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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Leokesh Santistevan on

      So really disappointed w the re-sculpt of Martin and Eva...but not sure if it's worth it to send back. Has anyone posted creative ways to fix figures to make them bad ass as originally posted/sculpted?

    2. Daniel Orsary on

      Got my replacement eagle Chaz survivor since they shipped with two zombivor Chaz's. Thanks Cmon.

    3. Talae

      Shipment notification went out on 5/3/13 with tracking info and no update since. Should I be worried?

    4. Marijn Bierhof on

      Getting annoyed here. Received my package...but without Eva. But hey, things happen so no problem. Mailed answer...mailed them again...STILL no answer.

      Come on CMON! Get your customer service on track! Working in a customer service related company, this feels very frustrating.

    5. Terry Chiu on

      Just got my shipment last week. All accounted for, and Ivy looks beautiful :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Hyperion on

      Will the Android/Iphone app get updated with all the new survivors?

    7. dubhgilla on

      Yep not happy with how Eva & Marvin turned out.

    8. Jason M Rivera on

      Call me crazy, but this Eva doesn't look much like I thought it would...however, it does, with a little imagination and some blue, look like a zombie slaying favorite of mine! I think I'm seeing S.T.A.R.S. ! New perspective, achieved!

    9. Eli Curtz on

      Still no shipment, no valid tracking number, no response to inquiry re. tracking number. Have most of them been received at this point?

    10. scott murray on

      Received my shipment. Missing an entire set of heroes and zombivors (I pledged survivor)
      Still waiting for a reply from CMoN

    11. Niranth on

      Never mind, I am an idiot! I found them in plain sight even...

    12. Niranth on

      Mine came today, but it was missing Chaz et al x2, Troy et al x2 and the CTS et al x2. Niranth is a sad panda!

    13. Kurtis Smith on

      Gunslinger also... Thanks.... haha.

    14. Kurtis Smith on

      Hey does anyone know where I can find these special rules for the new characters?
      Sniper, Low profile, WebbingDestiny, Lucky, Taunt?
      I know I wont understand the Zombivore side of things until I'm able to get my hand on the expansion (missed the second kickstarter...) but would like to use these guys in my current version of Zombicide...

    15. Missing avatar

      Neo Tiong Cheng on

      I just received my shipment and I would like to say that I was very disappointed with how Eva turned out. I am also not happy with how the change was communicated to all my fellow kickstarter supporters.

      Why wasn't the decision made to change the sculpt announced earlier? Clearly, the change was made months ago since the mini had to be sculpted and tooled. Was it calculated to wait till the end of
      Zombicide 2 KS? I think everyone who paid for Marvin and Eva deserved a better explanation from GG and CMoN rather than a passing mention in an update.

    16. Brian on

      Marvin's changes were fairly minor from what i can tell - Eva on the other hand... Wow, not even carrying a katana except in zombivore - wonder what happened to the original scuplt, surely it's still hiding somwhere *grabs my flashlight to double my search action draws*

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Dirscoll on

      I received my 2nd wave shipment yesterday. I am somewhat disappointed in the changes to Marvin and Eva. Chaz and Troy look awesome.

    18. Roguebaron on

      @Hyperion, got mine in Ontario last night, took a few days to clear customs. mailed from CM on the 1st, arrived on the 14th, so a just under a 2 week turn around to get here.

    19. Daniel Orsary on

      Looks like I had the same issue some others had. I got two zombivor eagle Chaz's and no survivor version.

    20. Jason M Rivera on

      @ Devin same thing happened to me...updated my address, and even though its right on the pdf, it still got shipped to my old address...glad I didnt move too far!

    21. Darsc Zacal on

      @Hyperion. I received mine today here in Greater Vancouver, including the optionals I ordered, one of each Marvin, Eva, Ivy Claudia.

      All looks good. No doubles. No missing mini's.


    22. Niranth on

      I am starting to get concerned as the shipping number is still "Not Found." Shipments from Atlanta normally are here faster than this. I'll wait a while longer before pursuing this further.

    23. kickstartmyheart on

      @Heather Schultz, the same thing kinda happened with my Claudia, I received 2 survivor Claudias and no zombivore version. Just shoot 'em an email at...

      Not sure what the response time is though.

    24. Edwin Santoni on

      Got Ivy figure though I ordered Eva, but got the Eva playmat along with the Ivy figure....

    25. Heather Schultz on

      I got my shipment today. Everything looks great the only problem is I got two Zomb'ivor figures instead of the survivor/zomb'ivor for the Cardboard Tube Samurai in the Set #1 box. :(

    26. Missing avatar

      Dale Lewis

      Will the iPad app be updated with sheets for the new survivors?

    27. Missing avatar

      Hyperion on

      Anyone received their package in Canada? Mine seem to be stuck in custom for a week now.

    28. Aric Giron on

      YAY! i received the rest of my shipment this weekend and everything looks great.

      i have one concern; when i originally ordered this i put in for a Large shirt, i got that. my problem now is i have decided to be perfectly content being fat and happy and would prefer an XL. anyway of being able to order one or trade my L for an XL?

    29. Scott Noe on

      Ugh, nevermind. Just reread the update again and saw that they already know. I need to get some sleep! :P

    30. Scott Noe on

      Oops, posted before I finished. There is supposed to be a card for Claudia as well, right?

    31. Scott Noe on

      Received mine today. Just want to verify before I email them, but I didn't receive my Claudia survivor card. I got the Claudia/zombie Claudia, but didn't get her card with it.

