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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      I wonder if this update is still listened to.
      I have a problem with the 'Experience gained!' screen. The problem is that you cant subtract any mistakes you make. You can only add 9 corrections and then you have to start over. This might not be a big problem but it is one of those little things that make great apps if done right. Currently I think its done the wrong way.

      Instead of the correction column you should add a minus graphic to all experience types displayed. Tapping it would subtract one hit from that type. This would eliminate the Correction column and make the screen much more intuitive to use.

      I actually went ahead and did some coding bits just to test out the principal of the solution. I posted a screenshot and the code of the app over at guillotinegames website under the iPad app release note.

      If you agree go vote up the comment. If they monitor the comments they might bring this point to the developers and get it fixed.


    2. Missing avatar

      David D Hagood on

      I tried the Android app, but I think it needs a great deal of work.
      1) It is burning a great deal of CPU for no more than it is doing - it wiped my phone battery out in 2 hours of play. I think you need to do some profiling on it to find out why it is burning so much CPU (and thus battery).
      2) The "switch character" area is almost unusably small - either that or the logic to handle it is unusable. Trying to switch characters is almost impossible.

    3. Marcus Qing-Tai Ng on

      Tried playing with the app, and it is much more convenient for tracking kills and items! I second the request for the ability to draw cards as well, though I can see how that would be complicated if you weren't running all the characters from the same ipad. Some way to add more characters in the middle of an existing game, to save an in progress game state, and to create custom character sheets would also be a nice addition.

    4. John Cruz on

      I second the request for an Android version. C'mon, guys, Android are now about 48% of tablet sales.

    5. Ian on

      Please make an android version! please

    6. Eric Groenewald on

      Superb app. Wow this will make playing so easy!

    7. Raven on

      I downloaded the app. It's TOP NOTCH, excellent functionality. The interface designer is a genius. The only thing I would add to it is the ability to "draw a card" and Rolling Dice. It's still a GREAT Game Aid nonetheless!

    8. ZavierO on

      iPad released on the day the package arrived at my doorstep. Such perfect timing!

    9. mark keedwell on

      @ greg maybe they didnt know f they could do it i

    10. Greg on

      how was this NOT announced in the original kickstarter promotion???

    11. Ben Pharn

      Oh, and I don't know if you have this already or not cause I don't have an ipad to try it out, but in a future update maybe you could make some blank cards available for custom characters?

    12. Joshua R on

      Pretty good app - the UI is a little bit clunky with a few not-so-intuitive choices made, but generally it's quite good. If there were an iPhone version (or rather, a version for smaller-than-tablet devices), it would have to have a completely different design. I like that with this, it stays true to the actual Survivor cards. Having the action tracker that updates according to player abilities is a very nice touch!
      I'm not sure why someone would want a Windows version... Having a tablet on the gaming table is one thing - a computer - even a laptop - seems like a lot more hassle than just using the cards that come with the game.
      But nicely done! Thanks!

    13. Mark DiBlasi

      Awesome Sauce!

    14. Ben Pharn

      If it's not for the iphone, is this gonna be on the phone app store or will this solely be a tablet app, be it apple or otherwise?

    15. Rakuall on

      I'd love a windows version as well. I know most laptops don't have any of that fancy touchscreen stuff, or the hype/hipster rep of a tablet, but I'm fine working with a mouse.

    16. AdamDork

      No iPhone?! Boooooo

    17. Jalister on

      How about a Windows or Linux version? Some of us have netbooks and laptops instead of tablets.

    18. Chris Patterson on

      Droid Droid Droid Droid!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      angel koh on

      Looking forward to the android version!!

    20. Stephen K

      @Michael Meeker. It says there is an android version coming in this post.

    21. mark keedwell on

      i wish i had a i pad any thoughts on making this game into a video game?

    22. Michael Meeker on

      Very nice! I hate to be *that guy*, but are there any plans for an Android version?

    23. Dude Wellen on

      (Agreed about it being made in HTML5)

    24. Dude Wellen on

      Agreed, I'd like to be able to use it on my Windows devices. Hint Hint!! :)

    25. KZ (KingZombie)

      Sweet! Cool app!
      (although wider availability would be nice for non-iPad users)
      I have an iPad and won't complain.

    26. Michael Taylor on

      couldn't this just be made using html5 as well, allowing everyone to use it regardless of device?

    27. Robyn Nixon

      not bad (for an ipad app)

    28. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      Awesome, love the support you guys are giving this game. I hope you're planning on striking while the iron is "HOT" and sell some expansions.. I'm drooling for more already and I haven't even painted my figs or played all the missions.

    29. Missing avatar

      Ethan on

      I wish it was available for non-tablet users. Seems like it could be made to work on iphone just fine judging from the screen shots.

    30. Chris Frost on

      just checked it out, this looks and works pretty great.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wade on

      Either way, it still seems like a great feature. Thanks!

    32. Rob Beachler on

      Heck just make it work for PC and Mac, it'd be a simple thing to use.

    33. Missing avatar

      Wade on

      Any chance of the app in the Barnes & Noble app store for the nook?

    34. Kiel Cross on

      This is great! Any idea if this will be on the Amazon Marketplace for Kindle Fire users?

    35. Missing avatar

      David Trimble on

      Will android version be in the Amazon App Store?

    36. Mr Anderson

      Now if they would only ship my game to me here in the US!

    37. Matt Strange

      why does iOS get everything first?

    38. Aaron on

      android is coming, so super happy for that. and this is a great idea! thanks!

    39. Rand Chua TL on

      Awaiting for the Android version and the copy of my game.

    40. Missing avatar

      Evan Windsor on

      Seconding the love for android (specifically kindle fire).

      I understand ports cost money, so if it had to be a paid app, I would still get it. I'd drop up to 4.99!

    41. Jamie & Tim Buckley

      Sweet! What a great app, especially for playing solo! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Android version is coming. Just not soon enough for me. :-)

    43. troy on

      this is why we need this for android

    44. troy on

      just searched for it on my ipod.... it just asks me if i meant zombie and comes up with nothing...

    45. troy on

      yeah ipad sucks. make this for android!

    46. Missing avatar

      Joe Habacker on

      Any way this can be done for android as well?