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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Anders Pedersen

      Here in Denmark...the customs are tough...

      They did not accept the downloadable customs PDF with a declared value..

      They also want a Bank printout together with the Original PayPal receipt with a goods description and value.

      What to do now?

    2. Ace on

      Invoice now suddenly works! Don't know what changed but yey! =D

    3. Ace on

      Just a heads up.
      My CKPM invoice pdf link does not work.
      My copy just arrived in Iceland and customs is going rabid over it (like usual).

      Any ideas?

    4. Jason Hayes on

      I received my tracking number on 6th Sept and received my package on the 10th September. And picked it up today. I'm from Adelaide, Australia.

      I am very happy with the game, it's very nice and I am looking forward to a few games on the weekend with friends. So many mini's.... :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Ian Koxvold

      Well, my VAT bill was £11.12, which translates to VAT on a value of £55.60. So I'm wondering if they didn't bother translating the postage and fees amount from USD to GBP... oh, yes, also an £8 clearance fee (thank you ParcelForce...).

    6. Patrick Stangier on

      Some countries do add the shipping cost to determine the value of the package for customs purposes, so that might be the cause as Zombicide has very high shipping costs.

      CKPM is the CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter Pledge Manager. You should have received an email with your login data for it on the 14th July.

    7. Missing avatar

      Covenpines on

      What is CKPM? I cannot find anything. Very annoying!!!

    8. Ben Clapperton on

      And picked up. Thanks for those who let me know I could go to Parcelforce and get it. I did get stung for an extraordinary amount of customs. Almost twice what I got for my Brushfire parcel and that was listed at $60, twice what the Zombicide parcel was listed as.

    9. Andrew Murray on

      Can't wait till Monday. I should be getting Zombicide, AND a new pair of roller skates on the same day. I hate waiting for parcels!! D:

    10. Missing avatar

      Christian Geiger on

      @Gavin: Thx for your investigation! We need this "Just to confirm for everyone outside the USA. Since your pledge rewards are rewards and not strictly speaking pre-orders, they will be marked as gifts. We'll also put them down for a reasonable manufacturing cost, so as to minimize your customs impact." in the pdf from ckpm. I also have to go to the custom :(

    11. Jason Hayes on

      I'm from Adelaide, Australia.
      I received my tracking number email (from CKPM Admin) this afternoon (friday) and my tracking info shows the package as being in Australia at the sorting centre on Thursday 6 Sept.

      Theoretically I should get mine Monday (ish), which is awesome.

    12. Henrik Horneber on

      Just tell them it's a silly kids board game and they'll understand.

    13. Daniel

      Just got notified by danish post about mine waiting for me if I could help them understand what was going on with the value of the product. Here's to hoping that the danish postal service will understand my explanation of crowdfunding :-s

    14. Mark Winnington on

      My set arrived two days ago - I'm in Switzerland. So a really good job there, and a big thank you to CMON: it looks very impressive! Can't wait to play. :)

    15. Dave Boot on

      Netherlands here, just got my tracking info AND my package. No import taxes! also discovered that instead of 6 extra runners for abomination pledges, there are 8 :-)

    16. Benny W on

      @Corey I got my tracking number tonight and it's in the country... hurry up and get it to Perth Australia Post!!!

    17. Jamie Wildbore on

      NZ based Backer here, and just recieved my shipping info. After checking ive discovered my package is in the country, and should be on my doorstep any day now - best news ive had all week :D

    18. Missing avatar

      Corey Broadway-Bennett on

      Any word on Australia? :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Jakob P. Thomsen on

      Anyone from Denmark got theirs yet?

    20. Henrik Horneber on

      The pretty young customs guy here in Germany asked 'Kickstarter?' when I said 'crowdfunding'. I also explained that the dollar values listed in CKPM could not be used directly, since the package received did not contain everything (Marvin et al). After a short inspection of the package, I could simply take it with me. No VAT, nothing. Even though my package contains the duplicate tile set and additional dices. Happy happy joy joy!

