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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Missing avatar


      Received my shipment email from FedEx on Aug 8. Nothing has showed up yet. Tracking number seems to indicate no package was actually ever picked up by FedEx?

    2. CMON 37-time creator on

      Dan, please get in touch, we still don't have your payment for overseas shipping.

    3. Missing avatar

      Dan Hicks on

      Do we have an ETA on shipping? Should I expect this before Halloween?

    4. Missing avatar

      Alan Campos on

      I was also wondering about my pledge. I haven't received a tracking number or an email, and to my knowledge have everything paid off, is there any way I could find out more on this?

    5. Mr Anderson

      When are you going to finish with domestic shipping? Still waiting in California!

    6. Mårten Cederholm on

      Very confused.
      Got an email on the 9th of june that it was shipped.
      Still haven't received notice from the postal office.
      Who do I contact?

    7. Carlos Alves on

      The pledges from south american already where shipped?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeff Wilkinson on

      Mine arrived today. Want to take off from work early.

    9. Chris Vaughn on

      I emailed them and they're going to send mine out (again?) today. Yay!

    10. Craig Hackl

      I'm still waiting on a tracking number, are they still getting shipped, it has been a week.

    11. Chris Vaughn on

      Holy cow, I just realized I'm Pledge #11. I guess "pretty early in the process" was an understatement! Wish I'd gotten my game by now...

    12. Chris Vaughn on

      I had to be out of town for a medical emergency for the past month and expected to find Zombicide waiting for me when I got home, but no luck. I received a tracking number on August 7th but nothing after that. FedEx thinks it's still waiting to receive the shipment... I'm in the U.S. by the way and pledged pretty early in the process.

    13. Harry Birrell on

      @CoolMiniOrNot - PSSSST, any idea if the package has landed in Australia yet? Thanks, Harry and Damon

    14. Missing avatar

      Trevor on

      still waiting but i dont mind am preying to have it this weekend with some luck no tracking number but that doesnt bother me as people have been saying as long as its been sent im happy

    15. Mark Horneff

      Me too, was hoping for an update, but forgot its only just Monday where they are.

    16. Ieuan Jones on

      @Ben Neptune: Oh yeah. I am worried about what address they're sending it too, and what with CMON's response to the irrational complaints of a few people, they're now saying it might be best to keep us in the dark in the future, which annoys me. I don't blame them, even though it's an extreme response to a couple of whiners, if people are going to complain when you keep them informed; why set yourself up for unnecessary criticism?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ben Neptune on

      Lol @ Jones

      Personally, I'm just anxious to get the tracking info and make sure it's shipping to the right address.

    18. Ieuan Jones on

      Why on earth people are complaining, is beyond me. They told everyone that it'd arrive in October at first, back when you paid for the game. Getting cross because they told you that they might be able to send it out sooner and then found out that it'd come out a little less early (but still sooner than originally stated) is really daft. If your friend says that he might be able to help you out on Monday but that he's more likely to be able to help you on Wednesday, do you get cross if he helps you out on Wednesday? I would think your answer would be no, otherwise I'm surprised you have friends.

    19. Labelle Rouge on

      yep! Me too. I'm French so I hope that no shipping problems will happen.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dean Burnie on

      I haven't gotten any tracking number or any kind of conformation myself, I guess I can just hope it will be here soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bolt

      Haegemon: No, what Patrick was saying is that production value can be used, which seems to be correct according to the UK customs, and based on their processing of one parcel recently. Perhaps you shouldn't assume that the only correct way is your way. And why you'd think it about ego, rather than customs regulations, is beyond me.

      Frederik Vezina: To answer both your posts: he wasn't.

      Brian Moran: Totally agree. Pledgers should be happy that this is a great deal, excellent value. Yet they'd rather complain over some minutiae... I think I'm going to stop reading the comments again.

    22. Missing avatar

      pckardell on

      I just realized it's not Friday yet. I guess I'm anxious for the weekend, but the rest of the above holds true.

    23. CMON 37-time creator on

      Everything is out the door! Just need to get all the tracking info updated and sent out. Australia, should land in 4 - 7 days, and after that Australia post will take over and deliver it, depending on where you are it may be a day or so after, or more if you're further away from city areas.

    24. Andrew Murray on

      @CMON, how's it looking? Is everything out the door yet? How long should my package take to get to me in Australia?

    25. CMON 37-time creator on

      Phillip, that's not normal, please contact us via PM with the tracking info you received.

    26. Missing avatar

      Phillip on

      I received a tracking number on the 8th, but it still hasn't arrived (US address). Is that normal? As far as I know I don't have any outstanding charges.

    27. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Or Not
      Paul, you're not getting shipped yet because you asked for an additional Marvin in the survey, never logged in to the CKPM as far as we can tell so are still outstanding $10. If you don't want the Marvin, let us know, we'll remove it manually and ship you and treat your reward requests as confirmed.

