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Rediscover cycling with the smartest way to upgrade your bike – making every ride more rewarding and fun.
Rediscover cycling with the smartest way to upgrade your bike – making every ride more rewarding and fun.
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Stretchgoal #3 – more smartphones!

Posted by iCradle, Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers and Supporters,

Thank you for getting us to within sight of our next Stretchgoal.

At $300,000 the COBI Customizer will be officially unlocked so we thought it was time to give you some more detail on Stretchgoal #3 – The Universal Mount Case.

And as a holiday treat, we've also slashed the next target! Now, if we reach just $350,000, we will add the Universal Mount Case to the range of phone adapter options available to all COBI backers.

First, here's a recap: up to now, we've focussed on developing special cases for the 12 most popular smartphone models – offering a tailored mix of design and functionality:

– Smallest and lightest possible form-factors
– Ergonomic materials
– Easy to charge
– Works on your phone all day long
– Simple to attach and detach (to phone and bike)
– Strong and stable connection with COBI
– Operating temperatures -20 to +60°
– Works on rough terrain and steep inclines e.g. MTB trails
– Protects phone in falls from 1.2m
– Supports Lightning and USB inputs

We've completed many rounds of prototype development and remain committed to the production of dedicated Mount Cases for the most popular smartphone devices.

The Universal Mount Case will extend the range of smartphones COBI supports to all devices which offer the following specs 

Display: 4“ – 5.7“
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart Ready)
OS Version: min. Android Jelly Bean (4.3)
Main Memory: min. 2 GB RAM
Processor: min. Dual-Core 1.3 GHz 

The adapter includes a flexible micro-USB connector. For the best COBI experience we recommend using one of the following devices:

– HTC One M8
– LG G3
– Motorola Moto X (2014)
– OnePlus One
– Samsung Galaxy Note 4
– Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

The COBI app and Universal Mount Case are also compatible with other Android devices that meet the specs listed above including the following devices: 

– LG G2
– Samsung Galaxy Note 3
– Sony Xperia Z3
– HTC One
– and more...

Development Status 

In the last few weeks, we've been refining earlier design work and preparing the relevant patent filings for our concept. Next, we'll be prototyping the concept to validate our design and finalize material selections. We can't avoid a small cable, but we'll keep it as flat and unobtrusive as possible.

Here's how it works:

– Attach the Universal Mount Case adapter to COBI
– Set the jaws of the case to the right width for your phone
– Clip your phone in and out whenever you want to ride
– Optional: plug in the USB connector only if you want to charge your phone

– You can reset the Universal Mount Case to use a different phone at any time
You can use the Universal Mount Case with your existing smartphone cover

Once we've refined the solution over the coming weeks we'll present the final design to you.

To mitigate risks to other project timelines, we propose to develop the Universal Mount Case using an additional design for manufacturing team. We will also ramp up our software testing team to handle the considerable additional work required to validate compatibility with a greater variety of handsets. Nonetheless, backers who choose the Universal Mount Case as their smartphone adapter option may have to wait a little longer than others to receive their reward.

Please share the news that COBI is now for pretty much everyone!


Andreas, CEO


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    1. iCradle, Inc. Creator on

      Hey Escoffery,

      What phone do you use? The Universal Mount Case is only for the phones which are mentioned above. The COBI Case is still available and nothing has changed.

    2. Bruce Belafonte on

      I'm so confused now. I thought that this was an actual case for the phone that would protect it from dirt and rain and everything else. I need to go back and reread the front page. I guess it's too late now, but I didn't realized I was going to need to buy a big clunky otterbox in addition to this.

    3. iCradle, Inc. Creator on

      @Nikolaj, Gouky: We are currently looking into this, but we don't have anything to announce just yet. Stay tuned and watch this space.
      @Andrew: The COBI e-Bike version replaces the Bosch HMI as you can see here:… This way, we can charge the phone through the e-bike battery and control the edrive system.

    4. 2smokey on

      i think i read that at present, cobi can control the bosch edrive system?
      how does it interface with the edrive?

    5. Nikolas Reitz on

      Jupp me too. Qi plate for iPhone is only around eight dollars

    6. Gouky on

      Yeah, I was thinking the same. I'm about to get a QI charger for my iPhone and if/when I get this I'll probably adapt it to charge using that.

    7. Nikolas Reitz on

      Did you thought also about wireless charging for an example Qi. To get rid about the cable. And for universal mount create one which use Qi to charge the phone.