    21. Missing avatar

      Tequila on

      I can also report a happy ending here in Finland. I sent the packing slip that was provided by CmoN and customs accepted the delivery with $30 value and cleared customs. Hence no VAT / customs payments and delivered today to front door. Package looks brilliant, everything neatly packed and t-shirt is perfect fit. Thanks to CmoN for taking us international backers into consideration, you rock.

    22. maggoli on

      South Korean pledge partner has received his today! Loverly! May scare my fellow animal shelter volunteers on the weekend with the T-shirt!

    23. Steve on

      Jarrah, great news! I'm in Adelaide too. Hopefully its waiting for me at home.

      Out of interest, why did you have to pick it up? Delivery but no one to sign for?

    24. Jarrah on

      Just picked mine up in Adelaide, Australia.

    25. Gavin Meakings on

      @Henrik, Yep. At least over here in the UK -

      "Postal services provided by the Post Office are exempt from VAT, but this exemption does not extend to similar services provided by other suppliers, even where this might be seen as being in direct competition with the Post Office. However, if any delivery charge you make to your own customers includes the cost of stamps you buy from the Post Office you may have to charge VAT on the whole amount including the cost of those stamps."

      Really awful rule.

    26. Henrik Horneber on

      @Tom: wait, what, you have to pay VAT on POSTAGE???

    27. Tom Hoefle

      i actualy payed 19,08 Euros as we took the 100 Dollar plus 25 Dollar postage and than the Mehrwertsteuer of 19 percent of it - but im still coll with it

    28. Henrik Horneber on

      @Klaus and @Niels, thank you for your stories. I'm gonna go there tomorrow and see what's up!

    29. Niels B. on

      @ Henrik, @Tequila, @ Gavin, just wanted to come back on my Customs story, I can report a happy ending! I sent them an email with the explanation kindly provided by Gavin and Coolminiornot somewhere. I've sent them a message saying basically that it is not a classical purchase, but an investment in a company that was able to produce a game with the money. As a thank you I have received the game, the value ($30) is the cost of production.
      They responded that they have decided to treat it as a package from private to private, i.e. no additional taxes. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome. BUT, I had the impression that was a very individual decision. It could go either way, depending on how you argue and who you are dealing with on the other side. So good luck, guys! Would be interested in the outcome nonetheless for future Kickstarter projects.

    30. Klaus Schneider

      @Henrik Horneber: I went to the customs with the CKPM-Printout, since I didn't had the invoice then. I explained the crowdfunding-stuff, which doesn't fit into german import laws - yet. so we checked, where Zombicide is available for preorder for 89.99USD. as a matter of fact i payed approx 13,50 Euros for customs which was okay for me, since I didn't want to argue with the real cool guy at the customs (I'm waiting for a few more imported games) and wanted to take the game with me.

    31. Gavin Meakings on

      I'm hoping the tracking numbers are sent out soon as I have had a lot of trouble with delivery companies in the last year due to changes in road layouts meaning my house is not accessible via the route delivery navigation systems show. I have had deliveries as "Unable to deliver" and returned to the depot, I have had to contact them to arrange collection from the depot as they just can't find my house. If that happens in this case then I won't be able to collect without the tracking number and if it's delayed too long then there is a risk of the package being returned to sender.

    32. Andrew Murray on

      Going to bed. Fingers crossed for the morning delivery!

    33. Missing avatar

      Davin L McKay on

      @Harry Birrell , Regional Victoria,
      @Quadimus, There was a tracking number on the package, i never really looked at it though.

    34. Henrik Horneber on

      @Tequila, on my US Postal card it says Postage and Fees $55.81. Nevertheless I worry the same.

    35. Martin Gregory

      Give them a break guys, they've had over 5000 orders to sort and send out.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tequila on

      I received a note from customs today that I need to clear the shipment here in Finland. I'm actually worried that the $30 declared value will not be accepted and will be deemed as too low for such a big box (with no shipping costs either). I actually have no idea how customs over here handle Kickstarter pledges. Will they demand to see my Amazon/Visa bill or will they understand the concept behind the whole pledging/gifting as technically these are not "pre-orders" as such? Well, I guess I'll find out in a few days so fingers crossed...

