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A '70s-inspired horror film about a girly sleepover that meets a cocaine rage. Scream queens look out: it's Gore Whore Daniella Pineda!

A '70s-inspired horror film about a girly sleepover that meets a cocaine rage. Scream queens look out: it's Gore Whore Daniella Pineda! Read More
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UPDATE: Dear Kickstarter Followers and Fans of Cocaine Sleepover
Your support and interest in us and our project is invaluable. With that in mind we have decided, based off your feedback, to change one MAJOR detail. 

Cocaine Sleepover will be a FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM! 
What does this mean? It means we are still raising the 80k toward a bigger picture and a bigger budget. We are no longer creating a short film. We have decided to take on a grander, more involved and exciting project. We still need your help!

So, what the hell is a Cocaine Sleepover?

COCAINE SLEEPOVER is our Reefer Madness on crack. It's a crazed and original take on drug hysteria with an entertaining and humorous twist. So this isn't just any old horror movie!

Our film reimagines '70s grindhouse, with the campy absurdism of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. Think Bridesmaids meets Tarantino in 3D. We'd tell you more of the plot, but we don't want to give anything away. Join us for the ride.

How effective is fear-based drug advertising? Remember when you were a kid and watched that PSA about the girl who took LSD and jumped off the roof? Or the boy who smoked marijuana and shot himself in the face? Millions and millions of dollars every year fund ad campaigns loaded with propaganda that's neither informative or youth-effective. The following is taken from the Students for Sensible Drug Policy website:

In February 2005, a research company hired by the ONDCP and the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that the government's ad campaign aimed at dissuading teens from using marijuana, a campaign that cost $1.4 billion between 1998 and 2006, did not work: "greater exposure to the campaign was associated with weaker anti-drug norms and increases in the perceptions that others use marijuana." The research company was paid $42.7 million for the five-year study. After the February 2005 report was received, the office continued the ad campaign, spending $220 million on the anti-marijuana ads in fiscal years 2005 and 2006.

As a generation of filmmakers that grew up having to watch this hilarious mumbo jumbo, we decided it was time to take a satirical stab at the all-American drug-war propaganda that is trying to scare the living crap out of everyone.

We Need Your Help!
We are independent. We are do-it-yourself. We've got a great script and an amazing cast and crew. We are passionate about this project, and we're trying to move mountains. We can't do this without help from our family, friends, fans, and frankly, total strangers.

We are collaborating with the wonderful people at 21st Century 3D, who are so excited about our film, and have cut us a nice equipment deal. For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty details: they are providing a 3D beam splitter, 3D monitors, specialized matching cinema lenses for 3D, and most important, talent and over 20 years of experience in 3D production.

Director Shane Duckworth, through Brooklyn Movie Works, is providing cameras (free!), plus access and relationships to some of the best camera and light crews working in New York. Our budget will be directed at costumes, special effects, locations, and postproduction.

The rest of the money will go toward paying our talented and hardworking crew. Favors are often how so many independent films are made, but we also realize people need to make rent and pay the bill. We would rather have our team stress free and feeling good about the work they are doing.

Who Are We?

Daniella Pineda and Shane Duckworth (holding Chuba the dog)
Daniella Pineda and Shane Duckworth (holding Chuba the dog)

Cocaine Sleepover is brought to you by writer-actress Daniella Pineda, director Shane Duckworth (Brooklyn Movie Works), and 21st Century 3D. We are teaming up to bring you a project with all the good ingredients: horror, comedy, and visual effects.

Daniella Pineda: Up-and-coming writer-actress Daniella Pineda is taking over the Internets. Jezebel says, "You Need to Be Watching This Woman's Videos!" She has been featured in everything from Ed Burns' Newlyweds to tons of College Humor videos, including Girls Watch Porn, Too, as well as Amy Schumer's new show on Comedy Central, and she is currently shooting for MTV. 

Shane Duckworth: Both a director and cinematographer, Shane Duckworth has worked on major Hollywood films like Terminator Salvation, Brothers and Observe & Report. He co-directed the award winning movie Without a Crowd and shot the highly praised album trailer for Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror. He is now shooting for Project Runway and has just opened Brooklyn Movie Works with partner Jon Cooper. 


Starring Evan Gregory: You know who he is, and if you don't, it probably means you don't have eyeballs and I don't know how you're reading this. He is a member of the Gregory Brothers, who created  Auto-tune the NewsAntoine Dodson's Bed Intruder Remix, and the Double Rainbow Song.

A cast of comedians! Jason Selvig, Ana Kayne, and Lyle Friedman.
A cast of comedians! Jason Selvig, Ana Kayne, and Lyle Friedman.

Jason Selvig: Comedian and professional prankster, Selvig recently tricked all of Occupy Wallstreet when he posed as an investment banker supporting the 1%. He also tricked the entire media, fooling Fox, CNN, MSNBC, among others. He will be playing the role of "Dick." 

Ana Kayne: "Hot and Funny," Ana Kayne is a comedic actress known for her work in Louie (she's Louie's mothers new fling), Another Earth, and Rescue Me. She will be starring as Sally's sister "Shannon." She's the shit.

Lyle Friedman: The comedy world had better brace itself for Lyle Friedman. Active in the New York improv, sketch, and stand up world, Lyle is up and coming. According to Daniella Pineda, she is "simply fucking hilarious." Friedman will be playing the lead as "Ellen."


Paul Richard: 'Drip' Self Portraits
Paul Richard: 'Drip' Self Portraits

Next time you're walking down the New York street, look down at your feet. You might see Paul Richard looking back at you from the eyes of one of his famous drip portraits (above). Mr. Richard is one of New York's most hailed street artists. Christina Aguilera even has one of his pieces in her bedroom. We are lucky enough to collaborate with him, and if you're a très chic donor, you can have one of his pieces all to yourself! He will be personally designing some of our posters!

