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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Zackspacks on

      Many thanks for the campaign :) Quick question though, whilst searching the cop car, can you find the gasoline and bottles, or do you discard them as they are not a weapon individually ?

    2. Devin Talamante on

      @maggoli Yes and Yes. Zombies never miss and you can spend your actions however you see fit.

    3. maggoli on

      I played my first game today with some advanced EFL students, and it was a smash hit! One question tho, actually, 2: Do zombies automatically hit, and can a player do multiple attacks using all their action points?

    4. Travis Bradley on

      So I played today starting with The Skyscraper, and moved to Fast Food since Ye Who Enter Here was too hard to get to, and we had already spent 3.5 hours on the first of the three campaign maps. An ally using El Cholo manage to get to the Red one and brought with him to the Fast Food map 'Ma's Shotgun' which definitely helped. The rest of us started off at the 7 point marker. We broke the map by camping out on all 4 spawn points, and then clearing the final top building. We then rushed the exit zone to Abandon All Hope. We stopped there since collectively we had spent 7 hours on the campaign, and we will resume next sunday at the latest. This is a brutal campaign definitely need a large time slot, and experienced players to take on Switch City.

      Just thought some of y'all would like to read some game experience. Also Wanda, and Doug are beast definitely my favorite characters definitely if Doug has plenty of ammo with a matching set in the orange zone...CRAZY.

    5. Missing avatar

      CrayolaSmoker on

      Clarification: If a survivor reaches red level on the first mission, he starts the next mission demoted to yellow or orange (dependent on exit zone) with one piece of equipment from the previous mission? And a survivor in the orange on one of the blue missions that exits to Fast Food would start with 7 kills and no equipment?

      The starting positions of some of the zombies make it seem like you'd want to end EVERY mission in the red just to ensure your survivors have a *little* something to combat the oncoming hordes.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tyler Madison on

      In the Skyscraper scenario, you find extra survivors. I can't figure out though if the intent is to have a party of more than 6, given that there are only 3 that you can find, and we have 3 promo survivors. Any ideas?

    7. troy on

      anybody notice the dirty harry zombie in there?

    8. Gavin Meakings on

      I hope we can buy Kyoko at some point (or a pre-order bonus for the expansion)!

    9. Rick S. on

      Will we still be receiving the downloadable tile?
      Will it be double sided? (that may help me win Kyoko)
      Will we be able to buy Kyoko?
      Thank you for making such an awesome game!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      This would be great, if only my copy of Zombicide would arrive!

    11. Phillip M.


    12. Andrew Popp on

      Can someone tell me what the purpose of the blue zombie ties are for the Skyscraper & Fast Food missions?

    13. Gavin Meakings on

      Awwww. I thought the campaign was going to have a new downloadable tile? (nice campaign anyway)

      And new Zombie art on Page 5!

    14. AStarks on

      That's some mean stuff... nice work!