in on Kickstarter just to comment and say: the Wii U support made this for me. I really, really wanted it, but I don't tend to play games on my computer much, and I don't have a PS4 or a Vita, so that made the difference for me, at least.

      And if it doesn't get funded enough to hit the Wii U stretch goal, well, I'll suck it up and play the physical copy on my computer and give the download codes to people for gifts. I'm very excited for this game, and trust that it will be worth it either way. The art and music are both amazing!

    21. Robert Faulkner on

      I actually came upon it because it was in the "Popular This Week" section. Hopefully it's popular enough that we can scrape all the way to Art 2.0 in 4 days. I know I'll be telling my friends. Very excited for this project!

    22. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      @Aakaash Rao - My not backing it would have nothing to do with the levels of the end stretch goals; simply a lack of faith given the inclusion of port goals. I've clearly reiterated more than enough that I think it isn't a fantastic idea.. But clearly, It's time for me to leave it at that and just hope everything works out.

    23. Robert Faulkner on

      @Yemala - To quote John "my hope with these announcements is that it'll bring in new backers who are interested in these platforms to ultimately get us closer to our later goals, not further from them"

      It's a gamble for sure that if somehow the project doesn't reach 51k all the people interested in WiiU will pull out and then if it drops too far that the Vita people will do the same. I think it will work out, but it's definitely a gamble. There is no guarantee that in the end this will bring in enough backer to justify the cost of the ports and ultimately benefit the game. I certainly hope it will! But I definitely can't promise it! I know the Vita port earned my $25. I can't tell you anything beyond that though :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Aakaash Rao on

      @Yemala - As Robert said, it's extraordinarily unlikely that we won't make the port stretch goals. For WiiU, we need only $4,500 in 4 days, which is less than 70% of our average daily rate (and that's not even considering the boost in pledges at the end of the campaign). I've also made arrangements with other Kickstarter game developers to have Liege mentioned before the end of the campaign, which can only help. In any case, even if we miss a port goal by a bit, I highly doubt John's going to say to himself "Aw shucks, if only I had $200 more I would have done the I guess I'll just drop it." ;) Also, regarding what you said about not backing the project if the goals were set out as they are now: the stretch goals for Burning City and Art 2.0 were actually higher when they were announced than they are now, and Liege still received plenty of support. I'm certain that we'll make both port goals, and it's not unlikely that we'll hit Burning City as well. Art 2.0 is more of a stretch, but we'll see how that goes.

    25. John Rhee Creator on

      Thanks Robert. Yemala, at this stage I think it's safe to assume we'll reach those goals very soon. Worst case if we don't make it and console/Vita only backers pull out, the difference will go back toward the original goals anyway.

    26. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      I certainly hope it all works out, but that thing you just said - "I know if somehow we don't hit 48k for the Vita version I'll be backing out" - how much funding will simply vanish if the vita and WiiU goals are not met?

    27. Robert Faulkner on

      @Yemala - Well let's keep our fingers crossed that people like me find it fast and we can get the 2 ports out of the way quickly then :)

      I just pledged the trilogy and in the end I hope Aakaash is right.... that the port options open up enough revenue to make part 2 and part 3 REALLY worth it. I definitely understand why you're disappointed with the stretch goals, but I think that unless you honestly feel the product is not worth $10 without the Burning City then you are still getting what you were promised when you pledged. And if you really, really feel it's not worth it w/o Burning City then withdraw your pledge in 3 days if we don't make it.

      I know if somehow we don't hit 48k for the Vita version I'll be backing out (though that seems impossible now).

    28. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      Another concern - what happens when the port goals aren't met?

    29. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      @Robert Faulkner - Fair enough; but if the goals were set out as they are now, I would not have backed this.. so frankly, it works both ways.

      Not every project has a huge influx at the end, and I can imagine a lot of people coming to the page, seeing the next two goals being ports, and not bothering.

    30. Missing avatar

      Carson on

      I think people need to realize that if it wasn't for the additional ports a lot of people would never have pledged in the first place and you would be much further from the stretch goals.

    31. Robert Faulkner on

      Also, to anyone worrying about making the Burning City.... you've got 4 days to go and every project has a big influx of people in the last 48 hours. I'd be willing to bet you the extra 12k that you'll make 58k without ANY problem.

    32. Robert Faulkner on

      @Yemala - Just to throw my story in there.... I'm a new father with almost no free time at home and 2 hour long subway commutes each day. I would DEFINITELY not be backing this w/o Vita support. I know MANY people who game on their commute and are playing AAA titles on their PS3/PC but will play more niche titles like this on the Vita. I don't know if that's just typical of NYC or not... but I can assure you that there ARE people who would not be grabbing this for a non-mobile platform. As to the WiiU vs the PC... I have no idea. I'm a PS guy (at least until the little one needs a Mario fix).

    33. Edward T. on

      @Aakaash Rao
      I think Jeremy is talking about back in the beginning of the campaign when none of the console ports were announced.

    34. John Rhee Creator on

      Thanks Aakaash. Jeremy, Yemala, point taken. We planned for everything we could before the campaign's launch. Stretch goals were added in because the support everyone's shown has opened lots of great opportunities for us, but we've been adjusting them as circumstances changed. As I mentioned, while it seems like the target goal has moved up, in the long run, reaching a bigger audience will benefit everyone who pledged.