    37. Missing avatar

      Matt Bowmar on

      I'm in NZ, no sign of anything yet :( hopefully soon.

    38. Brent Sieling

      As someone in the US, I got my box in the mail the same day I got the email with the tracking number, so don't panic if you don't have a tracking number yet. IMHO, I would rather have the shipping be fast, and the tracking info be slow, rather than the other way... ;)

    39. Harry Birrell on

      @David L McKay, where in Oz?

    40. Andrew Murray on

      @Davin; did you get a tracking number?

    41. Henrik Horneber on

      @Klaus Schneider: How did you handle customs?

    42. Missing avatar

      Davin L McKay on

      I'm In Australia, and mine's arrived today, was very surprised.

    43. sojourner on

      I just checked my packing slip and the date listed is September 5, so I'm assuming it has only just made it out the door. I'm in Australia, pledge number 1121. I'm not in the burning hurry that some others are, so it doesn't bother me that it's coming later than expected. I also understand that part of pledging to a KS that goes thousands over is that the pledge fulfilment is likely to be less smooth. But I am annoyed about the lack of communication - it doesn't have to be one-on-one, but something saying "hey we're running late, and this is what we're doing about it" should take 10 minutes to put up, and would generate a lot of goodwill. Another KS I'm waiting for stuff from is running later than promised (which CMON isn't), but has put up regular updates with pics explaining the delay and showing progress, and I feel more positively about backing them as a result.

    44. Jason Hayes on

      I had the same thing as @Prasant, just messages that appeared to be phishing scams.

    45. Prasant Moorthy on

      When do we get tracking numbers? I heard last weekend but still not seen a thing here... checked junk folder and there's a couple of failed delivery messages from UPS for two weeks but they look like phishing scams...

    46. Gavin Meakings on

      @Niels Glad I could be of help. I have managed to find Coolminiornots' original comment on custom charges for you as you may find it handy -

      Posted on Zombicide comments page - May. 02, 2012

      "Just to confirm for everyone outside the USA. Since your pledge rewards are rewards and not strictly speaking pre-orders, they will be marked as gifts. We'll also put them down for a reasonable manufacturing cost, so as to minimize your customs impact."

    47. Niels B. on

      @Gavin, that's great information, I did not know that, but it sounds plausible. I'll try to go that way and see what the Customs guys say. I'm a bit afraid that they'll see $ 145 (so yes, 2 extras) on the management site and I have to pay the customs fees. Well, actually not worried to pay them once, I was anticipating that, but worried to pay them every time a shipment arrives. I'll let you know how it goes.

    48. Gavin Meakings on

      @Niels it's a big tricky to explain but we technically did not actually purchase a copy of the game when we pledged to the kickstarter, we were investing so that the company could fund the production of the game. As a thank you they are giving us a copy of the game. As such they have quoted $30 as the item cost as this is what they pay for production cost for each copy of the game (materials, printing, molding the miniatures, etc). This is all still quite a grey area with customs as we did not purchase te game but invest in the company.

      The trouble for you is that there is no invoice or proof of purchase as you have my actually purchased anything. Getting the customs officer to accept that will be another matter. As a last resort you could use the email invoice amazon send when you when they take funds from your account or a screen print of the pledge Managemnt site showing what you paid, the trouble is that it will also include the extras coming next year (if you paid extra for any). Good luck and please let us know how it goes!

      (still waiting for my copy here and hoping the delay isn't because UK customs are investigating)


    49. Niels B. on

      Thanks, but I got a letter from German Customs that they want the invoice and proof of payment. And they included the same packing slip in this letter, so apparently they do not accept it. I'll call tomorrow, but if anyone has a good tip, I'd be grateful. And what's up with the 30$ (instead of 100 + shipping)?

    50. Missing avatar

      Craig Lindsay on

      I still haven't received any tracking number. And my CKPM doesn't have any tracking information.