    28. Missing avatar

      pckardell on

      @CMON I think that's going to be a great move on your part. I'm one of the backers that you're referencing. I have been patient, but have been disappointed by missed projection after missed projection. Granted, I was one of the last backers, and I did purchase an add-on in the ckpm (which I'm told moves my pledge to the back of the bus, even though it has no impact on the 1st shipment). However, here we are on Friday evening and I still don't have a tracking number. I'm also in the U.S. by the way. Without any of the projected shipment dates, I would've expected to get my game in September as originally targeted. Instead, I'm a little frustrated that I haven't gotten it early like it was announced at the beginning of the month.

    29. Frederik Vezina

      @Carlos If you're going to ask people to commit fraud on your behalf, you should at least refrain from making it explicit in a permanent repository.

      @CMON: Keep doing what you do, everything is fine. I'll get my copy when I get my copy, and it won't be a worse game because I waited an extra week or whatever. Same thing should apply to pretty much everyone, nay?

    30. Jason Christopher Faught on

      Got my game 13 hours ago... And yeah... Just finished playing an hour ago! Even my mother played! And she don't play non-traditional games!

    31. Steve on

      @Nicholas Crack, don't worry about not getting it until October they said they are shipping USPS Priority which should be a week or less worldwide, even if some don't get shipped for another couple of weeks (very doubtful) it certainly looks like everyone will get them in september at the latest.

    32. ivan "Elpanda" on

      I'm from italy. I say to everyone take easy when arrive the pledge is September october or november the important thing for me is the quality of product not when arrive don't be' angry it's only my opinion

    33. Dan Pritchett

      Are you guys going to be demo'ing this at Dragon*Con, this weekend?

    34. Dan Pritchett

      Box just arrived, can't wait to open it when I get home.

    35. Brian Moran on

      @CoolMiniOrNot - can understand your feelings on this.

      Personaly a lot of people seem to think that they are entitled to a lot more than they are. Seems to be something in todays culture. :(

      Personaly, i just want my game and think that Cool Mini have set the bar high for anyone else doing this kind of kickstarter. Dont let a few people make you think your info is not appreciated.


    36. CMON 37-time creator on

      Next time round I expect we simply won't tell anyone when to expect tracking numbers, since we never promised to do that during the Kickstarter. They'll just appear when they're ready - for some backers it appears getting the actual physical reward isn't as important to some as getting accurate, unchanging information, and we can understand why; it's tough to be told to expect something, even if it's news, and not get it when you expect, for which we apologize. We probably won't announce shipping in future except to when it's complete, since it won't make a difference in physical delivery.

    37. Daniel M

      I'm in the US and I received mine weeks ago, so I can understand your frustration at not getting yours yet. However they did state September as the delivery target, so you can't fault them too much.

    38. Rand Chua TL on

      If it take 2 weeks to ship i think i be getting it around sep 10-14? hmmm

    39. Rakuall on

      Weren't Tracking numbers supposed to be out by yesterday? Now you're saying you hope to have them all (finally) shipped by Friday, and won't have tracking numbers out until mid next week or later (unless you work a weekend to send the numbers Monday)? I have to say I'm disappointed in the lack of accuracy of your projections. I'm also disappointed that some backers had copies in early August, while international backers may not see it until October. And the fact that non-backers had an opportunity to get the game before backers at Gen-Con (while all shipping stopped because 1 or 2 people couldn't stay behind). I think the way these have been shipped and managed is very unprofessional. I hope CMoN handles SW:BfA better.

    40. Steve on

      So does that mean that we won't ave tracking numbers for a few days regardless of whether they've been sent or not and just wait to expect them sometime next week?

    41. Brian Moran on

      Whats happening with the European sets?

    42. Egil Töllner

      Mmm... books, lovely brain eating books.

    43. Haegemon on

      @Patrick:So what you guys are saying is I should be e-mailing international customs offices to give them the heads up that there may be intentionally mislabeled/valuated packages arriving soon? Hell, we've got departure city and company name, and can give them the actual value of the product.
      Being serious though, individuals doing this on EBay is one thing, but an established company with the volume of shipping, importing, exporting that they already do, knowingly falsifying a legally protected document and attempting to evade a legally instated tax, that's a whole other thing.
      Like a should feel stupid for asking in the first place, needing to get over their own ego kind of thing.

    44. Patrick Stangier on

      Misdeclaring customs on purpose is a bad idea and can have legal consequences. So I hope they stay away from it.

      What they maybe can do is use the production value instead of the sale value, as technically we are investors and not customers, but that is already stretching it.

    45. Rob Beachler on

      Lots of books! I'm figuring my extra tile set will be coming later, though some got theirs already. Not that I have a need for a 6 foot long map yet.

    46. John Drinkwater on

      lol - its pretty obvious its not going to be books !

    47. Carlos Alves on

      Please as we agreed mark on customs as " books" and the value as 30 usd.
      Thank you