Why make Cocaine Sleepover in 3D?

Because making a horror short means drilling into the cerebral and visceral reaction of gore, and 3D puts audiences even closer to that fear. Plus, we love 3D and believe it is the future of film. We don't want to torture you with 178 minutes of blue people on pterodactyls—we want to transform the dialogue about 3D to a conversation about quality, not quantity. We want to create something horrifically beautiful. We want to (figuratively) blow your face off.

We could not have made this video without the awesome help of our crew. They really are amazing. 

Animation, Special Effects and Art: Masha Gvozdov

Camera OP and Stills Photographer: Jon Cooper

Production Coordinator: Christina Woolston

Set Design and Art: Erin Charest

Sound: Greg Swiatlowski

Music: Ahmad Jean-Loius and Clare Farris, Paul Rivers Bailey, and Elliott Klein

Grip/Electric/Set Rock Stars: Yair Tygiel, Paul Rivers Bailey, and Eric Klein



  • Who sent you?? We WILL RAISE THE MONEY. If we don't, I have a batch of poison punch ready to drink. If we go over, well now we're talking. We can make the movie, longer, bigger, and better! You know what happens to well done short films? Tarantino or Eli Roth see them and make them into full length features :D That's the dream anyway.

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  • No. They are not. The day of the shoot I wore "pasties" to protect my real nips from the stickey sugary based blood created by our special effects manager Masha G. No areolas were harmed in the making of this promo film. We are also not alienating large areola'd donors. Thank you for your inquiries.

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    About $5 USD

    2 backers

    You, my friend, know a good project when you see one. Your discerning taste, and generosity, earns you our eternal gratitude and a shout out on the internets!

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    Pledge $10 or more
    About $10 USD

    51 backers

    Oh oh oh, pulling out the big guns!! You get a 2D digital download of COCAINE SLEEPOVER (so you can watch it and cry yourself to sleep). We'll also give you a 'Special Thanks' credit in the movie!

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    Pledge $25 or more
    About $25 USD

    29 backers

    You, my little hamster, will get a custom COCAINE SLEEPOVER sticker! Post it on your laptop, your friends back, your cat - the possibilities are endless... + a digital download of the movie and a 'Special Thanks' credit.

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    Pledge $50 or more
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    31 backers Limited (469 left of 500)

    COCAINE SLEEPOVER T-Shirt or COCAINE SLEEPOVER Poster (Choose in your comment)! + 2D digital download, a 'Special Thanks' credit in the movie, and a sweet sticker.

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    Pledge $100 or more
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    27 backers Limited (273 left of 300)

    ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT + You're invited to the WRAP ROOFTOP PARTY in Brooklyn, BABY. Music, dancing with the stars, flip cup, bon fire, and possibly a trampoline. Come as a zombie, Cher, Pinhead, or any of your favorite scary movie villans! Or just come disco. Your children's children will be talking about this party

    to their children.

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    Pledge $350 or more
    About $350 USD

    5 backers Limited (45 left of 50)

    A signed and numbered limited edition run of the "Cocaine Sleepover" poster by famed NY artist PAUL RICHARD. This is one hell of a collectors item! There will only be 50 of these in existence ever!

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    Pledge $400 or more
    About $400 USD

    1 backer Limited (3 left of 4)

    Your name shaved into Daniella's puppy's fur (CHUBA!), photographed and framed. This reward limited to 4 of the luckiest people around. (can't come all at the same time, gotta wait for chuba's hair to grow out!)

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    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    A PICTURE OF YOU HANGING IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE FILM. You will come to our studio and get a 70s style family portrait which will be hung on set and featured in the background of the film! so fricken sweet! You're gonna be a star kid. + digital download.

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    Pledge $800 or more
    About $800 USD

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    The best prop from the film, the KILLERS BLOODY PAJAMAS (Daniella's costume that is!). At your request we can frame this, and place it with a still image, signed, all in one neat pretty package. Your living room has never looked more awesome.

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    Pledge $800 or more
    About $800 USD

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    A prosthetic severed head of TIFFANY (played by Evan Gregory of the Gregory brothers). Head will come in an original display with a limited edition COCAINE SLEEPOVER Seal. If you love horror movies you'll love having this one above the TV.. looking back at you...

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    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    3 backers Limited (7 left of 10)

    Special VIP ACCESS invitation to the Rooftop Wrap Party to celebrate COCAINE SLEEPOVER! This means specialty treatment, specialty drinks, and thank you prizes the night of the party. It will be one of mayhem!! Also, you'll get a PRODUCER CREDIT in our film!

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    Pledge $2,300 or more
    About $2,300 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    1 of 4 original drip paintings by artist PAUL RICHARD of Sally (Daniella Pineda). These are truly incredible and valuable pieces of art, from an artist renowned worldwide.

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    About $5,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    An enormous drip painting by artist PAUL RICHARD - This portrait is the basis of the COCAINE SLEEPOVER poster and the icon of the movie. Holy shit I want it! Only 1 of these will ever exist!

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    Pledge $7,500 or more
    About $7,500 USD

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    One lucky donor gets their name tattooed on director Shane Duckworth's ribs. He will die with your name on his body.

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    Pledge $10,000
    About $10,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    OMG, you are tits on a ritz! How will we ever show our gratitude? How does an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT sound? Also, we'd like to invite you to join the blood bath. Come spend one day of shooting on a 3D movie set! Eat lunch with the stars. Poop in the same bathroom. Dress appropriately, you're going to get bloody comrade! Transportation/lodging not included.

    Estimated delivery:

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