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Cooperative Zombie survival game with 71 great miniatures! Take the role of Survivors versus the undead hordes!
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    1. Shoogoo on

      I'm supposed to print that pdf and show it to my customs if I were to get there, is that it?

    2. Don Johnson on

      I have yet to get my tshirt. Dont know if this is the pace to ask, but asking anyways :)

    3. Patrick Stangier on

      Unless they changed it (and I can find no mention of that) the US backers who already got their game will get their t-shirt with the march 2013 shipment (Zombie-Promo-Survivors + stretch goal promos). There is no seperate shipping to US backers.

      The remaining US backers and Rest of the World will now get their game with the t-shirt shipped.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bryan Lunny on

      Slightly confused. So t-shirts are being shipped presently (and seperately) to US backers?
      And international games are also being shipped?(with t-shirts?

    5. Patrick Stangier on

      Good suggestion about the not over-reacting or reading sentences out of context. Noone here said that you were selling the game on your site.

      Ian was merely pointing out that your statement that you had been "sending the game out to all of the loyal Kickstarter supporters" is wrong because there is still a lot of sending for you to do. A better expression would have been "a lot" instead of "all". Well unless you do not count the non-US backers as loyal supporters.

    6. Stuart Noble on

      T-shirts looking great!

      Bizarrely I would love to unbox 8000 t-shirts, then just look at them, maybe stack them in fun ways, maybe build a t-shirt igloo to play zombicide in, though not sure if it'd be big enough...

    7. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Ian Whoa.... way to read one sentence out of context and ignore every other update on shipping we've posted thus far. We're not selling the game on our site, so once again, let's all not over-react.

    8. Karl-Johan Sjögren on

      Is there an estimate on how long international deliveries will take? Are we talking 2 weeks? 3 weeks? 6 weeks? I live in Sweden and can't wait to get my game!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ian Travis on

      CMON, you also stated on the front page of your website on August 15th "After packing and sending thousands of boxes of this great new game out to all of the loyal Kickstarter supporters, we made sure to have 200 copies to bring with us to GenCon".

      This statement was simply untrue. Note the word "all". That post is the thing that annoyed me, as pretending on your website that everything had shipped to encourage more sales seemed a little dishonest to me.

    10. Patrick Stangier on

      IIRC CMON has said that any excess promos they produce of the march 2013 promos will become convention exclusives (sold for $15). If they stick with this there will be no way to order them directly in the future, but you might be able to get them. I would also suspect several backers ordering mutliple copies of promos to sell them on the secondary market.

      After you also said "All KS backers will have their rewards shipped first (before selling at Gencon)" and "We'll be shipping by pledge #s" I hope you can understand that some backers might be a bit careful and ask for extra confirmation. :)

    11. Rand Chua TL on

      Yes more good news to share.

    12. Keith Leon on

      @ Stephen Cowart

      yeah i know but i was asking if they will be sold separately or not once they're released
      and if not was there a way i could still order them

    13. CMON 37-time creator on

      We got smalls, which are quite small. Like a ladies medium.

    14. Missing avatar

      RogueHireling on

      We there any ladies shirts made? I asked a while ago but didn't get a reply.

    15. saiqlo on

      Waiting for my copy, waiting for my copy, waiting for my copy... I hate waiting!

    16. Stephen Cowart on

      Keith, those won't be coming until late 2013. Its been said many times. It sucks but that's the way it is.

    17. Keith Leon on

      i have an unrelated question and didn't where to put it. i had gotten abomination but i didn't add any of the extra promos to my pledge. after playing i'd love to buy them so i was wondering if they will ever be available for purchase (i'm referring to Marvin, Claudia, Ivy & Eva)

      also love the game keep up the amazing work!

    18. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Paul Yup. Exactly as we said we would.

    19. Paul Shipman on

      That including us people in Europe?

    20. Christohper Arnold on

      Naw, the amount of radiation dose something recieves from an X-ray machine is less then spending an hour in the sun.

    21. Jordan Peacock on

      Awesome! I'm part-way through painting my zombies, but it's slow going. Maybe I'll get my shirt in time to wear it for a game store demo with the painted set. =)

    22. Jack of all games on

      Wow! Those shirts are pretty sweet! Now I'm kinda sad that I didn't pledge for one.

    23. Damon A Simms on

      Yeah! Now all of the international backers will be able to get their game on. They may yet beat their September estimated delivery dates for all of the backers who did not FOOLishly get a refund.
      I think that pulling out before you get to the best part should now be called "Doing a PANIC".

    24. Rastaban on

      @Darren So that is how the zombie apocalypse starts.... :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Vabulas on

      At first I read that as "Résumés" and I was asking myself, "Why are they sending us their information?"

    26. Darren Vallance on

      Awesome! A t-shirt with a little dose of radiation for free.