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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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5,258 backers pledged $781,597 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Troy Mackaway on

      I received my order today in Australia and wow love it!! Just got the tracking number by email as well hehehe. Well done guys outstanding work!

    2. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Thulsa You'll be glad to know that of the PTT owners, everyone who has responded thus far (the majority) are satisfied with the way Aaron is handling their sets. I think a lot were a little surprised some kind hearted soul was pushing us to get in touch with them on this specific issue. And now, no more time wasting on comments from uninterested parties - after these packages go out we still have a ton of work to do.

    3. Jake on

      I AM one of the 17. I can't speak for the others but I assume that Aaron will supervise and inspect to ensure he approves the quality and that the style is consistent. Honestly I always assumed it would be his studio, not just him, working on these sets. No other way they could do that volume that fast and have a decent quality.


    4. Thulsa on

      @John, I did not say I was Australian only that I live here and I'm no Bogan.

      You call me pathetic but you are the one that's trying to defend a company that has done nothing but go back on many original promises and commitments and never acknowledges it's mistakes. I've shown you proof and you ignore or dismiss with no honest rebuttal, and you say it's only me complaining? Read the long list of other people complaints in the comment section, take it one word at a time because I know you have trouble understanding most of them.

      I found your roses, they are tinting your glasses.

    5. John Drinkwater on

      @Thulsa you are an embarassment to publically declare yourself as an Australian (no wonder the rest of the world thinks we are all bogans !!), but of course it's not entirely unexpected by where in Australia you live. Entitlement syndrome is unbecoming. Pathetic really. I'm sure CMON will be heartbroken to lose your future custom. 5284 happy customers, 3 who cancelled their orders and are also happy. 1 pathetic customer whining about how Santa delivered his present last, after "everyone else got theirs" ! *sigh*

      By the way, the roses are not in bloom here, but there are some other nice flowers out.

    6. CMON 37-time creator on

      Your package, which I personally typed the label for, has already been shipped. Tracking numbers are not a priority at the moment, see the latest update.

    7. Thulsa on

      Well I've still yet to see any tracking number CMON, but I'm guessing that's because being in Australia I'm at the back of the list and my package hasn't even been shipped yet. Over 3 weeks after the 'We are shipping!!' update, even though you are using faster shipping I'll still be one of the very last to receive my game. Not my definition of 'early'.

      The worst part is the way you handle complaints, and the way we were originally told one thing by you only to have you do something different but then still say you are doing us a favour and going 'Above and beyond' what you said you would do.

      It's a shame because I've backed this and Sedition wars, I convinced 3 friends to do the same, I've bought many minis and all 3 of the annuals from your main site, but I can't see myself doing the same in the future and I know the 3 friends I got involved pretty much feel the same way.

    8. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Thulsa Considering it cost us almost $80 and considerable effort to get you your $100+$25 shipping game all the way to Australia early, with tracked delivery, and in good shape, that seems a little harsh. Oh well, nevermind. Perhaps we were never meant to be friends. We'll be sure to update you if any PTT backers are horribly miffed that Aaron isn't literally doing everything on each model.

    9. Thulsa on

      @John, If you paid for a painting advertised to have been painted by Picasso and then paid a premium price to get it you would expect to get a painting by Picasso, NOT a painting by one of Picasso's 'willing and capable team'

      I might not be one of the 17 who paid for this, but does that mean I have no right to point this out? I am a fan of Aarons excellent work and was very tempted to buy a set painted by him, I have minis by a few of my favourite painters and have paid premium prices for them. It's just another reason why I and many others judging by the comments on here will never be using CMON again. Bottom line is we can not trust 100% what they tell us, period.

    10. John Drinkwater on

      ... here's another for you to complain about ... "and a signed lithograph by Edouard Guiton" ... they were not hand signed but "stamped".

      You still claim to speak on behalf of the 17 paint the town backers. You do not. When one of the 17 come here and complains that every single one of the zombies is not personally and totally just painted by Aaron (instead of Aaron being assisted by his willing and capable team of assistants) it can be given some credibility. No where was it explicitly forbidden for Aaron to not have help if chose to get it for the prompt completion of the commission tasked. No where was it "promised" that only Aaron would ever touch the "paint the town" set models.

      You presume too much in your personal definition of "broken promises".

      And yes, you absolutely fabricated a supposed CMON promise that no Zombicides would be sold at GenCon. No such promises were made.

      Time you went outside and smelled the roses, you can't bully CMON into an apology that is not necessary.

      Ciaou, I'm off to find some roses. I think I might be taking this too seriously as well.

    11. Thulsa on

      @John, what am I fabricating? That Paint the town backers paid to have Aaron personally paint their sets, or the fact that he's said on his FB post that a 'Team' and him have been painting them? Please do enlighten me which one I've fabricated.