    32. Devin Talamante on

      I would have received my package today, if I had not moved from California to New Jersey. Despite updating my shipping info in March, and the CKPM still showing the new address, my package has been shipped to my old address. Luckily it's my parents house, but it's really not fair to have to pay to re-ship it to the right address.

    33. Tim Peasgood on

      For all of you still waiting, I got mine in Texas today. One benefit for end users of FedEx Smart post over UPS, Saturday is currently included.

      The minis look great. Now I just hope the skills are updated on the website, as the ap isn't, otherwise I can't play with them!

      I am cool with having to change Eva and Martin, no one wants a delay over IP fights, its easier to deal with it than go through a giant legal battle.

      That being said, I do think the way it was handled is wrong. This issue was known a while ago, and we should have been made aware ASAP. Waiting until AFTER it ships comes off as sneaky and underhanded. And I do agree that the comments in response were less than ideal. "Oh, by the way, we changed what you thought you were getting. But if you don't like it, let us know, and we will give you your money back."

      What should have been said, was right when it happened, was "hey, we have this issue, we have to change Marvin and Eva, here is the changes, if you do not like it, let us know, and we will give you a $20 credit to use in our store, or on our next KS, whatever." Since this would have been before the 2nd season KS in all probability, backers would not have been irritated.

      I work in sales, and before that customer service, and I know that you live or die by the perception of your customer (fan) base. And the way this was handled seems to have left some backers with bad feelings. CMON and Guillotine need to address this, and in a better manner than they have so far, in my opinion. Because right now, it looks like they waited to say something to avoid any issues with the 2nd season KS, and that they could care less if backers are happy about it or not.

      Just my $.02

    34. Demetrios on

      It seems my request (886) was solved or deleted with ever being notified. While I understand that you probably have loads to do, this is a tad suboptimal.

      I've sent a new request (1172) and I hope this time you'll at least respond.

    35. kickstartmyheart on

      Recieved everything today, thank you. Perfectly fine with the Eva and Marvin changes, I find it a little comical that he kinda looks like the geico cavemen now.

    36. Demetrios on

      Hey guys,

      If I am looking to drop you a line regarding Eva and Marvin, is this email addy correct?

      I wrote to this Email on Tuesday, but sadly till now, no cigar. You're probably snowed under, but I am kinda worried my email got lost.


    37. Geoff Skinner on

      Anyone else missing Troy, Eagle and cts, but received everything else?

    38. Talae

      My FedEx tracking info says: "Initiated 5/03/2013 - Friday3:17 pm - Shipment information sent to FedEx"

      There is no other info. I live in Phoenix. Should I be concerned?

    39. Niranth on

      @Daniel, do you suppose that they cannot comment on it because of something in the agreement with Miramax? Considering that the parts in question are first and foremost a game tokens, and we now have confirmation from Miramax as to who they represent, I'm quite happy with the way things turned out. I will be happier when I have them in my hands. I've been good with CMON although I do wish I had ordered extra tokens for Guilds of Cadwallon - I didn't realize they might have an in game use.

    40. Daniel

      Listen, I am completely aware that IP shenanigans might impact looks of miniatures, but I find the attitude and responses from CMON in this regard really disheartening. I've done my fair share of project funding and this isn't the first time I've seen a project run into IP problems. CMON is the only one I've seen handle it in what I call an underhanded manner, though, whereas all the others were upfront with any issues they had and alerted pledgers right away when there where issues. For a good example of this that also involves miniatures, you can compare with

      I find the way CMON handled this as being really poor, and it's not like it's peanuts we have thrown at them to support them (through both zombicide seasons, rivet wars, sedition wars and guilds of cadwallon it is quite the bit of money I have supported them with, and I suspect I am not the only one), so I find the attitude shown from them when making inquiries about impacts on projects as being poor or worse.

      I don't have a problem with impact miniatures (to bring up the comparitive example from earlier in my post) telling me they ran into IP issues and have to make changes because they did so BEFORE shipping and allowed me to make considerations early on. I have a problem with CMON not telling me anything before the product practically lands on my doorstep and they then don't even apoligize for their behaviour in any way or form.

    41. Stephen G. Roy on

      @ Rob Beachler
      See? You should not have moved out of AZ or you would have your stuff TODAY!

      Nyah nyah!

    42. Stephen G. Roy on

      Received mine today in AZ. There IS a space in the tracking number.
      Mine also arrived a day earlier than FedEx says.

    43. Richard Simmons on

      remove the space then add a 0 as the first number, if that doesn't work, try a 1. if that doesn't work then idk. with sedition wars, when i got tracking i initially had to add a 0 in front of the tracking number for it to work, until they updated it.

    44. Niranth on

      I received notice of shipping today, but the link does not work and the number has a space in it. I cannot get any combination to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    45. troy on

      @ Rob Beachler
      lol you live in the same area as me. fedex does this to me all the time

    46. Theresa Ocken on

      Got mine today, too! Looks great! Except that I got a board for Ivy without her mini and a mini for Eva without her board :P It's cool. I'm sure I'll get that sorted out soon enough!

    47. David "Elwood" Hitchcock on

      Just got mine today - they look great! Can't wait to play with them!

    48. Kurogane on

      The package address contains only my firstname so UPS cannot make the delivery. Strange because the first package had all the valid informations.

    49. Rob Beachler on

      Really FedEx? My package gets to Troutdale, OR which is about 20 miles from me and then gets sent to Kent, WA which is 175 miles or so. Flippin' imbeciles!

    50. Greg Schell on

      Does anyone know if the IPad app will have new character cards as an update?