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Follow a five dollar bill for a single night and witness the lives of five people change forever through love, betrayal, and murder.

We're making a 25 minute short film and we want YOU to be a part of it!


This short film takes place over a single night in Alabama and follows a five dollar bill as it crosses through the lives of five people. Two of the characters, Joe and Henry, are brothers who haven't spoken for over a year until Joe, his hands shaking from withdrawals, his head covered in a brown paper bag, walks into Henry's gas station with a gun and demands all of the money. 

Across town Clay is stuffing everything he owns into his car and then scrambling to the local diner to pick up Sarah Beth and her small son so they can run away together. They will finally be happy, as long as her husband never finds them. Unfortunately, Sarah Beth's husband Reggie found her suitcase in her trunk yesterday evening and now the night she has been dreaming about is turning into a nightmare. 


I am really excited about making this film. The story alone is enough to get me pumped but along with that, we will be focusing on getting the best sound design and cinematography possible to make watching this movie a gut wrenching, visceral experience. Sound is just as important, if not more so, than the visuals and the locations we have secured are going to look and sound great.

Imagine for a second standing outside of Henry's gas station. The wind blows through the trees. The constant buzzing of the insects all around you. You push the door open and the squeaking hinges announce your arrival. The sounds of the outside world fade away as the steady hum of the drink coolers and a old radio fills your ears. Your footsteps walking towards the counter and a sigh as Henry stands up from his stool to greet his new customer. He looks up and there's a gun pointed at his face. His whole world slows down. "Gimme the money" a gruff voice demands from across the counter...

You won't believe what happens next. 


The goal is to have the world premiere for this film at the South Alabama Film Festival in Mobile, Alabama. To see this film on the big screen with a crowd of people after all of the time and work put into it will be incredible. After that we will be entering it into festivals across the US. Film festivals are great because you get a chance to show your movie to a large group of people and it also is a good place to meet other filmmakers. Many dreams have come true because of film festivals and I am very excited for the future of this movie. 


This is a simple list showing how the money being raised will be used:

-Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 rental   = $123 for 21 days (with damage waiver)
-Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L rental  = $154 for 21 days (with damage waiver)
-x2 $86 film lights designed by Indymogul (to build ourselves) = $172
-Shoulder rig/follow focus rental = $290
-x2 32 Gb class 10 SD memory cards = $55
-External hard drive for storage and audio/video back up = $100
-Costumes = $200
-Food/transportation for cast and crew and filming permits - $906 


Will my pledge amount be publicly displayed? No. Only you and the creator will be able to see the pledge amount. 

Can we exceed the goal? Yes! That would be fantastic. The goal is the minimum amount need to make the film. If we exceed then every dollar we go over will help to make a better film!

What if the goal isn't reached in time? If the goal is not met by the deadline then your card will not be charged and "The Five" will not get made. 

I don't live in the US. Can I still donate? Absolutely! I do request that you please add a couple more dollars to the donation to cover international shipping cost for your reward. 

How can I contact you? I would love to hear from you. Just click on the blue "ASK A QUESTION" button below and I will get right back to you. 

Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing which means that even if we have $1999 pledged and time runs out, we don't get anything.  So if you don't have any money to spare, that's fine, but you can still help by spreading the word!

You can like our facebook page here at

Thanks a lot!

Henry's Gas Station
Henry's Gas Station
Henry's Gas Station
Henry's Gas Station
The diner where Sarah Beth is a waitress
The diner where Sarah Beth is a waitress


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