    12. John Drinkwater on

      @Thulsa, well while you are complaining about broken "promises" you might as well fabricate another to complain about. You are not one of the 17 backers so we are all glad that you are not pissed off.

    13. Thulsa on

      @John, Well someone has to speak about things like this because I'd be pissed if I was one of those 17 backers and maybe they missed the comment on the FB post. But hey I'm just looking out for us paying customers, I'm such a monster.

    14. John Drinkwater on

      @Quad, that last post I saw is that CMON have indicated that all orders will be shipped out by tomorrow. The tracking numbers probably do need to be entered manually onto CKPM so might be a delay on that. Some posts from those getting early US arrivals of Zombicide packs say they have arrived before a tracking number was received. But the heartening thing is that all of the actual worldwide shipping should have been finished by tomorrow.

    15. John Drinkwater on

      @Thulsa yes I did, and for clarity I quoted the original KS description. And yes, I am fully aware that on Aaron's FB post he stated he had a zombie painting team. Are you a "Paint the Town" pledger or are you presuming to speak on behalf of those who did ? (17 apparently)

    16. Andrew Murray on

      I still don't have a tracking number. Any word when I should get one?

    17. Icarus Miniatures on

      @CMON Any idea how long the UK parcels will take to arrive?

    18. Thulsa on

      @John, (again) did you not even read the previous posts again? Aaron said on his FB post (linked above) that he and a 'team' of zombie painters did these.

    19. John Drinkwater on

      "Paint The Town! - A hand painted copy of Zombicide, including 3 promo Survivor miniatures and a signed lithograph by Edouard Guiton. This set will be painted by Aaron Lovejoy, multiple Golden Demon winner!"

    20. Thulsa on

      @rhinokio, Well I hope all those that have paid $1500 or more to get their set painted by Aaron personally have been made aware that he is not the only one painting them, because I would bet they are expecting him to be as it clearly states in the 'Paint the Town' pledges.

      Getting a set pro painted is a lot different to getting a set painted by a certain award winning artist.

    21. CMON 37-time creator on

      EU/UK and Canada about halfway through and Australia together by end of day tomorrow, with all pledges (that are current, i.e. nothing outstanding in terms of requested rewards) expected to complete by Wednesday.

    22. John Drinkwater on

      @Christophe ... the tanks must be entered by a player (end turn) then started up (drop 2 noise tokens and end turn) then pointed in the direction of travel (drop two noise tokens and end turn). Tank doe not get any player bonuses. All future direction changes consumes the turn. The tank moves half a zone at a time and kills each zombie it comes into direct contact with. After 4 zombie kills the tank tracks become slimed and it loses directional control. After 10 zombie kills the tank tracks become clogged and no longer moveable, and becomes a death trap for the player.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brad Brooks on

      It would be really nice if they would do a tutorial on how these were painted.

    24. rhinokio on

      lol thulsa, it would take forever to pain all those by just one person. folks will complain that they are not being all painted personaly by aaron, an i bet they will also cry if they are delayed months because of painting time.

    25. XofMdS on

      Does anyone know the rules to play the huge imperial tanks with Zombicide?

    26. Phillip M.

      Finally played the game yesterday. Great fun.

    27. Thulsa on

      I thought these sets were to be painted by Aaron personally? He says on the FB post that he and a team are doing them.

    28. Steve on

      Cool thanks for he update, can fel its not going to be too long before it arrives now!

    29. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      I agree, I would love to see some more detailed shots of his work. I plan on painting mine one day (or getting someone to do it) and would love to have something to aim toward.

      Such an awesome image though.

    30. Rand Chua TL on

      Can please post every picture of the painted miniature for us to see?

    31. Greg R

      There's only one pic in the album. :( I wish there were close ups. I'm painting my set now and would love to see the colors and highlighting.

    32. Travis on

      Would it be possible to get a video of him doing his work?

    33. David Schmitz on

      @Anton I think it works better as a first person would be the time to turn and run!

    34. Stuart Noble on

      Sweet baby Jesus thats a lot of zombies!

    35. Missing avatar

      martianE on

      That looks like when painting goes from having fun to oh god no more...

    36. Grefven on

      I wonder how fast they will be able to slap some paint on these babies by the end of all the sets they have to paint. :p They should time it. :D

    37. Rirath on

      Nice! Really have to try my hand at painting some day. (Or get the wife to do it; she's better)

    38. Jordan Peacock on

      Well, THAT sure puts my painting to shame! :D Very nice details!

    39. Anton Kuchman on

      Epic =)

      The picture is practically asking for a "victim" or "hero" miniature in the foreground ;)

    40. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Wow......I do hope the guy still likes zombies after all this work. Pure insanity!