    35. Jeremy Black on

      @Aakaash Rao First post of stretch goals in the updates does have THE BURNING CITY 50000 if it was added on the home page in a different amount I do not recall it being higher than 50000.

    36. Missing avatar

      Aakaash Rao on

      @Jeremy - If you pledged before the ports were announced, Burning City was not 50,000; it was higher than it is now, in fact. The stretch goals amounts were lowered substantially a few days ago, and John has now raised them slightly. All of the stretch goals are lower now than they were when they were announced (and when you pledged).

      It seems as though a couple of people don't completely understand the benefits of porting. Admittedly, the time and effort required to port the game to multiple platforms is substantial, and it may well detract slightly from the resources John can put toward the game. However, the game will reach a far larger audience this way and likely will sell far better than it would otherwise. This obviously will result in a far greater sales volume, and a lot of this money will go towards development of the next two games in the trilogy. So yes, perhaps we won't get some of the features in this first game that John would have implemented had he not decided to port the game (even though John has already stated multiple times that he intends to do his best to implement features of the stretch goals even if the goal is not reached). But we'll almost certainly get far more features in the next two games.

    37. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      I suppose I simply find it difficult to believe that there are a substantial number of people who want to support this for vita/whatever who would not on a PC/Mac/*nix platform, while I can see a large number of people (myself included) who would be actively turned off by funding additional ports. Clearly, though, my opinion is biased, so I'm probably wrong.

      But honestly, if you ever do this (kickstarter) again, please put all of your port goals right at the start, or even include them in your base goal... or at the very least, have them all laid out at the start instead of ramming them in whenever they come up. I understand that you've probably put them in once it's become clear that you /can/ make them happen, but as someone who funded without caring about ports, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    38. John Rhee Creator on

      Hi Yemala, the cost of the new goal is to cover hardware costs only. I'm doing the work myself, so there won't be an additional cost associated with it (aside from time of course). I know its discouraging to see the numbers seeming to move away, but again, my hope with these announcements is that it'll bring in new backers who are interested in these platforms to ultimately get us closer to our later goals, not further from them. For example, when we announced the PS goals for example, we saw a spike in pledges which should account for the cost of the port. I expect we'll see the same with Nintendo.

    39. Jeremy Black on

      I don't speak for everyone but I pledged before all the PS/WII stuff was included when Burning City was 50000 which we would almost have now it's going to be an additional 8000 just to see it when the ones of us who were purchasing it on PC are getting stretch goals that have no improvement on our experience seems kind of underhanded to the earlier people who have pledged.

    40. Missing avatar

      Yemala on

      Yay, another port to take up your time and energy instead of interesting features.

      While I see what you are trying to do, I can't be the only person who backed because we wanted the game - not because we wanted the game on some other platform. Ports really seem like things you should be doing with the initial return, not just ramming into the kickstarter a few days before the end.

      I just hope the amount of effort required for these ports is actually $3000 or whatever you've budgeted.. but frankly, I doubt it. I can't help but feel like you are going to be compromising something in order to push it to solidly secondary platforms.

      If I had come in at this point, I would be actively not funding instead of trying to hit the last two stretch goals.

    41. John Rhee Creator on

      Thanks Ola. It wasn't an easy choice, but I'm hoping it'll turn out for the best :)

    42. Edward T. on

      Well, $67K is still better than how it was before ($70K). In the first place, I doubt we'll even reach $64K at the pace we're going.

    43. Missing avatar

      Ola Hansson on

      It's disappointing seeing the stretch goal I actually want, the Burning City, get pushed further and further back on behalf of stretch goals I have no interest in.

      Oh well, I'm still in, and hope the game will be worth it without the Burning City if that's how things end up.

    44. John Rhee Creator on

      The stretch goals are being adjusted as news arrives. The last two goals have a fixed cost associated with them, because they're meant to cover the cost of hiring extra help get them completed. I've already lowered these as much as I can since I really want them to get into the game!

      If we're unable to meet the targets, I'll still be putting in extra effort to try to implement them myself; it just means we won't be able to hire extra help. Art 2.0 aside, I'll still be working on improving the game's art before release. I'll be putting out a few videos in the next few days that will give a better look into the current art process and how I'm planning on improving it.

    45. Joseph Shivak on

      hope it reaches 48k cause i want to play it on my ps vita with trophies :)

    46. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      if you aren´t sure about stretch goals you shouldn´t put higher stretch goals, it´s not serious, I pledged yesterday because i´m interested to the last stretch goal, if you go to raise those stretch goals when you want it, I´m not interested in your game.


    47. John Rhee Creator on

      VKBest, we needed to push out our later stretch goals with the new goal we added. Again, our hope is that in the long run, the backers this news brings in will actually get us closer to our final goal rather than further from it. And I'll still be working overtime on trying to get them done, regardless of where their target sit!

    48. Missing avatar

      VkBest on

      What? Yesterday ART. V2.0 was 64000, now 67000? is this a joke? if you want support Wii, you never should raise stretch goals, you are not serious.

      I will cancel my pledge.

    49. Eduardo Redoschi on

      Backed this hoping for this version (would play on my Mac or iPad anyway, but preferred to do so on my Wii U!)